Flat vs. curved TVs: what’s the difference? | Crutchfield video

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Today’s 4K Ultra HD TVs come in traditional flat panels, and also in gently curved varieties. A lot has been written about which one is better, but we decided to set up a simple test to determine what is the real-world difference between the two styles.

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Costin-Mihai Musca says:

2016 and curved displays are still live and kicking… Yeah… marketing wins over common sense…

Drunken Punk 800 says:

I still find it kind of ridiculous that curved tv’s are a thing. Back in 2003, I got a flat screen CRT because I was sick to death of curved screens. Why would anyone want to go back to curved screens? I’d rather have perfect geometry.

RMC says:

maybe for a monitor, curve is good…but for tv? i prefer flat

Yashraj Singh says:

For Family Movie…Curved Or Flat???

Ronnie Emerson says:

I’ll wait til the ultra hds get alot lower looking to go 80inch this time.

Dave B. says:

Someone please tell Jordan, it’s “Oh-Poh”, not “Ah-Poh”, according to the Chinese who make it.

Dan L says:

I think I still strongly prefer flat monitor over curved display because curved display may deliver geometric distortion which really bothers me a lot, although I was about to get curved monitor. So I might as well wait until vendors make either 180Hz or 200Hz IPS panel (flat display).

jwathas says:

DON’T BUY CURVED!!!! Also, DON’T BUY SAMSUNG! Let me share my horror story:

My husband and I purchased a 65″ Samsung 4K curved smart TV just 3 months ago. Three weeks ago, while we were sitting in our living room one evening watching the news, the screen suddenly started to fade and then went totally out. We tried to get the TV to come back on, but the screen just kept repeatedly flashing and what appeared to be a crack going vertically up the screen would come up on the far left side of the TV. This appeared only when the screen would briefly flash and you do not see it when the TV is off. This is clearly something internal and behind the screen. There are NO physical cracks anywhere on the screen and nothing has physically happened to this TV to cause this; yet, even though we have the 1-year parts & labor warranty, Samsung accuses us of physically damaging our TV, which is a huge load of BS. We were simply watching the TV when this happened. This TV has never been hit, dropped, moved, or even touched since the day we brought it home in September, just 3 months ago. We have literally been fighting tooth and nail with Samsung’s executive office for the past 3 weeks, yet they refuse to do anything and continue to accuse us of causing physical damage to this TV, even though we have sent them several photos of the TV showing that the screen is in absolutely perfect condition with NO physical damage. We are now out $1500. We have reported them to our state’s Attorney General Consumer Protection Division, who has now sent Samsung a certified letter informing them that they have 10 days to work this out directly with us and make good on their warranty. We will NEVER buy another Samsung product EVER again, and we will never buy a curved TV ever again either!

Our new TV is being delivered tomorrow. This time, we went with a 65″ LG 4K smart TV, but we did NOT go with the curved this time. Lesson learned the hard way.

Navin kumar says:

Its definitely not a gimmick,2-3 persons sit direct infront of curved tv makes pleasing to eyes

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