INSANE Gaming on 65-inch 4K TV!!!

Exact model is: Samsung UN65JS8500

Watch our experience with 55-inch Curved TV:

My 4K SLI gaming rig:

Pricing and Availability:


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Music used with permission from Silk Music
Nigel Good – This Is Us (Original Mix)

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Trax says:

Had to pause the video to make sure Kerbal Space Program wasn’t running.

Linet Moyo says:

What type of joypad is that

Byzantine 1381 says:

On curved 4K 40 inches TV is real feeling for gaming . But most realistic feeling is Virtual Reality !!! I’m still satisfied with my 32 inches LG TV Full HD , FX 8350 , 16GB 1866 Kingston , Gigabyte GTX 960 4GB , WD Caviar Blue 2TB !

Pevukka says:

How long you have had that same wallpaper background on your computer? 😀

Nathaniel Feldman says:

My friend bought the most expensive tv at bestbuy, I cant remember if it was $5000 or $10,000 but it was the biggest piece of shit compared to my benq xl2411 when it came to gaming, never been so disgusted.

Kyokushin OSU! says:

Anything and everything Samsung is shit, I had so many Samsung products in the past with phones, tv, blue ray, speakers and had more than 1 of each and all of them broke down on me every single one, I bought Samsung because it was cheaper compare to say lg or apple phones etc, I guess you only get what you paid for. I bought proper brands in all those I mentioned and still going strong many years later and guess what? I only bought one product of each item unlike Samsung with multiple times and my tv, blue ray, iPhone etc still going strong with no hassle. Samsung brand is shit, that’s why is cheaper compare to all other products that is in high quality. It is rubbish, it’s good at first then problems arise after a year of use.

Random-TV says:

Giving away my xbox one x project scorpio, check my channel out for details

Danny Murphy says:

You know 120hz 4k hdr is possible when doing this

JUDALATION gamestrodamous says:

60 hrz….hard passss

Unbox Gamer says:

yay 4k porn xd

Wapaaam says:

We have the 55inch version 😀

chris s says:

U look like brad pitt

ملوك الترجمة says:

You call that thin?

John Biship says:

too expensive

Shadow Blade says:

Y u no have hb sli huh?

jordan71323 says:

That looks a lil small for a 65 inch

Byzantine1381 says:

This is good to make home cinema , but for gaming some 32 inch ASUS anti-glare monitor is the best solution.

Danial khan says:

So Dimetry yours is 65″?

attixey says:

what racing game was that

Lakshman Karunaakar says:

I game in a 65 inch 4k built-in home theatre speaker. And a funny thing was I used a ps4 on it . But still getting a Xbox one x

Kileman says:

Kerbal space program

Joe1up says:

*Cries in 768p

Dowell Boys says:

Lol, s*xty-five inches…

PlayinWithGhosts says:

I game on a 65” Samsung KS9000. Have zero issues with input lag for both PC and console gaming. 1440p is what prefer, but just wanted to chime in. Tons of false flag bullshit comments about input lag on this vid. Some of us don’t want to sit in a computer chair as we age…

Mohamed Ali says:

Is it me or this guy looks exactly like Chris pratt ?!!

Michael Jones says:

this is just an advertisement you shill

Marko420 says:


Nubyrc says:

Wow as if anyone who has a big screen TV has not games on it duh

Abeda Akther says:

I have a Panasonic 65 inches late tv 4k hd 3d glasses

Tada_ says:

Input lag on TV kills

mohammad Faisal says:

If i but this one then i will have to shoot my own videos to support it…waste

Lex Luthor says:

Wtf ? Get an actual console

plmoknty says:

There’s no other TV better than Samsung

EssCee96 says:

Where.. where have I heard this music that plays in the intro?

Gucci 16 says:

I have same tv

Mike B says:

Sennheiser HD800’s FTW.

Diego Cobain says:

Cool stuff bro. I’m happy with my 55″ 4K HDR tv 🙂

gautam dev says:

you lool like iron fist

isra mintTM says:

i got the same TV bro

derp derpeness says:


Daddski 1 says:

I dont use a curved tv but do game on a 4k 65 inch vizio and its awesome. using a stryx 1080 in the living room and love it. THere are no stutters and the resolution is great. I couldn’t care less about fps but its always smooth and clear. gameplay is amazing. If you think you need a 600 dollar to 1500 dollar monitor to game well you’re missing out on something great. try it… you’ll never go back to that small monitor unless your just an fps nut that thinks you need 300 fps to have clarity when 60 fps is all your eyes need in fact 30 fps is what your eyes actually see. The rest is just for ego lol. And no I’m not a nubie I’ve been building systems since the 80’s how ’bout you? If you never had or used an IBM P.C. Junior with cartridge drive or a Commodore 64 with tape drive and daisy wheel printing you might be a newbie. If you’ve never used DOS 1.0 lol you might be a newbie and if you’ve never spent a week writing code on a Commodore just to get a stick man bouncing a basketball across you’re screen you might be a newbie lol… yes I’ve don’t all in the 80’s when a80286 was awesome advancement in technology and your system loaded in under 10 minutes. If you’re first 3d game wasn’t Wolfenstein and then duke 3d you are definitely a nubie…… lol
fyi a movie at the theatre on film runs at 30 fps… why? cuz thats what eyes see lol….

gibant1 says:

A month after buying a 34″ Ultrawide monitor (that I loved), I hooked up my 65″ TV. I’ve not used the Ultrawide since and that was a year ago. 4k Gaming is awesome.

Manlimbu Limbu says:

Shooter games look shit on above 32inch TV.. And above 24 inch monitor..

Bidwellz9 says:

still cant marvel over a tv after being into projectors…led in fact …i dont deal with bulbs anymore…tvs are a better small form option but the loss in brightness if worth it when im watching at 90 inches

Min Yoongi Is A Savage says:

I’m getting a Samsung 65’ 2018 4K tv with a surround sound system today. I think I’m gonna cry! I’m only 19! I feel like I’ve achieved something. :,)

Bengie g says:

Hey, now that I realize it. You look like Chris Pratt.

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