Basic Dolby Atmos Home Install & Review

In this video I upgrade a 5.1 home cinema system to a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos & DTS-X Capable system. It features a review of the Marantz NR1607 AV receiver and impressions of how effective Atmos is in the most basic two front upfiring speaker configuration in a small room…..continued….
Featuring the Marantz NR1607 AV Receiver, PSB Imagine XA Atmos Upfiring Speakers, PSB XB Bookshelf Speakers and PSB XC Centre Speaker.

I must have done a very bad job in the video of getting across the Atmos experience. So let me try again.

I really like my Atmos system. It sounds very very good. It’s much better than my old system. The sound feels like it’s coming from all around. “It feels like I’m in the middle of a bubble of sound”.

Now my comments in the video were about expectations vs reality. I expected to be able to identify exactly where a sound was coming from…imagine someone dropping a coin upstairs on a wooden floor. In reality with just a couple of speakers that type of directional focus just isn’t achievable…it also woundn’t be achievable with four speakers as sound dissipates like a cone..rather than focusses like a laser. So whilst the sound comes from all around…it won’t make you duck. It is though…and I repeat…it is, very good and much better than 5.1

As I’m using upfiring speakers and have a small room with my seating sposition close to the rear wall, adding rear upfiring speakers is something that manufacturers recommend avoiding. The reason for this is because I would be too close to the rear speakers, so would hear the sound emanating from the speakers rather than the sound reflected off the ceiling…thereby making the installation of rear Atmos pointless. In a small room with upfiring speakers, it is recommended that you only install the front pair.

Purchasing links:
Marantz NR1607 Slim AV Receiver – AMAZON
PSB Imagine XA Atmos Speakers – AMAZON
Banana Plug Terminated speaker cable from Amazon
Atmos demo disc from eBay

Here’s a link to the PSB Website

Here’s a link to the Marantz Website

PSB range also available in the UK from Sevenoakes Sound & Vision
Amazon UK

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Q) What happened to the projector setup?
A) After I got a 65″ 4K OLED TV I’ve just been watching that. The room couldn’t accomodate a large enough projector screen to make it worthwhile.

Q) You don’t need expensive HDMI cables
A) If you try passing 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 through a HDMI cable that doesn’t support 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 you’ll soon see why you need to use the right cable. *I’m not suggesting paying a lot of money for a cable* you can get a cheap one, but just make sure it supports the standards you need or you experience connection issues. This isn’t idle talk, I’ve tested this out…I don’t make up nonsense for fun…observations are based upon personal experience….not just stuff I’ve heard.

Q) What about that switchbox?
A) I haven’t used it…its from Amazon

Q) I wasn’t paying attention and need you to justify to me why you bought a new AV receiver because that’s a normal way to behave.
A) 7 HDMI inputs (for Mac Mini, PS4, Wii U, Xbox, Fire TV, UHD Bluray, SKY Q
4K HDR Passthrough


SagaciousFrank says:

Great video.

Archer Ztudios says:

the house minister approval 😀 spot on sir! 🙂

Like Totally 80's says:

Great review! I have the Marantz NR-1608 and its a superb receiver. I have the Kef E305 system but with the SVS-PB1000 subwoofer and the sound is superb. Was thinking of going Atmos at some point, but might hold off after watching your very informative review!

trinhk says:

thank you so much for the walkthrough and sharing your experience. How is Atmos experience compare to the older Dolby Digital or DTS? Is it worth the upgrade? Thanks

Krzaku says:

How much does your whole A/V setup cost?

MC lover says:

I kept hearing “oops battery low “I thought it was his camera a bit later I realised it was my headphones…

GingerBeardMan Dunn says:

Your voice slightly reminds me of Brandon “PLAYERUNKOWN” Greene’s voice…had this going in the background and was like wtf, didn’t know he was a speaker review kinda guy!

Josef Dublu says:

@Techmoan Hi i’m going to buy the Marantz NR1608 i think they are identical but i have 1 question. I use to download movies on mobile with mkv/mp4 format in 5.1 channel 1080p and watch them via MHL to hdmi adapter thats the way how i watch movies. Now i need to know as a sound through the amp via the MHL to hdmi in 5.1.2 does it work well with the Marantz NR1608? Please i appreciate your help

Comic Book Guy says:

I read that existing receivers with dolby true hd/DTS-ma hd can decode dolby atmos/DTS X

Adel Mandani says:

Thank you

Jonathan Saunders says:

>doesn’t know how to normalize audio in his editing software of choice
This made my ears unhappy.

Curtis Scott says:

Enjoy your channel: Informative, nostalgic, practical & very, very interesting at times. I wanted to give you a suggestion on something you haven’t covered yet in your review of retro audio. It’s because the effect is so astonishing (especially with the right material). It’s called SONIC HOLOGRAPHY and the hardware was designed by Bob Carver (Phase Linear, Carver Corp & Sunfire). You can find retro audio hardware with sonic holography from receivers to stand alone SH units. I’d suggest you try it and take some time to set it up EXACTLY as instructed. You won’t be sorry. Best wishes.

Yes says:

Another great video, can you do a test on the receivers “standby” power consumption for the pass thru, thanks and regards.

Jon Mahashintina says:

is there atmos porn?

DD bhaha says:

04:50 NOPE! any hdmi cables that say “high speed” work perfectly with all 4k applications. Yes, pretty much all of the reasonable cheap sh*t hdmi cable is HIGH SPEED these days.

Tomy Housham says:

You could make paint drying interesting 🙂

Ben Liebens says:

20:20 which movie is playing ?

Pascal Delacroix says:

Riveting !

