LG EA980 55-inch Curved 1080p OLED TV Review

You can read the full review at http://www.avforums.com/review/lg-ea980-55ea980-curved-1080p-oled-tv-review.9969
It’s been a long time coming but LG’s EA980 was certainly worth the wait, delivering some of the best 2D and 3D images that we’ve seen to date. The combination of dynamic range, accuracy and detail is just jaw dropping and once you throw in all the features and extras, not to mention the big drop in price, the LG starts to look very tempting.


insanity202avf says:

They already have Patrick here

ian greenacre says:

want one

Patrick Tull says:

In many of your reviews, I notice you mention the ‘out of the box’ settings’ and show a fancy graph. Could you do a video explaining how to adjust the settings to get the peak performance from a television?

Or if you already have one, could you point me in the right direction?

Miki Ram says:

can it be mounted on the wall?

scooby577 says:

I’ve heard reports that OLED suffers from screen burn like plasma did did you see any of this when you reviewed it??

Marion Knight says:

I’ve had mine for 6 month. No screen burn or image retention.
It replaced my ZT60
Zt black were better than any led or plasma but they weren’t pure black.
Lg black is pure no light is coming out
Makes the tv look light years ahead of any led 4k out there.
Motion was smoother on my zt.
But it’s not a problem on the lg.
slight judder but I only witness it once a day , after that I don’t see it.

Redeye007 Collecting Movies says:

I’m confused by these tv I get the ultras hd but the curve tv I don’t see the point I see this as a gimmick I mean many people don’t have the space for a cruve tv

Divine says:

Does the screen get blurry outside of the native resolution on these panels? What about input lag (gaming)?

Chaux Ffeur says:

Anyone know which is a better Oled? This or the Ec9300?

MadPropzBaller says:

I was always wondering how come everything looks so good on the PS Vita, especially in Remote Play, the colors were much better then my LED TV, the blacks were much more impressive. Then i found out that it’s OLED. This looks like an amazing TV, and i think that OLED really is the future, however it is just too expensive at the moment.


Saw this one on display today. either the demo disk was crap or the TV was. i wasn’t impressed.

pgice says:

is it possible to get that demo?

cinqo7 says:

Is this a good tv for video games?

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