Assembling my Hidden Home Cinema with the LG PF1000U Minibeam Ultra Short Throw Projector (REVIEW)

See how the LG PF1000U 1080p UST 3D LED projector enabled me to create a hide-away 95″ home cinema.
LG PF1000U Projector on AMAZON (US):
Korean export Version on Amazon:
Also available via EBAY:
PF1000U Product Specs on LG Website:
Full manual (US version)
Optoma 95″ Lift up projection screen on Amazon UK
More info about my hunt for a suitable UST projector is available on my blog:

A review of the LG PF1000U Projector.


Tony Guedea says:

I’ve never wanted a projector for anywhere in my home, then I watched this.


Another great video, can i ask what software do you use for your video editing please ?

Edgar Perez says:

How is it holding up 2 years later?

Jens Stonor Olsen says:

can you connect music from sound bar system to the projektor?

Haleem Akram says:


aussietvone says:

I just watch my movies on my iphone. It’s got the best screen ever produced in the history of screens.

Volker King says:

Very Funny that the LG Projector have a AV-In or a RGB what for a Picturequality will came out if you insert a Signal like this!? One interesting thing is at 9:43 that this Projector have a bent (Fisheye) Picture. The Canvas is not in the lot and is not straight. Keystoning make the 1920×1080 blurry the reason is that the overall line interpolation are loos the Picture Quality on Pixel oriented Projector Panels.

sw72UK says:

Very nice review. SUBSCRIBED!

HerkimerSnerd says:

Your WiFi is called WOPR. Shall we play a game?

Slack bitch says:

that white radiator puts me off.

C says:

Could you paint your wall with something that would project?

Sachin c s says:

how much is the price of this projector ? ty

Carpe Diem says:

Is it worth buying this expensive projector now? My friend says the colors are very dull, with a yellowish hue on every movie, even if the room is pitch black.

Tom Lee says:

People in the UK. This is Amazon UK’s deal of the day today (I don’t work for them – just a tip) £200 off for the next 6 hours.

benjamin felland says:

Very good and in depth, might have to get one myself.

Richard Servello says:

When I was specing UST pjs this was the most complete review I found. Convinced me to get the PF1000U. I love it! Excellent choice! Thanks!

Carpe Diem says:

Hi Techmoan, new subscriber, long time viewer here (not very tech-y). It’s 2017 now, and I was wondering if I should still buy this projector. It will be my first projector ever purchased, and all I want mostly is the 3D experience, and short throw convenience. Should I buy this LG, or keep on waiting for the next model?

MK says:

Спасибо! Интересно придумано:)

laptopboone says:

Maybe I missed something, but was your room completely dark (and I do mean _completely_ dark) for any of the shots with it on? It seems very washed out, but maybe that was just the camera not adjusting itself correctly.

na rc says:

you got the better version, in europe they have one that has no magic remote, no smart tv, no LAN, no wifi, no DLNA… and more expensive… they also have an even more expensive one that has all the above, but no tunner. Also, are you sure it won’t get a DVBT signal in UK? As in did you ever try it? anyway, thanks for the review.

MyMajesty CorgiKun says:

this thing is a dream

Orbulon ayylmao says:

buy a black projecter screen

Jonathon Hurley says:

+Techmoan, are you still using this now that you have a 4K UHD TV with HDR?

LeagueOfNations94 says:

Projector with built in tv and Chromecast?

drkastenbrot says:

Nobody ever wanted his projector to be a computer

Alexander Tsantes says:

Have you thought of ditching the pole and mounting a hook for the screen onto the wall above your plasma? Then you would not need to extend the pole from behind the cabinet; seems like that could be a bit cumbersome.



Cris not your buisness says:

Your review conviced me to buy mine. Thank you for doing such great work. Ive been loving every single thing I watch on my. Picture quality is beyond what I hopped for at a mass 120 screen. And i’m projecting it against a white textured wall.

Encore1234567890 says:

I have a 120 in screen on a tripod and veiwsonic 3d DLP projector, now i live in a flat so i can’t really fix anything to the roof, so when i want a movie night it takes 1 min to get the screen out and set up, projector sits permanently on to of the wall unit, so once the screen is up away we go, but i never knew about riser screens though so thanks for the heads up, or about the plasma failing with the lines, i have a 60in plasma to, coming up for 5 years old, fingers crossed it has a few years left.

Frank Ferrieras says:


TheFruitsClan says:

“hard to come by” HAHAHHA i sell them by the 100 every 6 months xD

danz409 says:

i feel drunk looking at that screen… too wibbly wobbly. pull down screens are way better! i just hide mine in a shelf unit.

guky667 says:

looks wicked!

jesse demers says:

the newer dlp maybe 2007 and above theyve tripled the color wheel speed to eliminate the rainbow effect. and with the led models itd even less visible.

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