2017 Vizio 36” 5.1 Surround Sound SmartCast Wireless Sound Bar Review

This is the world’s first review of Vizio’s brand new flagship sound bar system. If you’re looking for affordable, feature-packed surround sound for your home theater setup this is definitely something to consider.

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Sean Mason says:

Can you use a different subwoofer with it? Does it have a subwoofer output? I saw digital coax in the video, what are the other connections that it is? Thanks.

Steve 30x says:

I wouldn’t have known about this without this video. I already have a soundbar but it doesn’t have rear speakers. Watching movies without rear speakers don’t sound right. The only question I have is how long are the cables for the rear speakers.

이진민 says:

He makes professional videos. How does he only have 200 views?

Panzer_Z says:

So it doesn’t have an HDMI input as well as output? My older Vizio soundbar had both.

Steve 30x says:

You said the range is 101Db and 20Hz. But how high does the sound frequewncy go? Is it 20Hz – 20KHz? Also I am not seeing any way to wall mount the sattelite speakers. Last thing is do you have any idea when this will be available?

10jmsoccer says:

I’m interested to see how they changed the subwoofer from the previous cube shape.

JokingChris 101 says:

are you going to review TCL new S series HDR 4k TV’s ?

Rosie Duarte says:

so does the subwoofer need to be charged or use batteries to work?

justin Bullock says:

Mat Kearney!

Spawn and Batman says:

Vizio soundbar model: SB3651-E6

Grey says:

i just bought this exact model, very pleased but the satellite speakers are very disappointing would i be able to upgrade them using the same cables?

Chris Scaglione says:

Great review and product. Just wish it had Dolby Atmos built in.

Hector Soto says:

link to purchase not working!

Eliezer Brito says:

so the satelites dont have sound,or is just alittle sound that comes out of them?

Jexiel Aviles says:

Wonder if the new 36 inch 2.1 sounds the same or degrades from the old SB3821-C6 which was phenomenal especially for music.

James W. Johnson II says:

Why is this called wireless if it comes with a box full of wires?? Forgive my ignorance but I thought I’d be able to place my speakers on a shelf without plugging it into anything

Mónica López says:

Does anyone knows how many watts it has ? 100? 200 ? Anyone ?

Charles says:

Just bought this system from my local walmart yesterday. Little did I know I found what is currently a rare gem in soundbar systems. This was an impulse buy. I knew I wanted a 5.1 soundbar system but I was still doing research when I walked into walmart. The only 5.1 options on the shelves were this and a 149.99 rca 5.1 soundbar system. The cheapskate in me was leaning towards the rca as this vizio system was 228$ at walmart and i didnt want to exceed 200$ on my soundbar system. This system aesthetics were so alluring though and the build seemed much better than the rca as well. I ultimately decided to exceed my budget and opt for this vizio soundbar system and Im glad i did. After getting it home, set up and tested I was very happy with this upgrade from standard tv speakers (tweaks to individual volume setting were a must though). I decided to go online and see if others were happy with this model as well. To my surprise I came to realize there were no buyer reviews to be found anywhere, and most websites dont have this item in stock yet. This youtube video was the only user commentary I could find anywhere on the net. After more digging I learned this SB system has barely been released a full month and supplies are extremely limited. I also learned that Vizio has been named “worlds best sounbar maker” and this SB3651-e6 model system is their 2017 flagship model. That fact reassured me greatly in my purchase. I definitely recommend it as well. Great video!

Clinton W Salvato says:

I have two of these, 1 for the bedroom, and 1 for the living room, and they work great! I was able to even treat them like chromecast audio units and create a group, so if I want to, i can stream music to both systems together and have full house audio.

JayMonstaR6 says:

$250? Hmm i might grab this.

Maurice Anyanwu says:

I see Vizio still has SB3851-D0 SmartCast 38″ 5.1 still in the stores. How does SB3651-E6 compare to SB3851-D0 and also compared to the Yamaha Yas-203? I am shopping for a replacement of the old one I have now.

TheRandomS#!TChannel says:

I’ve done a ton a research but can’t seem to find the answers, but would you happen to know if i can pass an HDR signal through this sound bar, as my Vizio M series TV has only one HDMI port available for ARC/HDR which is currently being used by my PS4 Pro.

Phil S says:

Hello, I am thinking about getting this sound bar for our 40″ Sony tv. I am concerned about having enough inputs though. It looks like there is an HDMI (ARC) and an additional HDMI port on the soundbar. My Sony TV only has two HDMI Ports, 1 of them being an ARC. I have 4 devices I need to hook up, and I currently do this with my Cable box going directly into one HDMI port on the TV, and then the other 3 devices I have a switcher.
Will I be ok getting this soundbar? Can I connect the TV to the Soundbar via the ARC HDMI….and then say hook the Cable Box directly into the other HDMI port on the soundbar, thus still letting me run my other 3 devices into the tv via the switcher?

HumidToku says:

How does this guy not have 200,000+ subscribers? I love the quality of his videos and the editing. One question though. I’m new to soundbars so are they only compatible with tvs of the same brand or can they be used with other brands as well?

meowmeow44444 says:

:56 sec “When there’s an explosion, and something rumbles….and it really does,…then you’re going to feel it………almost.” How do you almost feel something?

Zack Trunzo says:

Are these out in Canada yet I have been waiting for these and the new M series 2017 to hit Amazon CA but can’t seem to find them? Great video!

Gustavo Parra says:

I have this sound bar, but I want to invest a little bit more in a better sound bar. Around 400$ . Do you know any other sound bar around this price ? . Thank you 🙂

DreadedBread says:

How does the subwoofer sound? I’ve heard that due to the small driver, it doesn’t quite deliver the kind of rich lows one might want out of a home theater system. Thank you for your time, and this was a very well put together video by the way! Top notch quality.

dorjeh lungtog says:

If the soundbar placed on the ground,will it still sound good?
Cuz im gonna use it with a projector nd the screen almost touches the ground, so i need to put the bar on the floor.

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