Should You Buy a 4K (UHD) Curved TV?

2014 is the year of Curved TVs and 4K. Should you shell out the extra cash to buy a 4K Curved TV or wait? Let’s find out

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andrew jackson says:

1080 50 inch tvs £400 -£500 4k tvs £450 £550 so its 4k for me easy choice

Victor Lopez says:

Thanks for the info. I considered a curved TV but not anymore.

Red Glow says:

3D is a gimmick because 1/2 of movies are fake 3D… All there is to watch are CG kid movies…

Rory O'Neill says:

Dude really? Yea curved is dumb, 3d is dumb, but I can get a 4k 40 inch Vizio at at Walmart for 200 bucks. Totally worth it. Do yourself a favor and futureproof at the very least your resolution…

Salah Ahmed says:

Thank you,,

Greeneyez2475 says:

Curved TV’s are cool. Just make sure you buy 65″ and up

Mishatko1 says:

Just purchased curved uhd samsung 49ku6500. I had before flat screen 49 on the same place in the corner of the living room. I am much happier with the curved tv, no distortion at all from the angles, but exactly opposite. Picture is totally clear from every angle and this curved samsung looks like is pointing at me from any side I am sitting, in my case much much better viewing experience the flatscreen lg 49uh661v i had before. I was afraid to go for curved tv, but it looks stunning and even though is 49″ it still feels that is surrounding me (compare to flat screen), I am very impressed and totally recommend curved one. btw the lg had much more detailed image but was not as smooth as samsung and the colors on samsung are better in my view then lg ones.

Uklm Ngubane says:

guys the ks8500-is the beast of TVs

Shannon Jordan says:

I purchased a 4K curved TV. there is such a big difference everyone that sees this television is amazed. curved TVs have been out for years now it is not a fad… we’re all entitled to our opinions but for you people who don’t think the curved TV is worth it you are sadly mistaken and you will be sorry if you take this guy’s advice. I can even talk to my remote and it does what I tell it to do.. best money I’ve ever spent

elitestar says:

I sit 7 feet away from a 75″ TV. What’s the best option for me?

Tom Robie says:

I have a Samsung 7 series 4k curve TV and Sony Bravo flat screen TV. After 2.5 years of ownership, the curve TV definitely gives better view when sitting in a couch at an angle. Therefore not only the straight front direct audience can enjoy, now everyone in the room can appreciate it. The final result is satisfaction over flat screen.

GoproStuff says:

The reflection on the panel was completely redundant and gave me a sharper image.

jose evangelista says:

Every new technology/fad on the market has a dearer price to pay, I say, if you have the money, buy the things you want if you think you deserve them… You only live once, better enjoy your money and your days… By the way, we have the series 6 55 inches 4k curved from 2 years ago for 1600euros and a sound bar for 400euros  —  we enjoy them from day 1 to date. No regrets at all.

Denny Hamdani says:

Thanks Bro, you save my money

Zack Gentz says:

I love my 65″ Curved Samsung it is absolutely beautiful…with that being said I got a great deal on it on black friday, If I wouldn’t have gotten such a great deal I probably wouldn’t have bothered.

Sumanan Neel says:

valuable information…thanks pal ..

Jessica Giandolfo says:


Birju maharaj says:

During this Thanksgiving I am looking for 65 to 70 inch tv, which model and brand is the best to buy right now? Too many choices but not sure which one is best, so asking the Guru.

Fernando Manuel Ferreira Teixeira says:

Wtf ? O have a curved TV Just because i had 600€ and i went to buy it and i get ti store and there elas a curved one with 55 inches that was on sale. So i bougth it and not regreted and that theorie that if you seat on the sides you have distourtion? Kkkk not at all, you see way better that in a flat one. Cause in a flat you have real distourtion in a curved one it seems like is facing you..

Cornelius Hairston says:

I just brought a Samsung curved 55 inch smart TV and it’s the best TV I ever owned. I spent 900 but it’s well with it.

Nice and Easy says:

Doesn’t seem to be a fad, still around today and selling well.

Benzo G. says:

Curved looks ridiculously awesome just sitting there. Worth it for you? You decide!

Tara Husband says:

You just saved me a bundle. I was totally going curved and we don’t care that much. Our house watched most shows on our computer.

VlogsWithLouis HD says:

What if I get a free tv? Should I still get a 55″ 4K curved tv or the 1080 55″ tv?

gustavo barbera says:

I was about to buy a LG 55″ OLED curve , I’m buying the flat screen

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