6 things to know about home theater projectors

Projectors are awesome, delivering huge, beautiful images for less money than you’d think. But they’re not for everyone.

The best projectors of 2017: http://cnet.co/2ljgIOd

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Jarl Ballin' says:

Gaming on a projector is terrible…

Judd S-Nguyen says:

useless video

Alvin Tossler says:

Sure you could use extra long cords. Or you could shell out the extra $ for an Ultra Short Throw projector like a civilized human being

M. Fatani says:

ultra short throw LED are the future in terms of projection.. I have had the Philips screeneo.. and now I have the LG mini beam UST.. 2min review is on my channel if your interested.. but after so many regular projectors.. UST LED is the future

Razor2048 says:

They forgot to mention that a projector will be more expensive in the long run, due to overpriced lamp replacements. The lamps dim over time and have a rather short lifespan, thus you can expect to replace them often. (generally every 2000 hours or so if at max brightness (which you will be on at all times due to the lower light output of cheaper units). Furthermore, by the time they have failed, they would have gradually lost 2/3rds of their brightness. Before you buy a projector, look up the cost of replacement lamps.

al8603cl says:

I have an Epson 5030ub as my main viewing source for all TV and movie viewing in the family room. The unit is a light canon in relation to most projectors near or below its price point. The lamp lasts ~4000 hours. You can purchase genuine Osram Lamp replacements from Pureland Supply for far less than buying an OEM replacement lamp. They use the exact same lamp as OEM, last just as long as well. Once you have a good quality projector and screen setup you will never go back to watching small screen TV’s ever again. I have a 110″ Elite Screen Cinegrey purchased from Projector People.

technology productions 2017 says:

the great ones are still overpriced

John Salazar says:

Man, Dong Ngo would have really brought some life to this video.

rhulani Mashila says:

very vague video. put some meat into it

Giovanni Jasso says:

Kids can be so spoiled these days

teitake says:

Please do reviews of short throw projectors!

SS S says:

You can get started in rear projection fairly affordably. I would highly recommend seeing any PJ in person first as the methods used to display the image vary greatly. You don’t want to buy a $700 unit only to find you suffer from Rainbow Effect from single wheel RBG projectors.

If you want a really large screen a PJ is the best and most affordable way to go including bulb replacement.

M Rawash says:

what about short-throw projectors?

TechMack says:

Watching on my Epson Home Cinema 1040 1080p 3LCD Projector had it for over a year and loving it 5000 hours bulb life on low output setting and it still super bright. Use it a lot during the day

Spirituous Zero says:


Benjamin Malave says:

120″ isn’t larger than life.

Benjamin Malave says:

4K though?

wxgeek27 says:

You don’t have to shell out $500 for a good projector! I got one that supports 1080p for less than $100 through Amazon, and it works great!

technology productions 2017 says:

speakers on projectors sound horrible

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