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LG 43” 4K monitor on Amazon (43UD79-B):
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Canoe Shoe says:

I work in tax compliance, we need more monitors displaying prior year workpapers and prior year projects and current year workpapers and current year projects. This is perfect for it

Karl Taht says:

This would be a godsend for programming tbh…

ragnarocking says:

I presently have 4 x 24″ 1080p monitors that I use for trading (technically, I have 6). This should hopefully help me reduce it to one. I tried once before with a Dell 32″ 4K at the dawn of 4K monitors, though it was way too compressed.
Anyone have any experiences trading with one of these?

Nagaraj Navagana says:

Hi Bitwit I want to use a 4k 40-inch TV for viewing movies 720p / 1080p quality from the computer. please give your suggestions. How it look like 720p / 1080p quality videos or movies in 4k 40-inch TV please make a video.


Robot Structural Analysis, Photoshos, Autocad, Sketchup… at once would work unreal on this… this size is insane.. Im not sure could NVidia Gforce 1060 handle that resolution.

Dom v says:

As you say the Korean panels are better in refresh rate but then you don’t go on to say where this panel out does the Korean panels please elaborate on this. Secondly, at the end, you say “there are certain things that work beautifully on this monitor” like what? please give a concise conclusion to your review.

djg500 says:

what monitors are there at around that size which support FreeSync?

Sir Galahad says:

Would it have killed you to open 2 or 3 browsers and give up an idea of having multiple windows open ? All these reviews just show gaming.

ventende says:

The crappy cable support and the lack of flexibility in terms of pivot and height adjustable options is a big showstopper. No can do.

Pussy Boi says:

What’s the best distance to keep from this FUCKING HUGE MONITOR, i want to buy in this month.

Cool Story says:

I want it for lots of coding and sysadmin work so I can have things side by side and not have to scroll so much

VENGE says:

this screen has a total of 4 quadrants? thats a total of 4 jan michael vincents

THE AnimeFAN says:

If it only had freesync then it would be the perfect monitor/TV replacement for me

Matthew Onassis says:

@bitwit The problem you had with the corner of the display can be easily solved by turning on the “Underscan” option in your monitor settings (Input tab), however you will loose a few pixel at the corners.

Cameron Goetz-Wyllie says:

bloody great tutorial!!

Aditya Chandra Anugerah says:

the only reason why i planned to buy this monitor because i’m a trader.

i think it will be nice if i just have 1 big screen rather then 6-8 monitor at the same time.

TheReal _ist says:

This product is how many months old at this point. Not only that but Linus got it like 2 months then every one else.

Overall your very late.

Steveindajeep says:

give me 50″ or bigger LG

MrMethadrine says:

dont use such big monitors if you dont have at least gtx 1070

steal threaded says:

playing on a huge monitor sucks when you look at health or ammo stats a lot can happen in the time it takes.

Crondecker One says:

I do … for porn fuck yeah …

Fiddlesticks WT says:

I don’t like it, i’d rather have a 49” ultrawide

Rodrigo Fernety says:

i do

Lee Bee says:

Ten years ago I had a 42″ monitor – I figured it would be great for movies, games, and better for my eyes not to sit so close to the screen. But I came to realize that 42″ is too big for general PC usage: I felt detached from my work, and lost the sense of intimacy and control. After a lot of trials, I determined that 32″ is the perfect monitor size for me 🙂

Desidirim's Daddy says:

I want a huge monitor for gaming, but I am actually scared now as I see this monster, it is ginormous !!!

INUID says:

Was ist eigentlich so schwer daran die Modellbezeichnung in den Titel zu schreiben?

Cameron Goetz-Wyllie says:

movie watching, video editing and Netflix watching

Volk Nove says:

I want something this big to use as a TV so many can see it at the same time as monitors are usually small. Monitors are usually better for gaming, something I mostly do on a TV so why not get this. I don’t watch TV so this is perfect for me.

AKRAM Hossain says:

Can you please tell me what cpu case that you are using.

Cool Story says:

Ah that’s fucked up you gotta use their cables no fuck LG they can hang themselves with that shit

J Vilander says:

4 times bigger than my monitor

mworld says:

For programming, I would make do with 2560×1440 @120Hz. For me that would have a wider use.

getondwn says:

I’ve been using a 50″ TV for my monitor for years and gaming on it is pretty awesome but it’s still no monitor…I’m planning a rebuild and replacing it with a 43 inch because I want to keep the large screen for movies and youtube but I really want the 4 display option and better refresh rate so to me this would be having my cake and eating it too…I’ve been considering the 43 Inch Dell monitor but how do u think this fares to it?

Antonio 1941 says:

Hello. What is that sexy white case on the left? Thanks

l e n a. says:

I just want to use this to plug in my consoles that’s it. I know it’ll work so eventually I’ll buy it.

Hendry Ramadhan says:

Is this awesomesauce?

Noshre Darakhvelidze says:

it does support 10 bit color

Riskteven says:

The answer is VERY simple. In some countries, like Sweden, there is a company, that acts like a federal instance. The law says: “Anyone, who possesses a device, which which, receiving aired television programs is made possible, even if it is lent or even broken, is bound to pay a fee to the Service”, but in Sweden, the 2 “free” channels (Not ads supported) are full of junk and the news is not much better than “Fox news” or “Zonnews”. So, actually, the “Device, which which, receiving aired television programs is made possible”, is the little canned “RF Demodulator” found inside any regular TV set. So, by buying a monitor in the size of a TV set, you will circumvent this “law”, and as a bonys, yo don’t have to watch that junk, but you can still watch what you lovw, like, for instance “Bit Wit”. MUCH better than “SVT” 😀

Random Dude says:

To watch po..

andre says:

that size should be 8k. or 5k….


I have an issue that maybe you have experienced that you could help me resolve. I have the 43MU79. I have to computer towers and I my laptop connected by HDMI to the LG43. Here is what I am experiencing. My towers work great with the monitor my laptop when connected works for a short period of time and then I hear a beep and the monitor reboots itself. I have tried 2 different laptops, switching HDMI cables, switching HDMI ports and the monitor issue only occurs when a laptop is connected. Any suggestions?

Charlie Martian says:

In your video, you mention some monitors that are this size that offer Freesync. Would you mind sharing those models here?

Ben Pit says:

I am guessing Logic Pro would give you plenty of space for editing MIDI… anyone uses this monitor with Logic? Thanks


TCL S403 is a great TV alternative. 43″, 4K, TN Panel with HDR support, 4:4:4 support and a really low input lag and very quick response time. It hits way above its weight class. Been using one as my daily driver for a couple months now and really like it. Best part is they are only about $325.

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