Samsung UN65JU7500 Curved 4K UHDTV Review

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SeeThatIamAble says:

Good vid. thank you, have you noticed any input lag, I love MMOs and nothing kills good game like input lag.

dark0r8it says:

Big fan of Pre-2011 Hunter x Hunter!

Popol says:

What TV to buy ? Samsung or Philips ? And what type ? (budget max 2.000 euro)
Let’s say about 42 or a bit higher in inches < 50 !! Used to play back from a tv HD decoder and HD mediaplayer Would like to access Youtube NOT curved ! Now I have a philips led tv with ambi light, which is very nice (the surrounding light) Picture not sharp enough anymore for these days 🙂

Ray Dioaktivman says:

Did you cover the color fidelity, how well black is done, glare, etc? I missed that part.

aundra lambert says:

look like this tv has poor black levels an poor dark or night shots in movies and shows black levels are not deep black but grayish which gives poor picture quality

JHON 117 says:

model UN55JU6500FXZA – 4K

TN MUSlC says:

Does the 3D make you dizzy?

michael barkley says:


Ferdinando Di Lisa says:

someone have clouding in this model?viewing out off axis

J C says:

TV does not come with an octa-core processor – its a quad.

jemerbautista says:

comparing this to the Sony 75″ 910c. would the picture quality on the Sony be better than what this 78″ samsung have since the Sony 910c have trilumios kind of like the suhd. thank you


Just bought this TV at hhgregg thanks to your review, Thunder E! Keep up the great work!

Wrecks says:

The 65″ model has a list price of $2999, not $2500. FYI

Dadapon Soosoo says:

Im dying to know which mode has more Input lag pc mode or game mode?
I’m mainly using this tv for pc 4k gaming.

Can ŞAHİN says:

Hi all
Does this tv has PVR function ?


The Answer says:

hiatus x hiatus

Haunted Abyss says:

how is the input latency?

N Bhargava says:

can you share what setting you used to your set vs factory settings?

Omayra Goncalves says:

hi please tell me how to connect a blueray DVD Ayer to this 7500 model. thank you

Dina Sarmad says:

when u play shotter games.. can u fell the input lag in this tv.

fernandoharo3 says:

how does this tv handle the black color or lack there of.

mysteryman2024 says:

How is your screen uniformity? I have this tv and I am getting a lot of flashlighting and clouding, especially at the bottom, when I watch it at night

JHON 117 says:

does any ones know why my sumsung Model UN55JUFXZA after playing xbox i change to cable hdm1 and what its doing after playing several hours i switch back to watch comcast and some how its start to get dark and dark looks like sleep mode after playing with my xbox . i

D&E Gaming says:

What were your picture settings?

Jenderson Pen says:

is it worth it getting a curve TV for gaming? I like all the color and full RGB it offers I was thinking of getting the ju7500 2016 model, it offers alot of pictures upgrades and I like the curve because your right if you have a flat panel you sit straight on it looks good. look at the screen from the side you don’t get a good picture but on the cure your saying from any angle you don’t loose picture quality? and I know it’s a 4K that’s just extra for me until the PS4 neo comes out so color wise is it colorful than a led and a 4K flat panel???

Drxp King says:

u should of shown how the remote look

Pople BackyardFarm says:

just subbed

fernandoharo3 says:

how does this tv handle the black color or lack there of.

Patricia Angel says:

awesome review! the tv looks great and I love HunterXHunter!

Tappan Zee says:

Good morning! Awesome video as usual! I’d like to know if you could recommend a gadget that I can purchase so that I can connect my PS4 and XBOXONE to? I hate having to unplug one console to plug the other into my television. Is there a gadget with the flick of a switch that I can purchase without having to unplug it?

MFFM says:

does it mean the tv had 2 cables?? 1) a/c power cable, 2) the one connect box thing

Heugh Jassman says:

Were you able to get a measurement of the input lag while in 4k and playing on a pc? I know it’s around 37ms while using chroma 4:4:4 but every set varies and I was wondering what yours came in at. I just ordered one for 1800 off amazon and I’m waiting for it to come in. The quantum dot tech doesn’t seem that important to me, but with the new hdr blue rays coming out, do you think it will make that much of a difference with this tv compared to one that supports that function? Thanks

soyconker says:

any gaming imput lag?

BlueBearSqaud says:

Can you play Xbox on this tv?

shock WAVE says:

i have a question for you? do you know if the new Samsung 65 curved 4k UN65KS8500FXZA HAS VIDEO GAME MODE FOR XBOX ONE? i tried to find information but i don’t find anything on the website that says the tv come with the video game mode

ScaniaGM says:

@3:32 lol that glare is BAD lmao.

SuCKeRPunCH187 says:

who had the ui first. Samsung looks like they copied lg’s web os

JHON 117 says:

ok i will look to see if i can find sleep mode. but it only happened when I play xbox . one i am watching a program its start to do that when it shouldn’t do that because there is movement on the screen during watching a chanel. but i will see if i can find sleep mode under the settings. thank you .

Miroslav says:

Ist das model ue65ju7580 das selbe und nur ein Europa model oder ist es ganz was anderes?

Tys Dasd says:

Can Curved tvs be wall mounted?

NarutoIsTheRikudou says:

HunterXHunter for the win!

darksparda4 says:

Any chance of a Sony x850c or x900c review?

Leo Hughes says:

Can you make a review of the best gaming headphones (not headsets).

matthew lyn says:

Good review but a TV that’s curve inside simple does not look attractive, to make things even worst it looks distracting. Can’t switch from flat screen they are so much nicer.

resh_aykut says:

Can u share a video while playing battlefront or any fps game ?

carlos garza says:

Does this tv have HDR?

Jeffrey Bruijns says:

Does this tv have HDR?

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