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Benq HT2050A Review – Best Gaming Projector 2018
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In Today’s video we will be taking look at the BenQ HT2050A gaming and home cinema projector. This is a 1080p projector with tons of great and updated features from the previous model. Could this be the Best gaming projector of 2018 right now? It very well may be. Let’s take a look together right now! Cheers

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john trejo says:

Nice intro. Short compared to the last, but ok. Have you thought about doing a side by comparison of what to look for as far as lumin or 3chip colors an stuff like that? Also good to see you have a big heart with what’s going on in Florida. Love your videos, you rock

Rosie Duarte says:

Nice looking pic on it , great video! Prayers going to the parkland school shooting victims when are you going to post again on mindseed radio ?

Charles Weiss says:

Nice new item specific intro!

j so-c says:

U always have good quality info on the projectors u share. Now I’m decided on what to get for my living room.

kbizz75 says:

Amen and god bless ppl

The_Coach says:

Just copped the Xgimi H1 ….. Haven’t looked back. Great vid tho bro. #GottaRotate

Himal Dewan says:

Dope projector!!! Spread the love brother

Vasim Siddique says:

I love benq but it’s always beyond my pocket :((

jokers Ride MP4L says:

Great review like always,thanks for the heads up…can u watch movies from a usb on this system?

Antonia Delgado says:

have been waiting to see this x

kevin tobias says:

Great review!!!! I was gonna buy a projector with the tax returns ,but returns has to go to other important things … I will get one one day lol … My heart also goes out to the victims and loved ones of the Florida shooting .. !!!! Tragic for sure … I have kids in high school and I don’t know what I’d do if I had to live that scenario. Stay strong and love one another .. anyway can ramble all day long but .. gotta rotate lol

An Will says:

Dude it’s funny I was wondering when you’d be putting a new review out earlier no homo. It’s just fun to watch. Hope all is well man!

Prekeisha Goins says:


Zelda van de merwe says:

Hi South Africa here love the colours on your wall it’s so vibrant….kwl vid keep it up

SS9 Bajeeta entro_tainment says:

Jmgo j6 projector

Kujokouklos says:

Most excellent video mate!

CalculatinGenius says:

i like old office projectors

Vegas Steve says:

While I like these reviews, DON’T BUY FROM GEARBEST!!! I made that mistake and it’s taking over a month to get my item. Gearbest is non responsive when I submitted a ticket. BEWARE!

Chase Boschetti says:

Hesssssssss back!!!

FaTMaN How-To's and Reviews Dean Fisher says:

Love the new intro bro I wish I could afford such a beast like this love the vid keep it up bro

Marshall Kilgore says:

Mindseed! Sorry I’m running late to the party it’s been a crazy couple weeks at work. Hope hoi are doing well bud. Liked and shared

kevin espinoza says:

Good video brotha btw love the new intro!!!#rotate#5%er

Mike M says:

Ben Q always pulls through..

andrew kligerman says:

Nice projector. Great review as always

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