Top 10 Best Gaming Monitors of 2017

Monitors and PC gaming can be a tricky area to navigate, but we’re here to help. Get your wallet ready.
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Acer Predator XB321HK (Best 4k)

Dell P2715Q

Asus MG28UQ (4K)


Asus ROG Swift PG279Q (Best 1440p)

Dell Gaming S2716DG

1080 144hz:

Asus VG248QE

Acer R240HY



LG 34UC79g-B

Asus VG245H (budget)


Steve Giggles says:

ips w/ 1ms rs? wut?

KingDiamondBones says:

W0t is the price JESUS

Nick Pizzo says:

7:47 what game is that?

Dan says:

I actually just got my Asus VG248QE and I’m not too happy with it. I don’t like how it crushes blacks and it loses detail in shadows.I spent most of the day trying to fix the monitor settings with no success. Not, sure if I got a defective monitor or that’s just how they are. Also, the viewing angles aren’t too great, which I knew about already based on it being a TN panel, but this coupled with the loss of detail in blacks disappoints me.
Yes, I also looked into the Reddit post about this monitor with no success. Anyone else has this monitor and is experiencing similar result?

Mats Oosterbeek says:

my cats destroyed both of my screens in 2 weeks. great

Elgan Bruner says:

My PG279Q is a face melter 😀 Srsly… this monitor is worth the 800$ 1010 would buy again!

Kevin Thomsen says:

So maybe somebody can help me why should I take the ips (don’t know what it’s better at it) with 4ms input lag instead of the 100 dollar cheaper with 1ms without the ips panel

Cyril Joseph says:

No BenQ?

Fat Virgin says:

I would like to have a video for monitors that you guys actually tested instead of looking at the internet and showing pictures my guy.

Think about it.

神Cenety says:

Dude they suck haha who cares if its 4K if it only has 4ms and 60hz xD fucking nonsense

MoRoNix bastard says:

Buffet Time Thats kinda hard to get when your under 16yrs old

Dragon Dth says:

can i use these with ps4??

Basanti Tutorial says:


Dripped Streetwear says:

My monitor just says no fucking signal

Tactician Wolf says:

I have been playing xbox one on Tv 32 inch from 2016.does this monitor work for xbox one?is it better than tv?cuz i am gonna buy another tv or monitor soon.i am new gamer.dnt have much knowledge about pc monitor.another question.why all gamer prefer small inch monitor like 24?is it better?

Teo Jeong says:

What Gaming PC should I buy guys?

Mathias Krill says:

Not mentioned the Viewsonic XG2703-GS, Acer Predator XB271HU and ASUS PG27VQ – how to take you guys even seriouse.

Kevin Pilling says:

What’s the difference between 4ms and 1ms response time, how much does it affect you?

HeresPringles says:

i broke me laptop screen and im using my tv as a monitor

Ismayil abbas says:

In india ur budget moniter costs more than 220 dollar

TBV Games says:

#1 4 ms …. facking hell :(((((((

Vozdovacki Gamer says:

MG245H From Asus is the best monitor money can buy it has 16×9 and 1080p 75hz with freesync (works fine with rx560 pulse 2gb)

angrywolf2009 says:

Advertisement, advertisement, advertisement…. Business oriented video, rather than reviews. Someone doesn’t agree with 4 ms response time, they think it’s baaaad, and others think TN is baaad as well. Try to be objective next time, and don’t manipulate us. Tell us that with these monitors we would have to make trade-offs…

Yomka Hassan says:

To play at 4K with decent fps we need couple of more generations until capable GPU…

SM PA says:

best budget 1440p monitor?????

Aaron J says:

XB321HK is a pure scam, terrible quality, will die within the first year.

mysteryman2024 says:

The Asus pg279q has so many QC issues with blb. I was going to get it because it’s awesome, but 800 bucks for a monitor that’s going to bleed all over any dark scene? No thanks.

Ichi Yamamoto says:

I picked up the Asus VG24QE back in December. