Gaming on the Samsung 55JS9000 4k Curved SUHDTV [4K]

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Darth Magnusei says:

I know nothing about curved tv’s what is the purpose of the screen being curved?

Tinashe Gumbe says:

That TV set is in dire need of a Tizen OS firmware/software update mate am surprised it didn’t crash

Andres says:

I finally bought this js9000 tv, the 55″ one with a HW-j6000 soundbar and they are amazing! The colors are amazing in PC mode with the 4:4:4 chroma, the gaming mode just brilliant for an amazing input lag while playing, and the PS4 looks great too. I was doubting but it’s incredible!

bung holeo says:

It’s like a generic version of GTA

Sayan Chakraborty says:

How is the quality different from a normal fhd tv as It is playing at the same resolution is it same or diff

Doug DeRobertis says:

looks like PS2 to me

william robertson says:

what size is this???

Guernicaman says:

Do you have an Xbox One S which upscales to 4K & has HDR? Have you played any of these high-textured titles & have you noticed a significant difference?

scorlin gonzalez says:

will i notice 37ms input lag from a playstation 4 in the js8500model ??? or should i settle fro this model what would be ur opinion bro ?

Atharva Pc Tech says:

whats that background music name at the start?

Loop Hole says:

From that difference it would have looked just as great at 1080p. Don’t believe the hype. The screen size is far too small to appreciate 4k. You need 80 inches at least. Most peasants don’t have the space in their homes for the larger sets and get pulled into the hype that they can experience 4k on smaller models from a comfortable viewing distance. The companies sell their sets and the customers feel Good even though they’ve been sold water and told its wine. Placebo effect is a wonderful thing.

ucil kirkov says:

i only have 21 inch tv box 🙁

Eric Hovermale says:

whats the refresh rate at 3840×2160? 30hz or 60hz?

prodezignz says:

At about 11:56 it looks like it got jumpy? My UN55JS8500 gets all jumpy its annoying!

aya a says:

Hi I have the same tv but on the left side of the tv I can see like a minor colour discolouration like a back light, but it’s very small. Can I ask if your tv is like that too? Thanks

Kanack Mussin says:

batmaaaann dümdümdümdümdüm BATMANNN dümdümdümdü m

bdp fucc up says:

Holy shit this guys black man ! How ironic

Wopa says:

what brings a 4k TV with a Playstation 4? do you ever tried a pc game in 4k on this TV??


looks like utter shit

i understand the response time is 55ms in PC mode, any way to reduce it?

Prashes B says:

I was going to buy a curved tv but i didn’t like the design of it

Nadson Oliveira says:

Are you using xbox one or PC?

name less says:


Stab Dab says:

You black

Ryan Thomas says:

So your doing a review on a 4k tv using a device that can only display 1080p?? under a min into your video its already painfully obvious you have no real idea what 4k truly is, otherwise you would not have made this video using a ps4. Thus rendering the entire review useless and for that reason I Thumbs down

Manny EVS says:

Love the look on the ps4games

¡ℂεⒷℛɐ@Κєℝ says:

which game ?


Can anyone suggest a a good tv for gaming on ps4 for about 500 hundred pounds please?

deus é maior deus says:

ps4 pro !?

james dodenc says:

ps4 max resolution is 1080p, so it makes absolutely no difference playing batman 1080p, or uncharted 3, 720p on a full HD 1080p tv. this tv shines most when its playing 4k obviously, and when it does it looks awesome.

AdoreYouInAshXI says:

I have a JS9000 and I can’t seem to get the black levels right. I’m playing on game mode with pretty much the exact same settings as you. A lot of the dark scenes look washed out and greyish. Thinking of returning this TV.

James Jiao says:

This has just convinced me that I should stick with my 1080p HD TV… :). Will probably get a better soundbar instead..

abhishek yadav says:

4k my ass its just 20-30 fps. unplayable

Mr.Gamer says:

What games can iplay with my JU6600

sugarmaker67 says:

OMG, it’s Hillary Clinton

Music says:

buys a 4k tv plays ps4

MrTimziito says:

All i see is Blurry smered pictures..

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