Do You Need a Curved TV or Is It Just a Gimmick?

June 26 (Bloomberg) — With the World Cup in full swing, you surely want to watch the games on the biggest TVs with the highest definition. Companies like Sony and Samsung are trying to push a new feature: “the curve.” Businessweek’s Sam Grobart tested one out to see if the curve was worth the hype. Video by: Dan Przygoda, David Yim.(Source: Bloomberg)

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Eric Maesschalck says:

Thanks for your video !!!

Michael Sebastian says:

Nice short video and to the point. No long dragged out explanation. He went right to the point. C’mon, he was just munching a bit.

My Reviews says:

This is video is about a man showing people how fat ass and diabetic he is.

T1000AX says:

the curve may die off but 4k certainly looks great

james withers says:

he has a terrible diet..

Dave B. says:

Unfortunately, old videos can’t be updated…

Anna Höglund says:

Curve is a real benefit but it needs to be a big screen and a big curve, but a small curve will have a small effect.

David Griffin says:

This man’s constant stuffing his face make me want to puke.

ReviewTechAfrica says:

reported for being a kike!!!

Spitzer Hope says:

omg wht a waste of food

Jack S says:

The music at the start sounds like it’s from spongebob

richard casaus says:

just bought a 65″ samsung uhd curve.and,”its the fucking bomb”!!! the picture quality is LITERALLY better than reality!..

Sam Adams says:

I need a curve TV! I need a curve TV!

SuperCornjulio says:

Bro please feature the latest heart by pass next time…..

Brasco says:

watching this video made me gain weight..

Ferrariassassin Gaming says:

4k is mainky good for PC gamers like myself who has a beast of a rig to run games at native 4k with good fps and max settings. Console, even the Pro and Scorpio, are to weak and outdated to run games fully maxed at 4k. Sure the SCORPIO can play at 4k but the games graphical settings are tur ed down so much to give fps gain due to loosing fps from resolution.

Steven Stifler says:

this fat fuck keeps eating like a fat fuck.

Samson Okoro says:

For sure curved displays are a total gimmick but 4k isn’t at all, the only problem is not enough content as you rightly pointed out. With time there will be more 4k content available so its just future proof nothing more. Oled tvs r to me total rubbish and even spoils the aesthetics of the tv, would never recommend it to any one.

urterrmuriel says:

is … he trying to be funny?

aleX NG says:

Why do you keep showing food on a tv video..

210dboi says:

This guy reminds me of Adams ruins everything

Tara Husband says:


Supermotox says:

I just got sick. you are one horrible human

Marius Merchiers says:

Damn, what are you eating?

GetALittleJacko says:

Twice as many pixels?, Mate come on… 4k native is 3840 x 2160 (~8.2mil pixels) and 1080p is 1920 x 1080 (~2.1mil pixels), thats 2x the pixel count horizontally and vertically, which means that for every pixel on a Full HD panel, there are 4 on a 4k panel. 4 TIMES AS MANY PIXELS! 4 TIMES THE PIXEL DENSITY AND TWICE THE RESOLUTION!

Geoffrey Noonan says:

the most negative review of all time……even slating the 4k ultra HD definition ha

Ryan Paddock says:

Wanted to watch, but slightly grossed out so had to stop.

The Batman says:

This didn’t really explain what a curved tv does…

jwathas says:

DON’T BUY CURVED!!!! Also, DON’T BUY SAMSUNG! Let me share my horror story:

My husband and I purchased a 65″ Samsung 4K curved smart TV just 3 months ago. Three weeks ago, while we were sitting in our living room one evening watching the news, the screen suddenly started to fade and then went totally out. We tried to get the TV to come back on, but the screen just kept repeatedly flashing and what appeared to be a crack going vertically up the screen would come up on the far left side of the TV. This appeared only when the screen would briefly flash and you do not see it when the TV is off. This is clearly something internal and behind the screen. There are NO physical cracks anywhere on the screen and nothing has physically happened to this TV to cause this; yet, even though we have the 1-year parts & labor warranty, Samsung accuses us of physically damaging our TV, which is a huge load of BS. We were simply watching the TV when this happened. This TV has never been hit, dropped, moved, or even touched since the day we brought it home in September, just 3 months ago. We have literally been fighting tooth and nail with Samsung’s executive office for the past 3 weeks, yet they refuse to do anything and continue to accuse us of causing physical damage to this TV, even though we have sent them several photos of the TV showing that the screen is in absolutely perfect condition with NO physical damage. We are now out $1500. We have reported them to our state’s Attorney General Consumer Protection Division, who has now sent Samsung a certified letter informing them that they have 10 days to work this out directly with us and make good on their warranty. We will NEVER buy another Samsung product EVER again, and we will never buy a curved TV ever again either!

Our new TV is being delivered tomorrow. This time, we went with a 65″ LG 4K smart TV, but we did NOT go with the curved this time. Lesson learned the hard way.

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