Why Curved TVs are Rubbish – Rant – Curved TV vs Flat TV

Welcome to my first ever rant on this channel. Why should avoid spending money on Curved TVs. Stick with oled flat screens.

Things I cover:
– How Samsung’s LED and Sony’s 3D were gimmicks, and why curved TVs are a gimmick as well.
– The main problem with consumer curved TVs
– The technology to look out for, OLED

Also, notice most people who say that the curved tvs are good aren’t actually saying the curve added to the experience. They’re just saying the picture quality looks good – which isn’t surprising, since these are usually high end models with OLED panels.

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femtokun says:

“1st of all, this is a gimmick….okeyyy?!?!?” > no, not ok. I stood in front of a curved one and in front of a flat one in the store and oh boy was I impressed with the curved one. Bought the curved one.

CoolhandLukeSkywalkr says:

Arnold Schwarzenegger  sure hates curved tv. I tend to agree with him. LG is releasing the flat OLED 4k next year, in time for 4k blu ray. Now, give it about 6 years for them to improve HDR and OLED, they are still working to improve this technoloy, and it should be leaps ahead of where it is today. Same with 4k projectors, and one can assume 8k models will begin to push down the price of 4k by that time. Bring it on! 

Da bloody ace says:

agree curved tvs are so stupid I’m not buying one till they take flat screens off the market

looong H says:

i’ll bet you gonna buy one later .

Joseph Grodis says:

I’ll be back!

Ronnie Duong says:

Great review. I see people hating on you because they disagree. Lol. They just want to hear their opinion which is sad really. I am not saying i agree with you but if i don’t, i should simply move on.

cknopp3 says:

i can agree with some of what you are saying, but i disagree that it is just a gimic. My old TV that just expired was a 65″ Mitsubishi Diamond series. When sitting at my bar i was off to the side of the screen and was not able to see the picture, But now i have purchased the Samsung 65″ 4k 7000 series, with this TV even as far off to the side as i am at my bar area i can still see the picture clearly….i am very impressed with this, the very best picture i have ever seen on a TV period……just amazing

Benswan187 says:

Pointless video, stupid rant.

chad khan says:

great video, I have a full HDTV, its 5yrs old and yes it’s still has full colour and picture looks like the day I bought it, let’s go outside it’s even better the real high def..lol

Frank says:

Get the “4k Flat LEDHDTV “don’t buy the curved TV there just trying to make more money off of us your very welcome you are on point my friend

balaji hustler says:

I’m planning to purchase 65 inch ks8500 for pc gaming. is the curve useful since I’m gonna be sitting close to the tv

rafi2212 says:

lol he talks rubbish 

Robbie Ladgrove says:

Absolute retard this man.

ㅤ ㅤ says:

Why do you think curved ultrawide monitors are bad?

Ever [F.Stop] says:

this has hilarious X,,D

glassdogangle says:

My mom is 62 years old, and she absolutely LOVES her curved screen TV, and she will not trade it for ANYTHING! It curves outward, and has a big giant remote control with only 6 buttons on it for easy channel surfing. You should do a video on the ridiculous men’s razor industry. What are they up to now, the Mach 9, with 9 blades, and a giant obnoxious pivoting head that looks like a Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner?

FuckOffYoutube says:

Just stopping by to say that nobody really gives two shits about you and your under-qualified “Rant.” Good-bye now.

Micky watnots says:

If you want curved imo go with the Sony Bravia. Or better still go with what YOU like its your money and there all impressive, flat , curved, whatever its all good.

AngryPOV says:

like a sumbody fuk u bic

TyloriusTechTips says:

Although i agree with curved tv’s not being worth it, led backlit tv’s are alot better

Veronica Gubbs says:

Thanks! Very informative and to the point! Enjoyed the humor as well 🙂

KidFrom106 says:

This guy knows what he is saying i agree with you as for the dislikes yes i know the truth hurts curved tvs ONLY makes sense when iyour close and it gives you that wrap feeling like when you look to your left and to your right you can still see the screen like when you playing a racing game you can see the cars to your left and right.

michael mayer says:

I’m going to wait..every other Chanel I’d still hd.

Waris Hafeez says:

you r wrong curved is the best tv even better than sony 4k tv thanks for your wrong explination

Dag Johnsen says:

Just bought a flat 75″ Samsung 7500 and thought curved was bull, too small even in 78″ and 2.7 meters viewing distance. 
You forgot to mention that a curved TV is like a parabolic antenna when it comes to capturing reflections, and all lights that reflects in the screen will show as line of light across the whole screen instead of just one point of light.
Very bad.
My next TV is a 75″ OLED or bigger when they come and the price is right.

Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous says:

Just shut up.

Cody 12345 says:

this guy is stupid their is a difference between lcd and led lol did he forget about the liquid Crystal in the lcd like thats what lcd stands for (liquid crystal display)

lemuel88 says:

Definitely your totally wasting your time.  Curve has it’s own effect in viewing as flat screen has it’s own.  It is in this difference that vendors are capitalizing to attract viewers.  Majority of the viewers are not technical, thus, they view on their FEEL on how it affects their mood as they watch.  It is on the viewers discretion if they feel better or not when they watch on flat or curve.  So, stop wasting explaining things technically (though it is informative also).  In my opinion and experience, if you buy curve screen tv, it should be big size and best in living room and not on huge room where tv is far from viewer.  If you are in big rooms like halls, auditorium, etc., better to put flat screen coz curve ones are not that good from far distances coz distortion is more prominent.  I have both flat and curve (55′” and 60″) and I used them accordingly to fit on the location for better viewing.

vladpay13 says:

Your video is a bullshit, thats all. Do not reproduce pls.

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