Samsung 6-Series 4K 55″ Curved UHD ($649 Amazon Prime Deal)

Here I’m sharing a video of the Amazon Prime Deal purchase, the Samsung 6 Series 4K Curved UHD UN55KU6600. I paid $649 for this 4K TV, normally around $1,100. I share my opinions and some advices. I hope you guys like the video.

See HDR setup with Xbox One S here:

Get this Samsung 6-Series 4K Curved UHD here:

Get this wall mount for the Curved TVs:

Here’s the Input Lag rating at



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Dr. Gerald Blanchard says:

This was very informative and helpful

Akuax Kurai says:

I got a dead pixel in my ku6300 🙁 anyone got a dead pixel with there tv??

Santino Vaccariello. says:

So I just picked one of these up. I couldn’t find anywhere, what are the HDMI ports 2.0 or are they 2.1?

Abdulaziz Amer says:

Marc is this tv the same with Samsung ku7350 coz have same features

JubbLaTV says:

I am having a lot of Motion Blur on my UE40KU6175It looks like shit…

Apathetic Display says:

You’re an idiot if you don’t think the curve makes a difference smh.

ironkobe says:

I just got a 65 uhd curved tv samsung 6500 fuck up thing is I don’t no if it’s 4K it don’t even say on box

Ahmed Mahmoud says:

Hi, What is the speed of the internet connection you are using? Thanks

Marco Ody says:

bought this tv week ago, its normal to have a ghost effect like motion blur or something when turning camera on some ps4 games?

Mic Mica says:

Bad TV. It keeps on shutting off and switching sources e.g. from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2. It is Not compatible with most wireless key boards, as advertised. It recognised the Logitech 400, it worked very slow, very frustrating. Even though it’s under warrantee, Samsung is refusing to replace it and is unable to fix it.

Unimited Range2k says:

So I just got this tv but don’t see hdmi 2.0 input just standard hdmi for gaming so where do I find the 4K input or is it just in the tv?

langetlikisorma says:

Does this tv have speakers

MannysTech says:

What picture settings do you have?

NS says:

Does this have the NHL Game Centre App on the App store?

CMMGames says:

Hi! Please tell me about judder on movies if you noticed it. thanks

d williams says:

Is it Linux OS? the reason I ask is can you somehow hack KODI or OpenElec onto it.

Trey Newawlins says:

Good video

Eddie Felix says:

Lol the Puerto Rican flag tho Highlight of the video for me

Willie Vijer says:

In France – 18 months I have it – FLABBERGASTING is it
also the 1200 Hertz frequency – the white is just like paper – you can look at 20 cm distance and no single vibration
It’s marvellous and the curve ) you must look at the right distance of the parabole – gives 3D idea
With 4K we don’t need vacations anymore
Nature is more beautiful than reality
I can’t believe my eyes – It’s Heaven on earth
And all that for the price of a sole 4K decoder – and it’s in
2 little negatives
The is no DISQ USAL for rotating paraboles – Did they forget ?
The menu is slow and difficult
Copying a movie the are protected – You can only play them on the same TV
But it’s 100% worth – Thank you Samsung
I have no shares !
Oh Yes I have the smallest model – then you can’t see any pixels – wonderful !!!

Ana 21 says:

I don’t know why I have the feeling that curved tvs are weird and it’s just a fashion that will become obsolete very soon…
And if that happens everyone will be able to identify how old your tv is. The standard tvs are more difficult to spot even if their thecnology is not the best. But at least aparently the first lcds that appeared are more like the ones that are coming up now. Plane.
Whenever someone decided to create something that was supposed to be the next path of modernity: plasma tvs, 3d tv with those glasses etc etc, it soon became obsolete and somebody else chose other path…
I would prefer a non curved tv.

Armando Hernandez says:

Hey! Tú eres boricua (por la bandera en carrito del juego lol) nice! Tv

Ken Willon says:

I returned mine to the store. It does not have a true HDR capability.

Tyler Weir says:

did you seriously lay down a flat screen?

Boom King says:

все на клейе держится хахаха

Anime4 Mii says:

I could get the most cheapeset on sale price at best buy for 599.99 samsung 🙂

GabenProductions says:

I got this TV just about a month a go.

DogeLife says:

i got this same tv and i didnt know how to set it up so thank you.

rod Lg says:

Is there any difference betwen this samsung 4k curved 55″ UN55ku 6500f uhd tv and yours?

Pierre Vachon says:

i’ll get soon a UN49KU6490 and nobody did a review of it …… could somebody tells me if this version is quite acceptable for gaming and net-surfing ??

wan yun says:

I see some horizontal banding or backlight problems,

Sebastian Cotae says:

How can i connect my 3,5 jack headphones? Or my old sound sistem?

steve b says:

very well explained, thank you..

Dustin Fritzsche says:

Hey Marc, Which external antenna are you using?

excel 876 says:

Fuck Samsung, Now the 50″ ku6300 is $699 and I’m not paying that price for a damn budget tv, especially when it was cheaper.. Guess I missed out, my other option is the Hisense h8c 50″ for $449 I was on rtings and they said it also has a similar picture as the ku6300…. I wanted the vizio d series 50″ but them suckers want like $530 for the shit

Maxtunes2590 says:

sir, do u get a good experience with that 55” TV even when u are not that close ? I’m not quite sure what to buy…

michael barkley says:

I have a 2015 model Samsung television..the 55 inch JS9000 I think it got quantum dots and hdr in it…all I know is that the picture looks stunning on it

Robert Clark says:

Thanks man. I see this at the Walmart I work at. With my discount I can get it for about 600…I’m waiting for tax time or after for extreme price drops. But I like the idea of the curve. Is the picture as vivid and etc as Vizio? Since I love my Vizio. lol. Also LG oled is really tempting. I may go that way but fear paying that for possibly losing pixels after few years or less.


how do you turn the hdr on?

Justin says:

I wasn’t impressed with the tv. Yeah I loved the bluetooth and user interface. BUT. After hours and days of messing with the picture I still couldn’t it to look as good as the cheaper 4k I had purchased before this one. I thought big time the curve wasn’t doing anything special. I had to buy this because the flat screen same size Samsung tv has been sold out everywhere over here.

Rosa Moran says:

I think to buy a TV 55″ 4k I have a distance of the wall to the sofa of 2,21 meters could I use it??

MJ says:

IMO, this set does a horrible job at handling motion during live sports, action scenes in movies, etc. Thinking of returning this set and going with the 8000 series.

Luis Salas says:

queee?? en Peru cuesta 3400 soles o 1000 dolares, asu precio regalado el tuyo, saludos

mlogaN writeS says:

What is the name of the soccer game at the end? thanks.

Seanjay Corleone says:

bro, i also bough this model, 55ku6300 curve, i cant enable the game mode, its grey out .. im gonna use it for pc gaming .. can you help me out ? how can i enable game mode? when i press game mode on picture settings it says “Function not available” how can i fix this?

Farid Ahmadi says:

I just bought this Samsung Curved 55 ‘6 serie’ 4k TV.
How much Hz is this picture motion?
Is it motion plus 200Hz or 50Hz ?
Just it has a better if you watch your football movies.

treybeantown Trey Davis says:

how’s the tv holding up since you’ve bought it? im thinking of getting the same one

maretupi says:

us$ 649 dollars, here in Brazil it costs R$4000 reais, for the conversion is twice the price

Kevin N says:

it’s an awesome tv. I got the KU6300 60 inch. it’s awesome with my Xbox one s

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