Viewsonic VP3268-4K Review – The BEST Monitor for 4K Editing & Gaming?

The new 4K editing monitor is here, though can it game well? I answer that and many more into today’s review. And yes this thing is now my new main monitor.
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angles711 says:

might want to turn down the sun a bit before recording

slowdog294 says:

Viewsonic makes good stuff. One of my production workstations has two 27inch 1080p units. They work very well.

Nisco Racing says:

Balancing color in a Very Bright orange and red room is not helping.
Those wall colors are not helping for filming in a studio.

az zahar says:

Nope, 4k gaming is still far away. Not at least until we can comfortably hit over the 120hz limit on SINGLE GPU.
1440p and 1080p is da wae

BuzzKil1 says:

Awesome monitor Bry! Quick question if you get to it or any of you boys: what’s the best value for money 1080p 144hz 1ms? I know there is Asus and benq Zowie but I am not sure if they are a little out dated…

Filipe Viola says:

ty for the review Bryan, in the video i saw similarities between my Benq GW2765HT and this viewsonic, the top of the stand , the back of the monitor and even the i/o looks exactly the same.

Techie Pocket says:

You planning on riding a motorcycle?

HIGH Res Gaming says:

Are we sure this supports hdr10 I can’t find that anywhere

Michel Victor says:

RIP me at the N-Sync part

Yvell says:

Even Viewsonic’s budget monitors are pretty good too!

Boxing101 says:

i just picked up the dell alienware 3440×1440 120hz ultrawide, i have found that to be extremely great for gaming. it’s pricey but definitely worth it.

TheVerrm says:

This monitor costs in Poland as much as a powerful 1080p gaming pc with ryzen 1600 b350 mobo geforce 1070 and 8gb ram. Totally unreasonable especially since 4k at this size is no different for almost all eyes to 1440p.

Deon Spates says:

Bye! Bye! Bye!

jawbreaker says:

The only problem is that 32″ does not work for me. I hate scaling and 40″ is the smallest that can work with no scaling and have normal size text so that is what I got.

JoeDoe_ Outdoors says:

Hi sweet page ☺ Keep it up!

Pixel master says:

i think this monitor is the same like the BenQ 4K 32″ monitor :)but i tihnk i like more the benq version from it.

Steven Reford says:

Had the VX2770Sml for years in fact my son uses them now,. Great IPS monitor less than 5ms response and at the time one of the cheapest monitors you could buy. Would definitely buy Viewsonic again.

Seth Saturn says:

You should also check for banding

Darth Snyder says:

Yea make the 21:9 vs the 4k monitor, I had a viewsonic monitor a 22″ 1080p but that was years ago.

Nelly Nelson says:

gaming… 60Hz…. nope not even close. Going back from 144 to 100Hz is noticeable in games, so 144 to 60Hz. no.

GodyArtDesign says:

1080p and 144 Hz is gaming monitor

Eric Ashby says:

give me 4K, IPS, and >60hz and I’ll jump ship.

Eyeball says:

adds video to faves
checks amazon link for price
removes video from faves

NW says:

Definitely do a 21:9 video Brian. After going ultrawide, I can’t go back.
I have a viewsonic as my secondary monitor and it’s just ok; it’s a budget model (VA2759) and does the job, but has a bit more ips glo/blb than I’d like.

apologiz tome says:

how did he test the blacklight bleed buying a new monitor soon and i want to test it

J Fer says:

viewsonic has been great always, the problem with them is price, availability and quality of monitors, but with 3 years of warranty, it sounds very good

John Leonard says:

You make a video we will watch 21/9 vs 4k sounds interesting.

mrzazzaable says:


Britec09 says:

ViewSonic XG2401 24-inch 144Hz 1ms 1080p is also a awesome gaming monitor

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