Samsung 8500 UHD 4K curved TV. First impressions

Samsung 8500 UHD 4K curved TV And samsung soundbar. First impressions and mini review. Ideal for world cup football in brazil!
UE55HU8500 & HW-H550 are the model numbers. Check them out at

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spyrmac says:

what movie is it ? at first 

Miloš Petrović says:

Where did you put the one connect box?

d obianuli says:

where are you wires dude?

thj1199 says:

Happy early birthday!

Omg I wish I could game on that. 0.0

James Blundell says:

nice to have it wall mounted but were would u put the dvd player and speaker

217bubby says:

What wall mount did you use?

CandyxMarshall says:

Argentina represent.

Rozh Baban says:

I just bought the Samsung 4k TV, but how do you upscale to 4k from normal 1080p TV?!?!?! PLEASE HELP ASAP!

RLMUD says:

don’t like the sound bar mounted up on the wall. t akes away from the floating look of the tv, just me

John Reese says:

this is not js8500 because js8500 is not curved
this is ue55hu8500t curve..

M Steel says:

is it a smart tv aswell adam

tevo says:

So your a 2-D person? As in you have no depth xD

talespin23 says:

ill be getting this one in november and i live in the united states they call the same u u have the U9000 how is the upscaling look on older movies in dvd and blu-ray and what can u all use the finger gesture functions on

Heaterson says:

im not a free d fan either.

sukkey basi says:

Please reply


Thanks for the review.

I am seriously considering this television but can I just ask how easy it was to install on the wall and how flat it sits?

Elize Freeman says:

If it needs to flicker like that then i think i would get a better picture on an old CRT 12 inch portable

MrClamSmaka says:

I like my tvs like i like my woman curvy lol appreciate the video fella, can i ask what wall bracket you used to hook this sexy beast up? and also what sound bar? ill be picking up this set 1st week of january 2015 cant wait im like a little kid in a sweet shop looking up at some tasty candy watching this lol

Roscoe Outterside says:

PLEASE what 3d glasses are compatable with 48″ js8500,no one in this countyr knows not even samsung??!!

LuisLEONFC73 says:

Too see the Champions League and Euro 2016 with that would be the best thing ever

Ian Jermey-boys says:

What wall mount have you used?

Dean Bustin says:

Yes they do a flat model Js8000 US model

M Steel says:

yes i will be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ken Samuel says:

send it back and get a sony.

Tan Quan Giang says:

Everyone hates wires but .. You Dont like 3d.. And not an audiophile… Then i dont really trust your judgement. Cause i know someone that enjoys sound quality. Would be even a slight audiophile. Someone that loves imersiveness and great visuals would also at least like 3D.

Rich Morris says:

did you do a full review on this set yet?

Tax, Bills & Pills says:

What wall mount did you use

Rich Morris says:

How is gaming on this screen?

sub blaster says:

it flickers because of you fikming it

Samuel Guerrero says:

Thanks, great first impression. I am going to buy this set tomorrow.

M Steel says:

wow how much is the tv in total  yeah 3d is ok like yourself i am not into this

CODGODS11 says:

i do have a smart 3d tv. i like watching sometimes on 3d. but it’s not very often that i do.

M Steel says:

will it stream off a network mate

Duncan Wardle says:

Mind made up, ordering this month. Cheers

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