Would You Buy a Curved TV For Gaming? – CES 2013

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Samsung and LG have announced new curved OLED TV lines for better viewing.

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Would You Buy a Curved TV For Gaming? – CES 2013


FlameLFH says:


WarPigz0 says:

Would i pay for a curved display? Not with Oculus Rift on the horizon.

Raf Star says:

is this the new in thing?

The Dead Immortal says:

$12,000 huh? I’m gonna buy it!……… would I have said if I had any money….

EnigmaHood says:

It wasn’t a counter argument dumbfuck. I was telling you to shut the fuck up.

EnigmaHood says:

Spare us the lesson in morality.

Adam Cate says:

am i the only one who doesn’t get the whole fix for the people sitting on the edges of a group? curving the tv in would make their viewing experience…worse…right? the edge closest to them is tilted even more towards the inside. the opposite edge would be clearer but the edge on their side would look shittier

Kanti123 says:

I guess I’ll start saving that 15k for OLED TV, it better give me a 1ms lag input. LOL 

nomore utube says:

Our “55-inch 3D Panasonic TV is paid off, there’s no way because of a slight curve in a TV that that curve makes it the next great big thing in TV’s. No, I don’t even wish them luck with a ridiculous price $12.000.oo Bucks There’s just way to many other things a person can buy with that kind of money.. $12.000.oo Bucks.
I hate it when manufacturers think they can get away with treating us customers like idiots, sony is really bad for that, and I think they might have learned their lesson by now.

Elias Carvalho says:

12 grans holy shit

Max4Z says:

or for ppl who rather play at their own place via online

Carmelo Basco says:

Why spend your money on big TV’s when you could give it to charity?

-Said no fucking logical human being

William Mentuck says:

It curves the Wrong way! -:(

Navneet Murti says:

I give it 2 years and those bendy tv will cost no more than a smart tv

PxChAoS16 says:

$12000 for a tv is fucking ridiculous tbf though

Elias Carvalho says:

if u will play by yourself u don’t need that tv

Gordon Kraft says:

perfect for my design of a AiWorkStation or AiCollaborationStation for my AiLibrary. 3D immersion of information in 3D, imagine a single keyboard, trackball, scanner station, and a Digital output in 4K HD to a Big Screen. Then imagine you are making a Global Presentation of any topic or HangOut… Photos and Static Info on LEFT SCREEN, CENTER SCREEN for interaction, RIGHT SCREEN for Video Content…

Then add a Associative Array INDEX based on you SCRIPT or DNAid(tm).

Gordon Kraft

ISetYourFaceOnFire says:

Don’t be so quick to stoop to his level and condemn people. Be the better person.

Tony Montana says:

Would You Buy a Curved TV For Gaming? No. No i would not.

Mallo Cavalli says:

I was playing Fifa on a curve tv and I actually went inside the tv and spoke with Cristiano Ronaldo in person. Oh yea curve!

Snow says:

That’s correct. If you have the money for it, chances are that you have a well/high paying career and/or job, which last I heard, you don’t get for being an “idiot”. If somebody has the money for it and buys it, that’s their business and nobody else’s…. The only people who do care and call them “idiots” for buying it, are the poor jealous people who are mad because they can’t afford it. They’re undercover haters who deny they’re actually jealous. That’s legit.

smart led hd tv says:

The technology behind curved tv is awesome. Give or take it has no rival. Gaming on it is to to say the least ultimately exciting.

Tony Montana says:

like a fucking amazing home cinema with a ginormous tv

DNYLNY says:

He’s right though. I mean even if you were rich, buying a TV like this is pretty much a nothing better to do with your money decision. Even the reviewer insinuated that you’ll have to spend a pretty penny just to have your friends watch tv in a clear way and there was definitely a negative connotation in his voice about the price. So don’t worry about how people review a product. Price is an important factor in reviewing a product and there is such a thing as something being overpriced.

Adam Cate says:

i felt like i was taking crazy pills for a second

g7sky says:

fuck yeah

Darth Vader says:

$12,000 is a bit overkill, like you could by a LOT of other things for that money…

mrclarkkent says:

That’s only $800 less than the price of my car… my “CAR”!!! Something I actually use every single day as a necessity. I can’t imagine spending 4 years paying off a friggen TV! But I guess if you have money like that to blow, lucky you, go for it!

TwiTch says:

HAHAHA, what a fucking retard, the TV is not curved for the people that are sitting way off to the sides of the tv, it would be ultra curved on one side of the tv now.. the tv is curved to make up for the color loss you see sitting DIRECTLY in front of the scree, now all pixels color/contrast and back lighting will look even.


I have a curved tv. It’s not worth the price

Jared White says:

So this is the next gimmick after 3D TVs?

J. Gallo says:

12k. Are they fuckin serious??? O hell naw.

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