Samsung 65KS9500 Curved 4K HDR SUHDTV Review!!!

The 2016 Samsung Flag ship SUHD TV is here. Dubbed the Samsung KS9500 which is a 4K SUHDTV

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SkrrtBro says:

I heard that all models of Samsungs SUHD lineup this year (8000,9000,9500) are pretty much the same thing. I am deciding between Vizio P, LG B6, or the KS8000. Is the KS9500s picture marginally or significantly better than the 8000? Thanks.

erzascralet48 says:

What % of the DCIP3 does it cover? What’s % of the Rec.2020 does it reproduce? This is more of an overview than a review without those specs.

Pray4yurLife !! says:

great review

Nate Townley says:

Looks too thin to be direct back light.. Was there any light bleed / ghosting?

Mohamed Alaydaroos says:

nice review, but when you talk about gaming you should at least mention the input lag in all modes.

Semi Con says:

I can notice that backlight bleed, fail. Looks like its time for me to buy the Sony Z9D.

Bruce Frausto says:

What is the best 70″ tv I could buy for under $3000?

michael barkley says:

how do I update my JS9000 to the new 2016 software?

Calcio 2048 says:

Samsung tv ks9500 has 3D?

Emmanuel Michel says:

This TV is just amazing man. Great review bro. keep up the good work.

spring3380 says:

what is the different between this and Samsung Curved 65″ 4K UHD Smart TV UE65KS9005, please answer

Johnboy 57 says:

Hiya. Nice review. Just found out about the NEW HDR format in Tv’s. Looking at info and reviews just now. The Panasonic and Sony look good as well. Thank you

Twell609 says:

is it lit from behind or the edge?


I know this tv is HDR. Do you see big improvement when you are watching regular 1080p Contents? Does HDR feature helps improve regular 1080p contents? I have 2015 9 series and planing to buy this. Am I gonna see a significant difference in picture quality when watching 1080p contents? Thanks

Armando Hernandez says:

There are to much difference btw the ks9500 and ks9800 in gaming!?

Caio Oliveira says:

Men beautiful tv!!!!

Bank Akinmola says:

Also, have you been able to compare it with the LG G6? If I’m going to stay at 65″, I’m leaning toward OLED.

AK74SU100 says:

stupid review . who gives a fuck about the remote or the apps .a tv review should be about brightnesd,contrast ,input lag, black level and the4k cabablities and with this tv HDR effect . you know nothing about tvs you dumb ass. saying it looks nice and shit.

Goro Majima says:

Just ordered mine and was wondering If HDR dims the picture when gaming?

A42yearoldARAB says:

I have a sammy curved with the qutenim or whatever. I have to say the most amazing picture over ever seen

afas1976 says:

how good this ks9000 model is by surfing on its web browser? i had a samsung ks7000 and it was a terrible experience because i wasnt able to watch channels on stream (on live) like twitch tv, and that is something LG tv can really do.

LuneTech says:

how are the black levels on this TV? are they really deep? I hate backlight bleed

Ruben RzE says:

does it NEED TO HAVE Internet to watch regular tv?

Tarek Halaby says:

this is a curved screen right

dysphoriasa says:

I’m deciding on this tv or the lg oled 65″

MrSouthvalley says:

is the display glass or matte finish

Just_Blazed_Jr Alcantara says:

Is this a full array tv or edge lit?

Change it to wumbo says:

this TV is too expensive. I’m alright. vizio p seems like a better buy.

Big gay Al says:

just bought a 65 inch oled this has nothing on that

arya willy says:

Your channel do shine trough tvs review

Bank Akinmola says:

Can you comment on how well the TV responds to glare? And do they have a flat model for 2016?

Laurent de backer says:

Ah man, such a thin tv! This is the one i am searching for! I have a thin 55″ Samsung tv atm. But i am really in search for a new one that does 4K. So happy these are available now 😀

kublaikhan1215 says:

never play games without game mode on! The input lag is reduced significantly!

Marcia B says:

I just got my tv but I was trying to set it up but after I turn the Tv and it asked me to choose a language, but it doesn’t work,like I know is not the remote control because it works when I turn it on or off, so is not that, does anyone know what is happening?

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