Which Gaming Monitor?

Which type of PC Gaming Monitor should you consider? Let’s take a look at 3 different options here and compared the positives and negatives. Thanks to Alienware for sponsoring this video. Links to products: AW25 Monitor: http://bit.ly/2BhNLXt AW Curved: http://bit.ly/2yPCrme DELL 1440P: http://dell.to/2kcqcaT PC: http://bit.ly/2hOcr14 Join my Discord: http://www.discord.gg/jackfrags

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Future says:

I’m a console peasant. But I’m gonna try to buy a pc and monitor. Any ideas for me?

thatguyTdog says:

Will 240hz work with fortnite?

Odin says:

Gsync and freesync in theory is good. But as an example most csgo pros turn gsync off bec of higher input lagg.

mat Grif grif says:

I already don’t trust this guy he’s using the scoped ar in fortnite smh

Goin' In Dry says:

I’m new to PC gaming and have what might be a stupid question. Apologizes in advance if its too dumb. Ok so 1440p @ 144hz is great for online gaming and 4k @ 60hz is better for single player, I get that. Could you buy a, say, 27″ 4K monitor and run multiplayer games (Rainbow 6 Siege) in 1440p @ 144hz and single player games (Wolfenstein 2) in 4K @ 60hz? Or is that somehow prevented and/or doesn’t work well?

Cian says:

What’s the best out of the 3 for console?

Juksi says:

Still stuck on 720p @ 60fps, LOL!

knislappen says:

Do those monitors have gosting or motion blur?

Darth Bieber says:

I have had the Dell for almost a year now I love it I wanna get another one

Lil Hypur says:

I need 244hz and 1 second response time for roblox xd changed my profile pic for this joke xD

jackgreening 16 says:

I have a i9 and the gpu is a 1080ti I think that is power enough to run all right

Im Cool says:

What im looking at is the keyboard.which keyboard is that?

STBOverDoze says:

Had the Dell for a year now and its incredible

billytheweasel says:

What’s a good 24″-27″ 144hz 1440p?
I read the BenQ Zowie xl2411p doesn’t have a DisplayPort and therefore doesn’t actually do 144hz.
I just want WoW to be smooth & clear. i7-7700K Processor (4.20GHz 8MB), 16GB DDR4 2133 MHz, AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB

Panos Lg says:

Fu all im playing on a tv

Jarek Haa says:

Where I can buy mouse pad like yours one ?

Wolvezz says:

Do all these monitors work on consoles?

iPqxler says:

Should i get a double monitor? I want one!

以蔵岡田 says:

you don’t really need g-sync if you 200hz+

Jagg Infiniti says:

Im not paying 1000+ for a monitor

Thomas Kwon says:

prices are retarded in korea its always like 300dollars more expensive here cant buy shit

Dudz says:

Would a 1070 be good to run games on the ultra wide 1440p, ultra settings 60+ FPS? Games such as bf1 etc?

The Real TLK says:

Yo to much

parisLuvs says:

What’s a fabulous monitor for ps4 & Xbox one?

LegendaryVegeta says:

curved 21:9 260 ppi 32 inches 240hz £399 hdr gysinc/freesync/vsync toggle

I hope I see the day with those specs and price in the near future

Eli Le scholten says:

acerx27 the best

Reece Cherry says:

Ive got a gtx 970 reckon thatd be enough to run games in 1440?

xxdeejinxx says:


Valork says:

I played pc for a long time and when i moved i sold my pc and bought a ps4, I want my pc back

happi prod. says:

lol i use a 32 inch monitor is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

Nero Sakazaki says:

What kind of mouse is that ?

Seth does randomness and gaming says:

whats best for fortnite?

Isaia Togia says:


Jacob Tiffany says:

The AW25 and AW Curved, their links are broken and I can’t access them.

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