7 Speaker Klipsch Home Theater Review

This is a video review of my Home Theater system featuring 7 Klipsch speakers, a 7.2 Yamaha Reciever, and a 60″ Vizio 4k TV.

I purchased the majority of the speakers through BestBuy.
I bought the RF10 Speakers through Newegg.com

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section.


jtnord says:

Nice set of speakers, they will be great when fully set up! That TV placement is cringe worthy though. You must be doing all your watching standing or from a recliner otherwise it’s way too high! Save your neck!

Brad Hall says:

That is a very strange configuration, 7.1 or 7.2, it’s middle speaker no higher than ear leavel from seated positon, 1 or two subs in between 2 front sides, 2 sides directly to the sides or just slightly behind the listener angled inward, 2 diectly behind to left and right angeled inward towards listening position. You are absolutly not getting the full range of these beautiful speakers.

I hope I don’t sound like I’m being critical or something. The tv is way too high the center speaker is way too high. What you can get out of what you have will be spectacular, but you gotta find a way to get the setup in the right position.

You do have a great setup though. Really awesome.

Mario Aguirre says:

Just a friendly suggestion, put your smaller towers in the back as your side surrounds. Place them directly to the left and right of you facing the listing position. And use the bookshelfs as your presence speakers once you build the stands. I would make the stands so that the tweeter on the bookshelfs is the same height as your larger towers.

Wayne's World Videos says:

Thanks for the video I like the setup. I will be moving into a new house with somewhat of the same family room setup like your, so I will be getting in touch with you when I start to set my Home Theater up.

aaron phillips says:

maybe you mentioned it, but why do you have the second set of towers next to the larger ones?

murani mbarari says:

Very Nice speakers! Once you get the sub and lift the bookshelf’s you’ll be in audio heaven. You seem to have high ceilings, have you considered atmos?

How far is your sitting position from the setup? Your TV seems on the high side, I had the same challenge and found that tilting the TV downwards slightly helps to avoid neck strain!!

Gregory 561 says:

should go with the JTR sub

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