Let’s unbox: Samsung VF390 32 inch curved TV-monitor. VA panel and 1080p. Hmmm…

Samsung VF390 32 inch curved TV monitor unboxing by Torsional Isotope Technophobia.

The VF390 is a 32 inch curved monitor by Samsung, retailing around 299 euros or dollars. It’s not the most common monitor out there, 1080p and a VA panel, but I got my hands on it and I decided to unbox and review it.

First, you get the unboxing video, with lots of technical details about the unit and all it’s connectivity options.

In a couple of weeks, you’ll get the full hands-on review of the unit –
since my vacation is coming up and after almost 2 months carrying around my right broken foot, it’s about time I had some. But the review is coming, when it is done, check out the cards at the top right of the video window.

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Andrew Macnamara Music and Gaming says:

were did you buy it?

gaius julius ceasar says:

Dude I can see you limb a bit. That was a heroic review. Those flip-flops help at all? lol just kidding, nice work…

Paraskeuas Tempelxanos says:

Nice jammies mate.I see you still have a bit of a limb eh? But getting better?


hey, great intro, you’ve been busy lately!

Xazobiolhs Tsilibourdistis says:

Unboxing with a limb. That must be a YT first dude.

Theoldcar Crusher says:

Added a like to your video, you seem to be honest about what you review. In contrast to the paid puppets all over youtube.

ntolmadakia megiaourti says:

Oh man, I saw a poop PS4 ad in the start 🙁

Alex Harrison says:

TV or monitor?

auKe MemEs says:

I have that tv in my bedroom

elia mainta says:

maybe you’ll make a performance video for the handheld vacuum right?
(great work btw 🙂 )

elena kavvada says:

I totally support the comment about reviewing the hand held vacuum cleaner.

gaius julius ceasar says:

I should get around to watching the other parts as well.

Tyler Harrison says:

Can this be used as a tv

Achullues Mantzaflarees says:

What’s the “Hmmm” about?

Blondie Bootieleesious says:

Sooooo, Is the monitor any good?

larisara ole says:

You loved it, eh?

elenoula kavvadakou says:

Pity, I was really looking forward to that box unboxing 🙁

Daddyo Cool says:

A dildo would certainly be more useful than this monitor, apparently.

achillakos maintanoulis says:

I’ve seen parts 1+2, don”t know what you say, this monitor is a winner. 😛

Tyler Harrison says:

On currys website it says a 32 inch cured smart tv

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