Are Curved Monitors Worth It?

Does the curve in a ultrawide monitor or a big TV actually help? Or should you stick to flat displays? Here’s some simple math to calculate the actual benefit of a curved display in real life scenarios.

In summary curved screens are a “nice to have” but not worth a big premium of it’s flat screen counterpart. It’s almost always better just to spend that premium on a larger screen for a better experience.

The setup in my video is using the following:
Dell U3415W (3800R)
Acer B276HUL (flat)
VIVO Extra Tall Monitor Arm V001T
VIVO Monitor Arm V001E

Download my excel sheet calcuations:!UEBUzSoT!BQN_9BTUqxytPezaD9hFjyyZyTEWe_PjP3vrSAJ97WY


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coscorrodrift says:

lmao i just scienced the fuck out

Stefan Il says:

Really good revirew ! It help me out to choose! Thank you!

Emmanuel Torres says:

Man. Very well explained. Thanks

Amis Imal says:

A very good test and well explained.

Tijn de Heer says:

what for keyboard do you use?

WholeGrainGoldfish says:

When sitting right in front of a curved monitor, can you actually “see” the curve at all? I’m thinking about getting a 24 inch curved monitor, but if I could see the curve at all – even a little, it would drive me crazy

Rafael Ananias says:

So does the slight curve actually help alleviate some of the inherent glow found on modern/cheap IPS panels? Particularly those visible on the borders making it more white around the edges of the screen.

Soda_84 says:

may be for watching movies or gaming but for illustrator, phtoshop , maya , 3dsmax etc etc they suck ass

Gameaholic says:

Dislike, I bent my flat computer and it snapped in half.

Doug Cannon says:

Now imagine a curved imax theater.

Xerxes says:

Meh… Human eye can’t see beyond 4:3 ratio anyways.

TheQuozl says:

David what mount did you use to get both monitors setup like that? I am looking at a similar setup with the 34 below and a 27 above and angled down like that. Do Ergotron make one that will handle the weight of both monitors?

mistervanderveer says:

I too, sit *rougly* 800 millimeters away from my monitor.

Captain Spook says:

damn if i knew curved were actually better i would have never thrown away my old CRT monitor

Jordi Martínez says:

David: What do you think about reading a lot in a curved monitor: is it a better experience than in a flat monitor? Eye strain, focus, effectiveness etc. Thanks

Dhanush Kumar says:

Ur posture is great. Mind dropping a chair selection tutorial ? ☺️

Crecross Official says:

I sit about 830 mm away from the display…..DUDE IT’S EASY SIT DOWN, LOOK AT THE MONITOR, WORK/PLAY GAMES. REALLY?

Claire PRG says:

Curves are sexy 🙂 great vid!

daf says:

this sounds like total nonsense. your high definition vision is in the very center of your eye (the fovea), it only covers a few degrees of your field of view. as you read this, the rest of the screen is blurry, but you probably didn’t really notice that did you? so why would you care if that blurry portion of the monitor is perpendicular towards you?!? curved screens are a gimmick.

Sean Carter says:

Photos arent curved so I dont want to edit photos on a curved display. Is that a wrong way of thinking?

Shawn says:

I really appreciate the extra time and effort you put into your videos David!

Austin M says:

he brought out the excel calculations. my man!

Gamingtherightway says:

I like your editing

G Yogaraja says:

Very good scientific analysis of curved displays. Thanks mate.

Deepanshu Lulla says:

I just liked it for how much the guy put in the effort to calculate all this.

2amProFilms says:

Using MM as a measurement, must be to used to measuring something else in MM.

Fro2 says:

Very informative thank you. And it has sold me on the Samsung Electronics UN55MU6500. For what ever reason it is cheaper then the Sony and Vizio 55″ that I was looking at right now on Amazon. Since there is no premium to be paid at the moment I think I will jump on it.

Nathan Maia says:

Well, I guess It’s great if its only you looking to the screen at an ideal position. It’s not always the case, though.

The Moose Network says:

Phenomenal content! Super informative man keep it up!

BlaZe GD says:

God damn this vids good! 🙂

Anon ymous says:

Big curve screen is perfect for sim racing.

Tha14GR says:

I tried a curved display by dell(26 inch) when they first came out and was impressed with it as I was using it at work. Lately I’ve been gaming on it and I can say that it’s a whole new experience, way more satisfied than with a flat monitor.

roman s says:

Which one is better for gaming?

Radius says:


Jose Torres says:

Nice video, I just got myself a curved monitor and I’m loving it for gaming

charles tube says:

Maths genius m8

The Man says:

Got my answers

BlueMoon says:

Great video. We need more people like you.

Yung Cash Register says:

Id rather have it curved then 3 flat monitors which are fucking worthless in my opinion.

Kimheng Srun says:

Does curved monitor show right linework of CAD programs ( autocad, sketchup )?
Does the circle or rectangle look the natural? Thank you for answer 🙂

Jv Productions says:

I have the 27inch curved Samsung monitor and I have to say that when I went back to using a flat monitor (27inch AOC) I quickly moved back to the curve, it’s not a gimmick it’s a necessity.

Michael van Staveren says:

Its like he is the little brother of Dave2D 🙂

TheMetusalem says:

This channel is gold. You change your setup like other people pants. It would be great if you could do a video about curve vs flat: productivity and distortion of lines and graphics if you use a curved one or washed out edges if you use a flat one.

Артур Лебедев says:

Please make videos on russian language!

PoorGamers says:

how does your 34 inch monitor fit on that stand if igt says up to 27? i want to get an lg 32 inch monitor but i cant find a stand!

sermerlin1 says:

Using curved monitor 1800R 24 inch… And it’s amazing. I love it. I wouldn’t go back to normal flat screen at all after this.

nitrowad says:

Marketing hype is too pumped up – curved displays that cost a lot of $, and you can get a 4k or dual 4k monitors that beat the sh1t out of them in terms of image quality. The monitor can look pretty, but I prefer image quality over it looking fancy… I got myself 5k iMac 2 years ago, and whenever I try a curved display all I see is jagged edges from fking low resolution cheap panels… Before buying a monitor I suggest you calculate it’s PPI – around 200 is nice, 150 you start to notice pixels, and 120 (god forbid 100 or lower) is sh1t…

Andy Gait says:

Great video. Loads of information. Thank you.

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