Top 5 Best Monitors of 2018, Awesome Value Picks, Should You Buy HDR?

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Top 5 Best Monitors, Awesome Value Picks, Should You Buy HDR?

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Hardware Unboxed says:

It’s come to my attention that the Samsung JG50 actually does not have FreeSync. While it’s still a great price, if you want Adaptive Sync we’d recommend spending a bit more to get either the Viotek GN27D or MSI Optix MAG27CQ depending on what price you can get

Rigov 16 says:

hay sentido en comprar monitor con modulo g sync? si el freesync es compatible con el driver Nvidia Gsync.

Mr ReG says:

Can a 4k monitor @60Hz Run 1080p on more than 60hz? Comeon I have this doubt ;(

OmegaPerfekt says:

Value Monitor? I just bought the Alienware 34 inch, ips, g-sync Monitor with 120 hz. Widescreen 3440×1440. K then.

Hadouken OCX says:

dude are you just a amd user i dont see any g sync monitors here waht are good….!!! >:(

Bob Smith says:

I find the Asus VG248QE is a really good monitor for people who are looking to make the jump from 60hz to 144hz. It’s not g-sync but in my opinion g-sync isn’t good because like v-sync it causes more input lag which is bad for competitive players. The monitor is 1080p which is like the standard nowadays and has a 1ms response time. In my opinion this is the best 144hz monitor for your money because it’s responsive and offers a good quality image while having hdmi and display ports with a strong and adjustable stand. If you want to check it out you can do so here —>

katarzyna milewicz says:

You packed a lot in your video. Worth every second

PapaP86 says:

I pretty much totally disagree with G-sync not being worth it. Even at higher framerates, it prevents tearing and will still feel a good bit smoother than without it. V-sync generally isn’t a viable or good option due to the input lag it introduces. After using a g-sync monitor on my main gaming machine, I couldn’t live without it for the machine I do 80-90% of my gaming on.

The best solution would be for Nvidia to support all adaptive-sync/free sync monitors, but that’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

Most AMD GPUs frankly aren’t even going to be able to push 1440p (or 3440×1440) monitors at 100+ hz Vega 64 being the only one that would even come close in most cases, but who is really going to have purchased that over a 1080 or 1080Ti, 2070, etc?

Justin Thiel says:

Garbage. You have decided that G-SYNC isn’t worth it? Wow. You lost credibility on that comment.

Elevate. ™ says:

For my European guys…
I picked up the MSI MAG27CQ for 350€ last month.
Specs: 1440p/144Hz/27″/Freesync/curved ( 1800R )
So far I have no reasons to complain and I would definitely recommend it for the price.

Jake says:

I am looking for a pair of budget thunderbolt 3 enabled monitors to daisy chain together and plug my mouse and keyboard and maybe even external storage into. I’d like them to have the ability to supply up to 87 watts down stream so I can come home, plug my MacBook Pro into one cable, and get to work at a desktop like environment. That was supposed to be the massive leap forward that came with taking away all the other ports on my MacBook and going with this future-tech usb-c type thunderbolt enabled ports on this computer but I haven’t been able to find any devices that are actually from the future to enable me to use these features to their fullest. Even the $1500 setups I was able to come up with had major flaws. Like having to power cycle a docking station every time and the docking stations have one thunderbolt output, one DisplayPort output, and one HDMI which means that the monitors have to have different standards and the USB ports on the docks support usb 3.0 but not 3.1 so your external storage ends up bottlenecked. Im going insane trying to find a solution. Can anyone help me?

hetspook666 says:

I don’t think viotek does buisenes in europe at all…

Tuskeyemer says:

I’m still paying for gsync, idc if I go broke.
tearing annoys me out of my mind

Tech With Sean says:

#1 – iPad
Don’t @ me

Михаил Найденов says:

Nothing comes close in terms of value to AOC Q3279VWFD8

alfon marin says:

I would definitely recommend Samsung C27HG70, it’s in the sweet spot for PC gaming: FreeSync (indespensable nowadays), 144 Hz, 27 “, 1440p, good colors, plus you can benefit from HDR (just try FFXV or Far Cry 5 and you’ll realize). For a competitive price point: $450.

Adam Quinn says:

How could you NOT mention the Alienware AW3418DW for $899 on Amazon right now?! I got it for a grand over a year ago and it’s still glorious. It’s a shame, it has been overlooked by the Hardware Cannucks and many others. Makes me very curious to say the least.

Fraggin' McJenkies says:

Best console gaming monitor?

Zyorig says:

You forget to add LG’s 24mk600. Cause its only like $150 and already have 75hz and ips panel

ZeroRumble says:


CinePhil101 says:

G sync needs to die already.

King Julien says:

any recommendation beside MSI Optix MAG27CQ ?
are those VA or TN ?
for 27″ i prefer not curved….

