Curved vs Flat Monitors ft Samsung S34E790C + LG 34UM95

We spent a week with a curved, ultrawide monitor from Samsung, and put it up against a flat ultrawide from LG. Do the benefits justify the higher price?

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Episode Credits:
Host: Linus Sebastian
Writer: Anthony Chow
Editor: Kalvin Shum


Gabriel Amodeo says:

I need a monitor to play some games back on my bed (3 or 4 meters away) or should I buy a TV? I am worried of the delay it could have. Any help is appreciated

PapaBagMan says:

lol and now we have 4k curved freesync 144hz

anarchisttomato says:

Curved displays (particularly on televisions) are a pointless gimmick and they really hurt my eyes. Less cinematic and harder to look at? Count me in! 3D televisions didn’t sell, so now they need a new gimmick to try and sell us. End of.

TTStyle says:

How many channels does this guy have?

Bork The Swedish Chef says:

wow.. the quality comparing this to linus tech tips is huge.. linus tech tips is more profesionaly edited and the mic is better and no echo.. this is just shit^^ sorry

Ace Spades says:

Curved monitors are gimmicks.The curve is nothing that a new marketing strategy brainwash.Distance size and curve angle is bs excuses for selling the useless.

Antotha Gaming says:

Great Futurama quote lol I use 3 X34 Ultrawide Curved G-sync Predator Acer 34″ Monitors and love them! Looking forward to a review on these if you havent.

Keep up the great work!

Dustin Gray says:

Triple ultrawide curved with another on top would be nice

LockTest says:

Good video but I hate your t-shirt.

Andy says:

In his pa-

Twisted Pixel says:

I like the curved displays as long as they’re not 9000 times wider than they are tall. When they are disproportionately wide it makes me feel like the field of view is chopped off vertically.

CypressPlays says:

3:43 screen tear

Milpool says:

You kind of lose credibility with that Bazinga shirt.

Digital Ash TCG says:

Hey Linus, I remember seeing some videos where you ran tests on a computer or monitor to see things like color coverage, and websites that gave your computer a performance score. What are some of those tests you typically run? Anyone know? Please enlighten me 😀

Dizzy Viper says:

3:06 please do a whole video with this voice 😀

Clive Watson says:

thats Samsung wobbles wayyyy too much

Fadly Wira Bakti says:

which better beetween SAMSUNG 24″ C24F390 CURVED LED WIDE SCREEN vs LG 25″ LED 25UM58-P IPS Panel for daily gaming and watching movies? LG has split mode, and SAMSUNG has curved screen. please, give me the best choice

Cameron Schiff says:

How come the LG display looks so much richer? I thought VA panels were supposed to have superior contrast ratios in exchange for viewing angles

Bunsen says:

3:26 trihard

Josh Mckee says:

thunderbolt port ?I’m sold

PhilipB says:

When he said “Actually VA panels are still cool”, he went extra squeaky and only dogs could hear him hahah. All jokes aside, I am a big fan and it was truly an informational video 🙂

Ḿƴĸḭe Ḿedĵōøḻ says:

I need that Samsung monitor , the base matches my TV too

L-Plate Dave says:

Not enough content and regardless of productivity BAD for photo editing. BUT – I still want one … I might mount it above me existing one and build a beast to run them both.

Rick says:

Lol apple is Samsung biggest competitor in the phone market so it’s a lot of sense they would shun apple users

C L says:

I enjoy editing photos, watching it on a crisp high res screen. Im using Apple MBP at the moment. However, I’m thinking of getting a PC desktop. At the same time I thoroughly enjoy gaming since I quit drinking, hehe. So…. What would be a good choice for a wide curved monitor offering good  image quality and gaming experience. Does that monitor exist?

Jeff Bell says:

get to the point…(Curved vs Flat Monitors ) dislike

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