The World’s Best 4K OLED TV Ever? LG 65EG9600 Review!

Check out the LG Art Slim CURVED OLED 4K TV!

Sponsored by LG. Thanks to LG for hooking me up with this TV! I hope you enjoyed my honest review! 🙂

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Ricocorrina Isaac says:

I can fuck off u pussy.your tv is shit

My Gadget says:

nice review

alex pal says:

hes f..king rasist hahaha

Hubert Jakubowski says:

Somebody wants you to get really busy, watching tv is like brainwashing, killing your creativity, relationships with people and Creator. Control it before it controls you. Btw nice one. 😉

MightyGoliath says:

I DO NO NOT like you at all you look stupid. THUMBS DOWN

SuperBat says:

Can’t wait for the 8k tv to get here. I’ll skip the 4k altogether.

CamaroWarrior says:

no 120 or 240hz?

Carroll Ware says:

best is relative meaning everyone has a different experience with different products and manufactures.

Woo Hoo says:

“And watch this TV get vibrant yellows!”

*Shows Anime*

Talon Diwisch says:

What’s the point of a curved TV? Seems weird to me.

CamaroWarrior says:

same screen as my amoled on my galaxy note

Daniel Bandeira says:

+iTwe4kz are you going to review the LG G6 signature??

LinusDickTips says:

Deeper blacks are very important.

Schwarzer says:

It makes me uncomfortable since its curved

Adrian Medrano says:

Great tv
We could take it to a bigger level

Greg Scalf says:

TV’s need to start integrating hardware that is also aimed at gaming. Not only because people use those for gaming, but because the refresh rate on these 4K TV’s say shit like 120 Truemotion and all that. If you plug it to your PC even with a displayport, nVidia will only allow it to go to 60hz because the hardware isn’t even there. We don’t want any of that ghetto rigged trash, I want to see legitimate 120hz motion blur. Granted they have 4k gaming monitors with 144hz, but they are only like 27 inches and such. Come on Moore’s Law!

mynameisname says:

is this better than samsug suhd the new one

dAN3x ™ says:

What about watching Soccer or playing PS4 ? Any DSE or Banding ?

Gabriell Salas says:

just got it great tv!

kichansilva says:

“deeper and darker blacks”.
Me: (while black people are on, sarcastically) Damn that’s pretty black…

Vercusgames says:

Is it true these are only 60 fps? I’m looking to test 120 fps later this year.

Harry Bath says:

Lol at the deepest blacks then it cuts to the black family on motorbikes

Sanity says:

lg is bad

Keo R says:

webOS for the WIN!!!

Christopher O'Grady says:

There are 3 main display types, LCD, Plasma, and OLED. The way to summarise the 3 is:
LCD- efficient, bright, cheap, non reflective, can’t produce black. Plasma- Drinks electricity like water, amazing contrast and picture quality, can produce black. OLED- The best of both worlds, the infinite contrast of a plasma, and the efficiency of an LCD.
Up until OLEDs getting affordable I’ve always been a Plasma guy, I’ll happily put up with a few more watts for dat contrast ratio. That’s why OLEDs are such a big deal, colour saturation and contrast are more important than resolution.

Tidgy says:

LMAO! “Gets the deepest blacks”
**then shows us loads of black people.* xD

frank mathis says:

The 3-d cannot be beat on this tv flat out this is one of the greatest tvs ever invented. I’ve got the lgec559300 because when this 9600 came out I just didn’t have the bucks. But straight up this tv every time I’m at Best Buy I’m looking at this. Your a lucky man to have this

redbeams75 says:

I have this tv super dope

greencase says:

had to go to africa to find the deepest darkest blacks.

fat cabbage says:

When I saw this at the store it looked amazing

MrMovieMan941 says:

Can’t wait to put in my 3.0 usb flash with all that black peoples to watch them in deep!!!

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