Ultimate MacBook 4K USB-C Monitor? LG 27UD88 Unboxing & Review

LG’s 27UD88 27-inch 4K Monitor incorporates USB-C which makes it an ideal monitor solution for the 12-inch MacBook. Check it out in my full unboxing and review.

Available Here: http://amzn.to/1VU6wX8

How to get 60hz on the MacBook by Jeff Benjamin: https://youtu.be/8cDkIBTuZtI

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Paul O'Donnell says:

MacBook Pro 2018 users… recommend you look elsewhere. The 3840×2160 resolution makes image way too small and the default for the display is 1920×1080, meaning you lose all the real estate benefits of a 27″ display. The ideal resolution of 2560×1440 (for that size) is scaled and shows in the display preferences as “low resolution”. Recommend, if you want an LG and don’t mind dongles, that you spend same amount and buy LG’s 34Uc88-w (non-usb-c) monitor, which I’ve tested and which looks and works great after calibration. Or, if rightfully committed to USB-c, spend double and look into Dell’s U3419W, although I have not tested it.

Tahmid Sami says:

Locked 30fps isn’t an issue.Apple knowes their MacBook can’t even reach over 30fps

gaurav jalan says:

I want to know if connecting type c cable from MacBook to this monitor still needs the power adapter for monitor ?
Or type c will provide the power as well ?

Godspeed_me says:

Hello! Does macbook work slower witn external 4K monitor VS internal Retina?

haptiK says:

Perfect video. Why aren’t ALL hardware videos this perfect?

PSzg says:

Can you please advise me which color profile on my MacBook Pro is the best to use with this monitor? The default is Color LCD but I’m thinking of changing it to sRGB or something like this..I’d like to use this monitor with closed MacBook lid.

Ankan Nayak says:

looks crisp and neat hoping to buy it soon.

Jakob Norris says:

So how about a MacBook Pro 15 inch? Would that not be able to deliver 60hertz?

Harold Lambertus says:

I would like to know if it is compatible with the macbook pro retina 15 “?

Carl Bulgini says:

Does this work with MacBook 12″ 2016 and 2017?

KallMe Chris says:

Can someone help me find a gaming monitor, every video that I see nowadays they are usb c Port, I still use a MacBook pro 15 in late 2014, so idk what else would I need people say I would need a display port but what if I want a monitor like this

Huzair Mustafa says:

will it work as a power source if we connect the monitor to an iMac via usb c?

movax20h says:

Wow. I am impressed at quality of this review. Everything is covered! Also monitor is really nice.

Gabriel Mendoza Sarah's Brother says:

LG Ultra 5K Review for Macbook Pro 13 2015

omg _ says:

Can you mount this

Cosmic Surfer says:

thank you so muc.After watching this video, i knew this is what i am exactly looking for my forex Trading

iTsJaY says:

I have a MacBook Air 2015 when I connect it the USB ports on monitor won’t read my hardrives how do I fix this problem

Technical Gamer AK says:

Can we connect Mac mini to this monitor sir

asmraccount says:


Kabune TR says:

do you have speakers on this monitor?

alex antoniou says:

Nice monitor but, expensive, I mean 550 Euros is way off budget!

ImVenting says:

I love how he said that so fast… “NO SPEAKERS BUILT IN” AT 6:20

David Gi says:

Has anyone been able to test the LG 27UD88 in comparison to the Eizo EV2750?

Luke Duffy says:

wow wow wow ive been out of the loop for a while. We are now streaming to 4k TVs/Monitors with USB-C? Im so confused. Are all of those connections on the monitors inputs? Are they all 4k? I know this all has very little to do with the monitor

MarroXFTW says:

How much Hz ~ FPS?
Goes it only till 60 or can it rum 144?

anast dime says:

A monitor review without a Adobe RGB test is TOTALLY useless. I dont give a fck if it looks good for you, if im gonna give money for something i want it to be functional and worthy of money. So this is one more typical classic modern “review” where people “review” if the product looks clean and if its fingerprint proof. Give people an ADOBE RGB test, this is a monitor ffs!

Brayan Jerez says:

Can you use an external keyboard and mouse without connecting it directly to the laptop?

dsalaz04 says:

Just scored this slightly used for $450. Freakin yeah


Hello…Is there a split screen functionality for this monitor?

Marios Pavlou says:

1. is the quality better for the macbook pro retina screen ?
2.Is it good for photography editing? and video editing?
3.Is the colors “flat” ?
This is what i was looking from the review 🙂

Omar Juarez says:

I’ve got the same 27inch Monitor, on my Macbook Pro Mid 2014. is awful… 4k monitor doesnt work with macbooks. You cant get 2560x1440p HiDPI 60Hz resolution. You can only force it at LowRes 2560x1440p@60hz using SwitchResX app, which looks awful. the Native resolution that the macOS gives you is a nasty 1920×1080 @ slow 30hz. All of these thru miniDP -> DP cable.

Chris Zayachkowski says:

Can you get 60Hz with a Mac Pro 2013?

Aqua 815 says:

Can I use headphones to listen to the monitor

David Porter says:

You mentioned the colors pop”. I am debating getting this or waiting for a glossy display – non matte. Can you tell a difference?

Rajiv Dadke says:

Can we connect a Mac Mini to this monitor?

Wayne S. says:

You could have external speakers always connected to the USB ports on the back of this monitor so that when you connect your MacBook to teh monitor it uses the external speakers – thus still using only a single cable to connect the MacBook to the monitor….correct? I ask this because this is what I am thinking of doing.

Fennec Besixdouze says:

w00f hard p’s, bro.

Amit Mahajan says:

No HDR support

TADinh says:

Does anyone have a problem with the mac overheating? I use it with my rMBP 13″ no touchbar and the cpu temp caps at 85 degree Celsius when I watch videos on youtube or netflix.

Vijayabalaji S says:

I have a rookie question! If I connect my macbook air to any 1080p OR 4K monitor, whether the output will be 1080p or mac air resolution (1,440 x 900 )?

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