Top 3 Curved 4K TVs 2017 | Best Curved 4K TV Review | Hisense LG Samsung

Here are our picks for the top 3 curved 4k TVs in 2017. Our best curved 4k TV Review:

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1. *Discount* LG OLED55C6P Curved OLED 4K HDR Smart TV:

2. *Discount* Hisense 65H10B2 Curved:

3. *Discount* Samsung UN65KS8500 Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV:

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These are the top 3 curved 4k TVs of 2017 that we came across while searching Amazons selection. Right now there are so many different curved 4k tvs to chose from, it may be a bit overwhelming trying to find a good one. We believe based on the features and the value that you get for your money, these are the best curved 4k TV s on the market right now at a reasonable price. For a more detailed review on the LG OLED55C6P Curved 4K HDR TV, Hisense 65H10B2 Curved TV and the Samsung UN65KS8500 Curved 4K Ultra HD TV please feel free to click the link and get a more detailed description. We feel you will definitely chose one of the top 3 curved 4k TVs that we have to offer. We hope you will find the best curved tv for your living situation. Don’t Hesitate – These are on sale now but may not be for long. Get yours today!

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Daniel C. West says:

i’ll take an OLED over LED any day. LG LETS GET IT

Jennifer Jorgensen says:

im looking to get a new tv set up but I don’t know much about resolutions or screen type. I know is like a 4k tv but I don’t want to get the wrong one. it will be used of mostly everyday tv use and some gaming as I’ll have my ps4 connected to it. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

John B. Avendano says:

Just got mine for $997 with paid sales tax at fry’s I was choosing between this and the Sony 850D I think I made the right choice.

TopReviews says:

Which curved 4K TV do you guys like the most?

Emily T. Sullivan says:

Smart LED settings needs to be set to “High” to receive HDR effect. Color space should also be set to “Native”

Oscar S. Harrington says:

the vizio is a 2016 model

Paul J. Dean says:

if product lab responds I will sub

Nancy N. Bishop says:

Hey Guys So i’m getting a lot of questions about that awesome Soundbar in the video. That’s the Sony HT-CT770 –

Kyle D. Merritt says:

LG’s OLED screen gets no love

Leigh P. Clark says:

+Goldberg 0 Yes definitely, but there is one major flaw regarding the TV line and that is crowd control. It’s a gamble on whether or not you’ll get a good or defective unit.

Thomas Lee says:

great review ! thx for having the monitor showing all the while you were speaking . most other reviewers I have seen didn’t understand that concept . the information was outstanding and I now know the answers to my questions . have a great day .

Shannon J. Chong says:

This is true moreover people are so dumb they dont understand the main difference between a pc monitor input lag and a huge tv screen. THE CONTROLLER. Playing on a 20ms tv with a controller its almost impossible to notice the input lag, with the mouse you will feel the input lag 10 times more.

Bonnie C. Stewart says:

meh. no 4k for u then. stop being cheap and get an Xbox One X

Jeanne A. Yanez says:

Hey Guys! So the Legs on the Television are in fact backwards. They slide in snug both ways, didn’t even notice! Silly mistake on my part. Each leg is labeled L and R, which are a bit confusing (Front or Back Perspective?) They MUST be inserted from the back’s perspective. Of course, I was facing the front of the TV, which is why this happened. My perspective was reversed. I think I got everything else correct tho =P Enjoy

Garnet E. Johnson says:

I have this and I’m very impressed. The black levels are good, not OLED good but still very dark, the backlight doesn’t bleed but isn’t perfectly uniform either, but not as bad as most (you listening Sony?) There is some sort of auto contrast that drove me crazy but eventually I found it and turned it off. A dark scene would cause the backlight to adjust or something and it was really horrible. This TV does have a light sensor which is a must for me, you can turn it off. The light up samsung logo can be turned off too. The smart TV user interface is WAY better than what Samsung used to do, and lets just say you don’t want to buy an old Samsung smart TV. Sound is not great so you might want a sound bar, but its not terrible either. Be careful with handling as its very thin bezel and the chrome can scratch and probably bend. Might need spacers for rear wall mounting. Oh yea, the screen is glossy but not very reflective which is great! My old Samsung was like a mirror. The only way to beat this TV is to go OLED which is still really expensive.

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