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Had the chance to check out the latest LG OLED for 2017. The 55-inch C7 is one of the first to feature Dolby Vision with active HDR and Dolby Atmos Audio. 4K content is becoming more readily available and many titles on Netflix, Amazon and Vudu are supporting Dolby vision.

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Peter Clegg says:

Why does the snow look blue ?

Bill Forde says:

Here’s what I don’t get about these A/B / On/Off HDR demos. If I’m watching this on my shitty 10 year old bargain bin monitor, HOW THE FUCK AM I SEEING THE DIFFERENCE. It’s obvious they’re bullshitting us to a certain degree.

defender of the good says:

Man fuck you that tv is over a g lol

Brick Missing says:

Like the way he has to turn the studio lights way down so we can hardly see his face cos the TV is so f-ing dim.

Darkcloud1983 says:

OK I get it HDR not just Dolby gives great content. But let’s be real for a min what tv I’m 2017 has flat ass colors like that. Put a real no HDR clip on with the HDR version next to it. There’s a difference but is not overly dramatically different

Fire Works says:

The cable box you mention is one thing, but whats crazy is when they use SD netflix instead of UHD netflix.

wizairadi says:

Dont suck a dick Lew, those lg tv having screen burn after a year of use

Robban L says:

But… it has bezels?! So unnecessary!

Michael S says:

Yeah… unsubbed.

zToggled says:

*knock knock* keeps knocking on screen just for the hell of it

murtadh tech says:

Video ??? I can’t find it !!!

Chris B says:

I’m buying the lg oled 4k tv (cheapest model) to replace my cheap sony 4k hdr model

Doug Hanson says:

This TV is amazing. But if you use it for gaming (huds/scores/action bars) or watch sports/news alot that has static images this tv WILL burn in. It is almost a lock. If you watch casually, you will be fine…but if you are a heavy user be warned. Do your research before you invest.

Jonathan Antonio says:

Watching this on my oled v30 screen lol.

m03Th says:

the dolby vision on this TV is a complete BS and horrible! or it’s netflix mistake!

Delureanu Sorin Manuel says:

I have a oleg tc cand find the app in lg store ?

Jacob Gambrel says:

Sigh….. you can’t get atmos out of the tv speakers….. you must have a sound bar or sound system to is also atmos. Face palm….

Richard Vacanti says:

Sure I have an extra $2500 to spend on a TV believe me I think it’s a beautiful TV and if I could afford it I would buy one but I can’t I settled for the TCL Roku TV

Ruby iscute says:

I am impressed! That TV looks amazing on my TV! It looks like I don’t need a new TV, just gotta change what I am watching LMAO

Lone Wolf says:

Great, so if I buy this I can get rid of my amp, DAC and speakers because it’s just as good?

Tyler Aronne says:

This video makes me so glad I haven’t splurged on an OLED yet. It is way too dark and I generally keep my monitor and TV darker than most people, but this TV is just too dark.

P&J Farming says:

I can honestly say: OLED sucks !! Compared to my Samsung 55JS8000 from 2016, the Philips and LG’s for around 2.000 euro can’t even compete ! The picture-noise is so high on OLEDs ! The closer you some to the screen, the worser it gets !
I tried a 4K video on youtube on the Philips and on my Samsung from 2016 … No contest! Samsung wins !!
Ok, you have the blacks and better colors when viewing from an angle, but I don’t know about you, but I always sit in front of my tv and nog at the side
So please don’t waste your money on OLED ! Compare in the store WITH the same videoclip on a USB stick and set the TVs to Movie

Caden Humphrey says:

One downside is that this tv has a very heavy burn in, which is pretty annoying

Abel Ordaz says:

Bullshit aside, LG electronics are the best. LG forever.

Suyog Katariya says:

Will you please make a review for xiaomi mi TV 4?

UnCompress says:

this video is one big ad! HDR on an oled is a big joke, missing the peaks brights. The panel also is signature oled blue.

Davi Solorzano says:

I’m interested in tv box, have you ever done a video about that?

drjd2real says:

This tv looks dark as hell!

Rameez Saleem says:

A fucking click bate ad, nothing about tv tech or anything remotely useful. This was a freaking shill video for oled and dolby vision. Let me save every one some time the guy watches dolby vision mastered clips and tries to fake being impressed to get the money from lg and Dolby

Amigps01 says:

C7 isn’t even the best model….

Yash Shetye says:

this whole video made me realize how poor I am lol. I’m happy with my Sony 43 FHD

darkspd31 says:

BURN IN!!!!!!!!

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