Generic Monk says:

support your local independent cinemas mr techmoan!!! they need you! i don’t know what the situation’s like in liverpool (?) but even in my cultural cesspit of birmingham they have a few. mostly with a bar attached which is always good

Night-ym- says:

Can’t take this seriously. Those surround speakers and the size of the room can’t give a fare conclusion.

Axis says:

Nothing you couldn’t do with two speakers in the right room and set-up. Especially bi-poles.

Siddique Hussain says:

Recently discovered this guy and channel. Great content and down to Earth style of delivery. Plus I love the dry humour and oddities from the past. Keep up the good work.

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

wow…those speakers are incredibly scrunched in there

Bong Salvador says:

You didn’t change your tv.

Tomato Man says:

Ambiophonics is the way to go!

enkrypt3d says:

I dont understand – where do the height speakers plug in? I only see L R Center and surround??

aidan dorigo says:

clock went to 11:30 at 1:32

Slack says:

sounds like a load of expense and hassle for not that much improvement…what’s next? Dolby atmos XD 2.0 LOL no thx

Danny Groom says:

what kind of cinema do you go to? sounds like one of those in the dodgy part of town that only shows X rated

afxinfinitee says:

The fact that you started with a single set of speakers you needed and ended up replacing everything sounds a hell of a lot like me.

And you sound _a lot_ like James May.

charles fair says:

my receiver dosent even have hdmi or video at all

Essential EDM says:

I heard that rainfall track on a full Dolby set up by kef, it was truly amazing, it sounded like real rain coming from above and landing all around me!

Tracy LF says:

I like how you showed the setup & explained the why’s (for your room). /rant One thing I’d like to ask is why EVERY diagram from EVERY amp maker shows one guy, sitting on a single small sofa, directly in front of his bank of speakers??? Who TH has that in the real world?? We nearly always end up with either L-shaped sofas (like yours), or a sofa & two chairs, or two angled sofas…How are you supposed to orient the setup microphone with two sofas at a “V” in the listening room? You can’t put the mic on just one of them. I usually opt for setting the mic in what would be a center of all listeners because of that. But then, I end up having to d*ck around, for hours, adjusting amp settings trying to get decent sound– it’s so frustrating! It would be refreshing if they at least acknowledged that most people DO NOT have what THEY use as a standard– it’s ridiculous. And how do you set up ATMOS for an L-shaped sofa set? Aim one speaker toward the center of each sofa?? /end of rant

David Perkins says:

16:00 Surprising that the conversion didn’t take into account, the aspect ratio!

Jason Colston says:

hi any chance you could review this Nobsound HiFi Stereo APE FLAC Lossless Music Player; Valve Vacuum Tube Preamplifier; USB/SD/AUX Speaker Preamp with Remote Controller for Home/Car Audio System (without tubes, Silver) only £55

J Wallace says:

Jesus, If I’m going to spend more than $2K on a home cinema experience it better blow my boxers off while blowing me out of my seat! lol I’ve purchased a 1,200 watt 7.1 surround system and it sounds AMAZING for less than $800 USD and includes a subwoofer. lol But thanks for the setup and demo video mate!

Sach Alvarez says:

Does it have dolby s tho?

Sal Strongmount says:

Do you want to adopt a new son? XD

Cory Williams says:

The beginning sounds like Tim Allen’s Grunts!!…lol

MR2686 Forever says:

Good review.  Enjoyed it!

Sir Circus Cattle says:

Disheartening to see that Marantz have somewhat refined their inability to make decent remote controls. As I recall, the remote for the CD-63MkII SE was horrible, with lots of fiddly little buttons made out of hard plastic. This remote looks like a marketing committee’s idea of hipster retro.

GoliathAngelus says:

My first better quality Dolby surround system is also a Yahama.
When the money is there is it worth to buy this set speakers and receiver?
How much in Euros was it?

zimThuet says:

ive recently built a cinema with a properly sound damped area, a 3m screen and a projector. as far as im concerned 4k projectors arent super necessary and also way too expensive right now, and if youre not going 4k, youre not going 7.1 or atmos since those are only on uhd blurays, so the choice was really easy. 1080p projector, 5.1 surround sound system, and i have to say i’m completly blown away.
i cant imagine the jump to 7.1 being really noticeable. i could see myself going for 4 extra speakers for atmos maybe, but i feel like people are generally focusing on the wrong things. going 4k even on such a big screen i’m using isn’t necessary at all, and so is having more than 5.1.
if you have the choice, i suggest a well reviewed 5.1 system over half-assed 7.1 for example. making the room sound proof and symmetrically dedicated as a cinema (if you have the space of course) is the biggest leap i’ve encountered in all this. the picture is great sure, but the sound…. my god. i’ve never experienced better sound anywhere. this has not only made me appreciate films more than ever before, but especially sound mixing. it made me rediscover almost every song i’ve ever heard and it made me realize how much movies have changed over the last 10, 15 years. the loudness war has also struck in the cinema world unfortunately. when they get it right though… let’s just say i quite like my setup 😀

Mike Benson says:

Cinematic movies are hard enough to find in 7.1. Dolby Atmos is for gaming. Hence why they are object-based rather than Channel based.

Nagarajan Sampath Kumar says:

The Video you created is amazing and good explanation with true things. The first time i watched 25 minute video of explanation about product completely in youtube in past 8+ years… Nice and keep it up Sir!… Subscribed…

Markus Last says:

What was the name of the movie showing the cars being sucked up?

prekhin says:

That is a perfect illustrated video from a normal person , i have been looking for something like this for last 2 years thank you

Yama Fanboy says:

I wish he explained why he stopped using the projector for viewing movies. That’s unusual for someone to prefer the smaller tv over the larger projector screen for a movie.

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