MaDDeXTeR1 says:

hi have you tested the samsung CHG70 27 inch version for response time im looking for a new panel for fast paced competitive gaming one the xbox one X

Kamikaze Killjoy says:

I went with a 5ms/r IPS ultrawide display 75 hz. Couldn’t beat the price and the image quality. I’m also a digital artist, so the color range kinda beat out the other monitors.

If you’re playing fast paced twitch shooter where timing counts and you don’t care about the colors being correct. Go with a TN monitor. 1ms response is really good.

The VA monitors are a joke and waste of money. They have a decent refresh rate, a color correctness. But it’s got serious backlight bleed. So if you’re a digital artist or a gamer. I’d total stick to TN and IPS.

IPS for color correctness. Also, you can’t get an IPS monitor lower than 4ms/rt

TN for response time. The colors are going to either be too cold, or too warm. So it sucks for art if you’re trying to get an idea for what it’ll look like when printed. Also, the color scheme will vastly differentiate between other monitors meaning, the client you’re sending it to might have an IPS or VA monitor, which will make your colors cold, warm and/or too flat.

Efficcial E says:

What monitor would you recommend to go along with a Playstation 4 Pro?

Looking for a 4K HDR 1ms monitor

Constantin Clipa says:

best price performance for 1440p with g-sync and IPS panel 144 hz and 165 hz OC is the Acer Predator XB271HU. great 27 inch with amazing colors and high pixel count

Ravinder Singh says:

When is acer releasing the x35 ultrawide 1440p 200hz 4ms monitor

Comp Wiz2007 says:

The Samsung JG50 has washed out colors…  PIXO 32″ is just a train wreck of quality control and shipping issues along with picture and bleed.. Viotek GN34C 34″ suffers from both of the issues mentioned from both previous monitors mentioned. The Acer Predator has backlight bleed on par with much older lower end monitors..  It seems like Monitors lately are just either quality picture or performance lacking, there isn’t a single monitor mentioned here that can do or has done both.. EXCEPT…

Kamikaze Killjoy says:

So when you determine “attractive design” do you line 10 hardware enthusiasts up and see how many get an erection?

*In the studio*

That’s a 7 out of 10! Much more attractive than the others!

Justin Milkey says:

You talk so fast with no pauses and all the technical terms just spurting out I cant even watch this. Like you reading as fast as you possibly can off a prompter

someone noon says:

where the fuck is the monitor? Plz show monitor instead of your face

brusso456 says:

Best 1080p Monitors
1:38 Viotek GN24C
2:31 AOC G2460PF

Best 1440p High Refresh Monitors
4:00 Samsung JG50 27″
4:08 Pixio PX329 32″

Best Ultra Wide Monitors
6:00 Viotek GN34C 34″

Best 4K Monitors
7:50 Dell UltraSharp UP2718Q
9:07 Asus ProArt PA32UC

Best HDR Monitors
11:37 Acer Predator X27

{SDA} eclipse says:

i wonder if he likes starwars and legos

Jamie Prior says:

had my eye on the samsung cf791 ultrawide for about a year now, but the Samsung JG50 looks like a good deal. Which one should i get?

adam says:

bought a samsung jg50 monitor on your suggestion and it was completely worth it.

6Twisted says:

Doesn’t making a 144hz panel VA kind of defeat the purpose?

Kat Steve says:

Iknow this sounds stupid, but you can use a fee synic monitor with an nvidia graphics card….right?

Billy Jean says:

I currently game on a 1080p 144hz tn panel and I want a 1440p ips panel ! I have a i5 6600k with a 1070 can I do that?

Pablo says:

Head movement like a typewriter, i can almost hear the bell when he hits the margin… hehe

Hermetic Dragon X says:

Hold on a minute, fake HDR? You mean, entry level HDR. Just becasue your panel cant reach 1000nits, or you dont have a full array backlight, or you have a ‘9 bit’?panel doesnt make the HDR fake. You still get a HDR signal through the TV, if it was fake HDR you wouldn’t get any picture at all from HDR content because the TV cannot decode it. As for quality, even an entry level HDR give you an image calibrated for much higher contrast and backlight so when you put them on full the entire image doesnt get destroyed. If your tv/monitor has good native blacks regardless of a full dynamic backlight, you will still see benefits in much brighter highlights. Just my experience.

Elvis M. says:

Buying a monitor is so confusing. I’ve read most of the comments here and there is literally people trashing VA, TN, IPS, 60hz, 144hz, 240hz, curved screens, 4k, Freesync, and G-sync. Wtf should I buy?

I was leaning towards the Acer Ed347 because it seemed good at under $500 but after reading these comments I am not sure anymore.

VolantEnigma says:

I got a 1440p 165 hz dell with gsync for $300 on sale. Good value for me lol

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