Unboxing & Review – Samsung 9500 series 65-inch Curved 4K SUHD TV (KS9500) is amazing. Watch my Samsung SUHD 4K TV Unboxing / Review to find out why Quantum Dot displays are epic. Samsung’s SUHD 4K TV is epic tech and the 65-inch (KS9500) is a winner! ▶Get it: http://mcmx.in/1ZyOclj

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This video was sponsored by Samsung, but all opinions are always my own! 🙂


WashingMachine CHANNEL says:


GamingForDays RAW says:

I got a 55″ version of this TV

Meme The Cat says:

when you realize this tv is $5K…

slamd_ss says:

I just purchased this thing today, I was going to go with the 7500 but didn’t want to be left behind in technology next year, so I threw out another $1K and got this, I must say this picture is unbelievable, even though Netflix had some UHD 4k movies there still isn’t anything yet in SUHD, which is nice to be ahead of the technology, and upgrading my PS4 to the Pro, can’t wait to see the 4k gaming.

LuneTech says:

how are the black levels? are they deep? I hate backlight bleed

Screamer Speed says:

I went to a Samsung store and side by side compared the flat 9000 and the curve 9500 and I must say I liked the Flat so I bought the flat but it’s exactly the same TV the only difference they call the curve KS9500 and it’s flat the KS9000. When I turned this thing on, holly smokes, and if I borrow Trump’s phrases for a moment, he would say ” We gonna make TV’s like Samsung it’s unbelievable folks.” The picture quality is amazing, the blacks of this TV gave me chills and a pause AND I thought I was watching OLED that’s how close this TV is to OLED folks

Payam Alikhani says:

why its like a mirror?????

H Pol says:

The manufacturers has acknowledged that curved tv’s are a gimmick, it has no function at all. It just distorts the picture.

Dorupero says:

Wooow. So cheap.

iamarealperson says:

What response time? Could I use it for gaming

Christiaan says:

Is it better then the latest lg tv you reviewed? +Dom Esposito

Josh Zombies says:

what desk is that

guillermo luna says:

I got for black Friday one of the best decision I made…. you you got the money to buy this beautiful work of art samsung made….. go for it don’t over think it jst make it happen you won’t regret it

Robert Sanchez says:

I want one lol

Brandon Mays says:

i just bought 2 of these

viktor paris says:

latency ?

Make 1 says:


GameSir World says:


Binary Choices says:

tech pron at its finest

Daniel Zuniga says:

i just purchased this model tv and i think the curve is over rated, i been using it for 3 days now and i don’t see the major difference from my old Panasonic plasma 50″. if i would suggest to anyone it would be to get the flat screen.

Bader Al sada says:

it has one of the best design out their

allan benthien says:

good for one person only  tv

R MCK says:

I enjoyed your video. I’m thinking of getting one soon.

Laurent de backer says:

Really liked the video, it’s a beautiful display, no doubt! 🙂 Still don’t know which to buy, this one or a 65″ oled from LG…

shivam kwatra says:

in three year they will be selling this for 499 at best buy during black friday

Andrei F says:

nice intro love u dom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spawn and Batman says:

how did you get this tv to shit in a wooden crate? does the ks8500 come like that when shipped?

TheDolphin says:

Ordered today 🙂

Riley Hopkins says:

i tried to get a 55″ version of this Tv not too long ago, but they didn’t have any in stock. So instead i got the 2017 model, but it didn’t have the quantum dot display. It is still a great Tv

Angel Osorio says:

Naaaah”” I’ll pass the C6 curve L.G 65 inch” oled is way way better ….

shan19key says:

Problems with curved TVs:
1. You have to watch it only from the center. Off center everything looks distorted.
2. Even if you are at the center, you have to be specific number of feet from the TV for everything to be equidistant. Otherwise, it is distorted.
3. Only 1 person can watch it properly at a time. You have to bang your heads with somebody else if you both want to watch a movie properly. Try getting your friends over for a game, and see how awkward it looks.

With that being said, you have to spend ~20% additionally for curved TVs. It is surprising how strong marketing can make people over-ride common sense. Maybe it will suit 5% of the people, but for most flat screens are better.

ram64man says:

One of the best TVs I’ve owned, only down sides are no 3D for 2016, come on Samsung give it back in 2017 especially now you can hit 120hz in the labs, also it’s a real shame this isn’t supporting Dolby vision like lg as it’s clearly the super format instead of hdr10 we don’t need 4K native materials in 4K just yet but give owners the ability to watch what they already have purchased at 1080 upscaled using the 2017 one connect box

Hemal Nakarani says:

Awesome display

Der089User says:

Curved TVs are totally overrated and just a marketing joke!
I have one and won’t buy it again! Sorry Samsung:
It’s already a thing of the past!

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