TOP 5 Best Gaming Monitors Under $200

Checking out the Best Gaming Monitors under $200 for 2016.
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Top 5 Monitors Under $150:
►US Links◄
Acer R240HY:
Dell SE2417HG:
QNIX QX2414:
BenQ RL2455HM:
Acer GN246HL:
LG 25UM57:
►UK Links◄
Acer R240HY:
Dell SE2417HG:
QNIX QX2414:
BenQ RL2455HM:
Acer GN246HL:
LG 25UM57:
►Canada Links◄
Acer R240HY:
Dell SE2417HG:
QNIX QX2414:
BenQ RL2455HM:
Acer GN246HL:
LG 25UM57:
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Juan Garcia says:

Can you please do one under 300

Kevin Anand says:

I prefer a glossy display

TMfighter says:

hi im trying to chooze one of the screens cus im looking for a new one my buget or however u type it is 200 dollars my 2 fev are the acer gn2 and the lg ultra wide i do game alot but i do edit allot i love the fect that the lg one is ultra wide but i also like the fact that the acer one is 144 refresh rate pls help me pick one cus i realy do wanna get one of them but i dont know wich one pls help

CM dragonboy says:

Thank you… so much

Amer Alzubaidi says:


Adrian Smith says:

I picked up the Acer R240HY

thanks to gift cards I was able to get it for $15 on ebay

Strahinja Jankøvic says:

Is the Acer R240HY at 60 Hz plzzzz???

Jack Williams says:

can you go on the Internet on a monitor

Leonard Khoo says:

what is the cheapest 27inch, 144hz monitor?

Mdog67 says:

is the BenQ ZOWIE 24 inch Full HD Gaming Monitor a good gaming monitor for fps and more?

Sir Enzo says:

The LG Ultra Wide is only 157 right now on amazon

TheRussianBrit says:

0:28 ‘most cheapest’

simsek cool says:

I dont get how these monitors are so expensive. I bought my 34 inch ultrawide 2k ips panel with built in speakers for only 199.

Waz Good says:

Is there a double mount for the dell monitor?

Jorge Perez says:

The LG monitor is a steal bro, thank you for the video and good luck!

Marconi Lim says:

I know I might be late.. but…. for the Acer GN246HL, do they come in 144hz? or do I have to manually overclock it?

Solar Aqier says:

when there’s a top 5 video and every product mentioned is on sale – sale ends befor video göeven goes up. lol

Doug Swink says:

I’ve been looking at the Dell monitor recently, but its LCD? so isn’t that kinda trash?

FityDayz says:

I sat on the kamigami and it broke…

Machiavelli says:

Guess all this monitors are not G sync…

Nakshatra Roy says:

So how many Inches is the best? 23.

Amethyst says:

Does anyone know if any of these monitors need a tower to be able to run because i am looking for those types of monitors that dont need a tower to run and can run by itself and just needs a keyboard and mouse plugged in to work.


i need a monitor for 20 bucks that’ll work with my ps4 any suggestions?

Cringe Monster says:

watching this on an Acer GN246HL

Aberash Mengesha says:

there is a 1440p 24 inch IPS back led 60hz 4ms for only 169.99 must haveeee

Ghostpro353 says:

dose vesa compatible mean it can be mounted?

20020gamer says:

Can you make a Video with Monitors WHO you can make a Monitor stand

AgainstTheCurrent says:

Is it okay to have a 60hz monitor? Will i still experience 60+ fps?

peanoot butter says:

Just bought the Acer GN246HL! Thanks Techie-poo!

Lynx Bazooka says:

what about input lag on that first Acer monitor?

Mine Tube62 says:

is the asus vx248h gaming monitor goog for gaming

Joshua S says:

why would you include an item that might not even work with a pc? kinda stupid

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