samsung essential 24 inch curved monitor PC TV Test Review



Helen says:

Good video. A small supplement about LED (OLED) backlighting of the modern LCD screen here This is gadget solves the problem

Yoked•Rabbit says:

Why does a samsung monitor have the Apple logo

silverwolf152 ROBLOX AND MORE says:

Is it good to play fortnite on it???

KoRRuPtED-Kato says:

Is the monitor compatible with ps4/xbox one?

arranmc182 says:

nice one lads I kinda broke the TV I was using as a monitor so was looking at this as its down to £120 in the UK and this video has helped me to decide I want this, cheers guys for the video

The Number Red / TNRed says:

What is the depth of the stand?

WaxeYPlayz II says:

Does it have a very low input lag??

History and Reviews says:

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Psycho says:

Dose anyone know what hz this is

TLB Cryptic says:

≧(◠ ᴥ ◠)≦ ✬

Macieekk85 9 says:

Funny guy

Mad Lad says:

If you wanna get big then you need a better camera bru


Why is your main drive to your HDD. SSD’s are actually rarer to wear out!

Micah A. says:

Ummm, wear out your ssd, if you have an SSD use the SSD as your boot drive the rarely wear, even less than hhd, and hhd as moving parts so it wears even more than an HDD, why would you waste your money on an expensive SSD not to use it because your scared for it to break

Xv klz_ says:

How much is it


1 yr aneversity

axel14243 says:

Nice vid. Just got the 27″ version from Walmart. Great monitor. You’ve earned a sub btw.

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