Advantages of Curved TV Screens & OLED TV Technology

Better-than-ever curved OLED TV technology is here! Home electronics specialist Bob Lawton can help you select the best television for enjoying a cinema-like experience from the comfort of home.

Check out more OLED curved screenTV features from the pros at LG:

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This video explains what the advantages of a curved TV screen with OLED technology are.


Elena Faenza says:

Oled worth every penny.

Ron maest says:

Didn’t talk at all about why curved tvs are better than flat…

Ravenclaw Rose says:

I just got a curved TV today…

DarthHater100 says:

This is really funny, bc the old tube TVs curved outwards, so then the next big thing was a tube TV that had a flat screen. Then the next big thing was a flat panel, which started out a little thicker. Then the next big thing was a super-thin flat panel that got as close to the wall as possible. Now the new big thing is a TV that curves away from the wall and have a curve the other way. Now that we have seen widescreen TVs and Ultrawide TVs, the next big thing will be will a 3:4 aspect ratio and tallscreen TVs. . .

Same thing with cellphones. . . started out huge, then the big thing was to have the smallest phone, then we got smart phones and getting the biggest phone became the thing. . . such is the electronics world. . .

jorgecosileon says:


GoNuts! says:

Short and sweet.

I was skeptical until I watched a few up close (but yes, you have to be right in front of it). Now I want a curved OLED 4K… to which I’m going to attach Lightberry. Yay…

Zone07 says:

Curved TVs do very little like 4K TVs; specially when your’re 8ft away (average for 60″ TV) from the screen. Manufactures are trying to get us to update our TVs but the truth is that nothing innovative has come up that merits replacing a 1080P TV. They need to focus on bringing down the cost of see through screen technology; that’ll get us to renew our TVs. 

cruh says:

advantages of curved TV? we get more money…

Rodrigo Orellano says:

I think OLED is awesome but curved.. Only people who are in front and on expecific distance of the TV can really enjoy it, I prefer to see curved monitor, especially for gaming and 21:9 aspect ratio

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