Curved TVs: Explained!

Are curved TVs legit?

55″ Samsung HU9000:

Curved Display Smartphones: Explained!

Curved TV info from Samsung:

Video Gear I use:

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jeremy slats says:

I saw one at best buy for 400 decent size like 32 inch. Idk looked interesting

Christopher Maize says:

I swear I’m trying to read some useful comments to see if I should get one or not and all I’m seeing is a bunch of bullshit jesus christ!

Peter Peter says:

It’s a marketing gimmick

Línik M. Oliveira says:

i came here because i’ill buy a new tv and id like to know the opnion of MKBHD, and, i noticed that the smartphones back in 2014 was going to be curved but doesnt reach the trend, and know we have the endless displays, and back them i buyed one 3D TV and as the smartphone, it didnt reached to far. The point is, ill buy a flat TV and save a few money, its more like a show off than it is cool.

RPS Gaming says:

i got a better way to view 3D on anything,get drunk and try to watch tv or ur phone,thank me later

David Castaneda says:

50 inch ,55 too small.
65″ 75″ the best I’ll just stick to a normal flat screen TV 67 or 70 is what I’ll buy. .now let’s see if they come up with curved sunglasses. .Lol

Aditya Sharma says:

If the viewing distance is some 10-12 feets, does is makes any sense buying a 40″ curved screen or should I go with the flat?

2K8Si says:

I’d rather not have pincushion distortion built into the hardware…. Fuck off please.

Gand-Alf says:

dem pointy shoulders

Ghullam murtaza says:

how can i connect extra speakers without optical canle ?

Oscar Ruiz am nah says:

Was going to get a curved TV the other day. Then I saw this video and decided not to. Not only do they cost more but also to get the the 4k resolution You have to pay extra on every TV service that you have. That’s BULL SHIT man!!!!

Wonder Bread says:

boy yo hairline curved

HONDA cbr says:

i love my 1960s crt tv

SniperReapah1 says:

Yes they are, my gf has one and it is really immersed, especially with the soundbar you get taken away from what’s going on around you

あぶない says:

Hahaha mudżyn ale jaja mudżyn!

John Sharp says:

I just bought a 65″ 4k UHD curved Samsung. and all I can say is mind blown!!!! absolutely love it!

Luke Purchon says:

@simsforever2000 how are you finding your curved TV going is it worth it have you had any faults?

Mark Paez says:

I love mine, the curve just works for me, incredible idea. have samsung 8500 series opted out of the qled ones. they look stunning as well

Clorox bleach says:

Should buy a curved 163 centimetres 4K TV vs a normal 176 cm 4K TV

Theory says:

Your facts are entirely wrong. where do you get your information from? 55 inch to see 4k you would need to be viewing under 5 feet. You don’t even touch on why the TV is really curved.

DuDe1040 says:

gimmick to trick stupid people into paying more….

R MCK says:

I always enjoy your videos. I went to the tv store yesterday and looked at curved tv’s. It’s true what you say that a curved tv looks bigger than a flat one of the same size when viewed close up. I looked at two the same size next to each other.

lirockhoodnut says:

is it 4k

William Taylor says:

as big as possible, I want 80 inch, curved is amoled, make it $500 80 in

Ange Alexiel says:

i love curved TV , i think you explained it perfectly, you have better immersion near the middle and if usually u sit close to the TV . i do not really agree for 3D, i have a flat active 3D samsung from last year and the C6 OLED curved with passive 3D, i can see the differences , 3D is better on the latest OLED LG display , i dunno if it has something to do with the curve ..

grace putu says:

all you want is to still our money by inventing new and expensive things anytime

Pontus says:

i bought a flat tv. it looks better. vurved tvs look stupid imo


My parents just got a new TV but they didn’t get a curved tv. 🙁 Not that I live with them but it would have been cool to watch when I visit. I think they’re cool.

DeadlyVenomKing says:

Curved Cock:
1. easy to stimulate a g-spot
2. highly in demand

Matt Thompson says:

once’s just a gimmick like the 3d tvs…just get a regular flat panel and you’ll be fine..never seen the point for all these gimmicks.

TopSecretVid says:

Was thinking about getting a 55″ curved Samsung…prices are not so high these days less than $ is a 55″ with same tech specs that much cheaper? Not hanging it on a wall so that is a non issue for me.

Noah Abecassis says:

just got a curved tv and everything I watch feels like I’m on the imax

TriksterHD says:

So basically as long as you are directly infront of the TV and not at an angle and less than 13ft away from it then curved is better than flat?

Eric Mezenberg says:

I think that they are great and all but I don’t think you need to upgrade your tv if it is flat for a curved one, but next time you upgrade I recommend getting curved

Keksimus Maximus says:

I saw an 80″ LG curved TV at Mediamarkt and man, 28,000€ for a TV!

DarthAmerind says:

waiting for mine to be delivered 4k curved Samsung

Mikazita says:


mlogaN writeS says:

After I tried my first 48″ samsung curved tv I’m definitely not going back to flat, the experience is way much enjoyable.

Dipto509 says:

And here am I at 2017 hearing about 8k 110″ TV’s

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