Arcam AVR 850 Review – How good is this Flagship Home Cinema Receiver Really?

Welcome to Pursuit Perfect System Review for the Arcam AVR 850 AV Receiver.,FMJ,AV-Receiver,avr850.htm

This the Full Review for the AVR 850 – however its only a Review for its performance in a 5.2 setup system. There will be more reviews in the future based around the Atmos Project which is a Video Series coming soon

For a Setup Guide Video for the Arcam AVR 850 please use this link

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There will be a write up for the Arcam AVR 850 as part of the Review

Thanks to Nintronics the dealer who has loaned us this sample for Review
To buy the Arcam AVR 850 please speak to them

Dirac Live is being used within the Arcam – its an essential part of my system.
For more detail on Dirac Live and to buy the software please use this link

For Music Demos for the AVR 850 see the below video links below

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indopleaser says:

does any company make an quality 2 or 4 channel integrated amp? like 80’s japanese models. would be great if someone did make one with modern components and power. and stronger connections. better/removable power cord. better cooling. but thats it, source switching and 2 channel amp with optional zone 2 channels. jeez, these old models are fragile with modern rca’s. think just broke loose something in my Proton due to monster cables

ksaunders359 says:

Is there any chance Nintronics would loan you an Arcam SR 250 receiver. To compare what the 2 channel performance is like between that and the AVR 850. I have heard Kef reference playing through an SR 250, It sounded amazing. It makes me think I personally would be more than happy with kef reference and an AVR 850 for both movies and music. Would be nice to have this validated by someone who own the setup I want and can compare it to a setup I have heard.

38special4ever says:

Nice review!

Arcam really screwed up on the implementation of uPnP/DLNA and USB. They put 20 year old DACs in (for these inputs), that only supports up to 24/48!!!
If you have uPnP/DLNA servers playing hi-res audio 24/94+, you can forget it. You will need an external HDMI uPnP box, or a server that can transcode all files to 24/48.
The AVR will just stop playback, and sometimes it requires a reset of the AVR.

is that a fact says:

good review , but i was hoping you would play that harp lol,

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