Top 6 4K Ultra HD Monitors

4K Monitors are cheaper than ever and with PCs and Laptops getting more powerful, maybe it’s time to consider upgrading to 4K.

These are my Top 6 Recommended 4K monitors, in 3 categories: Bang for Buck – Gaming – Professional.

For more information or to buy, click on links below:

Best Bang for Buck
► Samsung U28D590D…
► Asus PB287Q…

► Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ
► Acer Predator XB280HK…

► Dell UltraSharp UP3216Q…
► Asus ProArt PA329Q…

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Martin Gillis says:

Cute guy. Let’s monitor each other.

Mr. S Enjoy Eating says:

can i ask? acer xb281hk is good? i want this monitor thx ^^

Jethro Reeve says:

What monitor should i buy? suggest pls..

Krishna Sharma says:

In Your openion which monitor will be best and supportive(hdmi 2.0a) for ps4 pro or xbox scorpio in the future??

Mantis128 says:

What would be a good 60hz 4K monitor for the PS4 Pro?

Der Panzerschlumpf says:

80 cm
4 Anschlüsse für PCs
3D Fähig
Mega Kontrast und Helligkeit super Farben

Francis Timóteo says:

What is the difference between the P and S series of DELL monitors?
P 2715Q vs S2817Q?

DrGoldsylver says:

Hello what good 4K monitors with hdmi 2.0 are good? It’s so hard to find a comparison on hdmi2.0 models, when hdmi1.4 models are just useless for console, but it’s the only comparison you can find.

GuardianDemonX says:

omg why every videos related to computer i click on the host either speaks with this stupid annoying british or indian accent, is there any video out there with normal american accent, jesus christ

Jack Windensky says:

Can you learn the english language and not say invest in a 4k monitor.

invest: expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial schemes, shares, or property, or by using it to develop a commercial venture.

Sayyed Naveed says:

Can we go 100 fps with resolution 1440p in 4k 60hz monitor

Dan L says:

What about PG27UQ?

Ote Mork says:

“Life was so much easier, 20 years ago” – Kenny Rogers

Back in 1988 my father bought me an Amiga. There was only one monitor to pick from. An expensive portable TV costing about 2/3 the Amiga price, with a weird video connector instead of COAX. Very clever. Poring out hundreds of monitors every month is clever too.

I’d welcome when monitor makers would come up with user profile monitors instead of XYZ366277-ZB-UB-Turbo names. Like ‘This is our best casual gamer, 2D designer, video editor, 3D editor-monitor in the budget price range.” After tons of reviews I still know nothing while the reviews were very helpful.

BiggesttBoss says:

Tech chap, thanks for the great vid! I would like to use the Asus PB 4k monitor for console Xbox one gaming. Do you see any problem with that and does a 4k monitor interpolate down to 1080p better than a 1440?

Flats says:

I am getting my first gaming pc soon and i want to play it every game at ultra or very high settings and get 60fps or more including battlefield 1

Scabloonshki says:

I got the samsung 4k but I had I had to return it because it didn’t have HDCP 2.2. I ended up getting a 27″ LG instead.

Evan Xu says:

how about LG 27UD68

Xanthrax MC&MORE™ says:

i have found 4k g-sync monitor for 671 $

Nic Taylor Photo says:

Nice video. Which ultrawide monitor is that behind you and do you recommend it?

WalkandPeace says:

Oh test a heavy cpu game like Far Cry 4 and GTA 5 on an i5 2500k instead of an i7

Jethro Reeve says:

same keyboard dude

AjitB07 says:

i would like to buy a 4k 10bit HDR freesync monitor. Anything tick those boxes? or am i better off waiting till next year

Jia Wu says:

do you have a chance to review HP dream colour 4k 32′ monitor and provide some comments?

Floyd ZHENG says:

I have GTX 1080 and I am a gamer who like play rpg games like the tomb raider and I don’t play FPS game, so what kind of monitor you recommend, 1440p 144hz or just a 4k one.

Untitled User says:

LG 27UD68-P it’s an IPS display and can be found at bestbuy and amazon (under other sellers the one from amazon) for $500 USD with a 5ms response time

Pit Sampras says:

help me please. I have one gtx 970 g1 gamming, intel i5 6500, motherboard gigabyte g1 sniper b7. The question is, the monitor Samsung U28e590d really works good for gammig and video edit with this hardware..?? I want a good buy, thanks for your help.

Rafał Czekalski says:

where is Iiyama GB2888UHSU?

Sander Stiansen says:

can i fuck you`?

Iam84 says:

I have no budget when it come to technology . I will go to my savings and take out $1000 that i shouldn’t take out and buy something i really don’t need because it makes me happy.

Steve Chung says:

I would recommend going for a 1080p monitor and using dsr to get higher resolutions if you are poor,

gobighdgames says:

where u from ur accent is cool

Mitella Blue says:

The support for 4k is still not quite there, or currently the norm. I will sort out the confusion on the movie front:-You need type VA panel for movies (Vertical Alignment) otherwise you don’t get descent black levels. VA monitors gives optimal performance over any other type such as TN, IPS etc. Samsung, Viewsonic and LG are voted best monitors but that covers TN and IPS type panels. Folks, for mainly movie watching you should be looking at something like this: BenQ GW2760HS LED VA Panel 27 inch Widescreen Multimedia Monitor. Note VA !!!! IPS is mainly for gaming to get high refresh rates. The Benq is ‘Flicker Free’, and VA gives you optimum black level performance aimed for movies. VA panel monitors is for movies, IPS is for games.You will find the Benq will blow the mentioned on this video out of the water, when watching movies.

Shaun Ruthes says:

Iiyama – X4071UHSU-B1 40″ 4k 10bit colour 3ms g2g 60hz on DP and HDMI. 1 DP 2 HDMI 2.0 1 HDMI 1.4  reviews seem good for both gaming and office based at £539.00. with enough connectivity for everything best all rounder for PC and console. thinking of picking one up cheapest on amazon.

Waycool jr says:

You’re an idiot if you game in 4k.1440 is the sweet spot for overall gaming.

M Kapoor says:

Do you have any suggestion for 32″ curved 4k monitor (normal size, not ultra wide), I am currently using Philips40″ 4k monitor. but its seems too big for me. I just want some professional tasks.

Everything Pro says:

iiyama gb2888uhsu

Berk YLMZ says:

technopat videosu kullanmış. AS BAYRAKLARI ULAN AS AS!!!

4K Monitor says:

Nice, thanks!

mery low says:

I saved so much time this year, and managed to almost cover everybody on my Christmas list, using Increditopia. Easy way to find this season’s deals, and everyday deals as well!

Arnie Hill says:

Bro, slow down when you talk. The video would be a lot better.

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