LG 55EA9800 Curved OLED TV Review

LG’s 55EA9800 Curved OLED ushers in a new era in televisions with plasma-quality picture in a razor-thin frame. This is an exclusive first look at the revolutionary TV.

A full written review is here: http://www.digitaltrends.com/tv-reviews/lg-55ea9800-review/


Andrew Alaniz says:

To those saying “Stop saying Plasma”, currently Plasma display panels offer the best black levels, color accuracy, motion resolution, and contrast res.  There is no LED/LCD on the market than can compete with the panasonic VT/ZT60, samsung f8500, or Pioneer Kuros in any of these catagories.  The Sharp Elite LED/LCD from 2011 only manage to match the 50″ Pioneer kuros in black level, but lost out in everything else, and has long since been discontinued.


your profile pic is the best!!!!

Avroreason says:

Fruity dude.

13rian C says:

Walking in the electronics store …I swear i heard this  Tv say hey ..come Here…. look @ me!!! >_<  geek

Mariam Ekhlas says:

awsome !

The Surreal Vapist says:

4K is worthless when nothing is in 4K yet. This TV wins my vote for best set on the market right now. I would buy this over a 4K at half the price. OLED looks phenomenally better than the archaic LCD/LED TV. Its basically the quality of plasma but with a longer life expectancy

Alexred94 says:

wait for a 4K OLED in 6 yrs for a reasonable price

웅 Seven says:

All technologies will have bugs for YEARS. Show me one display type without its own nuances. Saying that this OLED display has bugs to be worked out is using the overly obvious just to nitpick.

クラン ѮѮ サスケ says:

nice ‘-‘

RageOfThornGuitar says:

On par with panasonic for the most part? 🙂 I love my Panasonic VT60. See folks you can get the best picture on the market for much less than you would pay for this set.

pgice says:

i have a Sony 55″ W9 whats is this ;)?..slight better blacks thats all..i just buy 2-3 lamps for ambientlight and booom..the blacks are as deep as the oled tvs

Anderson Luiz Vani says:

R$ 37.999,05 no site +Barato Descontos 

tom toney says:

BENT TV? lol

im not sure youl notice when you watching

Brett Walker says:

Good video, just subscribed.

pgice says:

except the OLEDs and the Sony W9 with its Quantum Dots have way wider gamut that any plasma tv have..thats why the colors pop..stick with your small SRGB gamut..its time for Rec2020 and Adobe RGB displays 🙂

navylaks2 says:

put a solar panel on the rear side and it’s CO2 neutral;), it only uses something like 130 Watt an LCD of the same size uses around 450 Watt.
I still hope that they will change the diods to laser diods onevi day, and that the screen will be curved further for a better viewer expierience, this what also bee the solution to the million dollar problem with 3D screen without the use of glasses.

Aleen says:

A 5,000 Dollars tv with dead pixels? Haha.

Nino Purgar says:

For god’s sake just buy Panasoic’s ZT or VT or ST or GT60 and enjoy!

TimmyME says:

I want my tv thin and flat! I could never use a curved one even if it was free.

1945blackops says:

not worth $9000-$10000.

Bolsonaro Miserê says:

tem que mostrar as conectividades

Marion Knight says:

This was the first oled I had – It looks like a LCD now with its uniformity. Things like YouTube page where the red should be uniform all the way across has brightness issues where half the screen looks brighter. The banding and vignetting is there. And the colour is just wrong when compared to a ZT plasma.
I guess nothing has changed it’s 2017 and we still have LG selling 4k oled with banding vignetting uniformity near black colour banding -tinting.

CrusaderOfXbox360 says:

#Samsung is better.

XxLiveFromTheGrave says:

Just seen one for $9,000
No thank you -__-

Ocatarinabela says:

Plasma DO lit each individual pixel, that is how plasma technology works and there is no other way . Next time do your home work 😉

pgice says:

the curve is just to add reflections to the screens from the sides of the room..lol..smart asses..thats why the colors seems to pop even more

RageOfThornGuitar says:

No screen technology is perfect, none.

twamley says:

OLED is going to change everything in the future, and not just TVs, lighting, wallpaper and advertising screens

pgice says:

light leakage?..lol..you have not seen the W9..its better than the last years HX850.

RageOfThornGuitar says:

Black levels suffer on any LED. OLED competes with plasma on the color accuracy, and black level, but not as durable yet, and definitely not as affordable. Like I said I have a 2012 Sony flagship HX850 LED as well, and love it. The uniformity and light leakage on LED just sucks though, thus why I got a reference status VT.

RageOfThornGuitar says:

The colors are just on par with plasma when it comes to the W9. the black levels are good, but only in bright room settings. Ive seen the W9 and the Panasonic VT60 destroys the Sony. I like LED I have a HX850, and its beautiful in bright rooms, but in darker setting its blooming destroys a otherwise outstanding set. OLED will get there, in time and hopefully the fix the burn problem with the blue OLED. They are way overpriced and still are only just on par with plasma quality, not surprising it.

GoldenMurderer says:

Organic light emitting diode. Unlike LED and Plasma, each individual pixels is individually lit, meaning the best black level possible along with ridiculous contrast and zero light bleed. Plasma do have the best blacks available at a low price, however they still do have a minute amount of light coming through. Most people wont notice this in normal viewing conditions, but sit one foot or less away and you can see a small amount of glow.

Circuit Breaker says:

Give me 70″ flat 4K OLED and take my money!

NewPScity says:

How is gaming on oled tvs? Motion blur? Input lag?

Filipe Ferro says:

OLED has a significantly better image quality than plasma, so it’s not even comparable to plasma TVs. OLEDs are much sharper than plasma’s round pixels, and OLED color is more vibrant and pure as well. 

Kemeros says:

What is he going on about plasma quality? Everyone here uses LCD with DEL lighting or just plain LCDs… Oled is gonna change that in a year or two.

vassillios says:

“on par with plasma”
 what? how about “destroys every other screen ever created, compromising on neither contrast nor brightness”

navylaks2 says:

saw this in person very cool allthough laser view still have more colour

fat tony D'Amico says:

Just a gimmick 

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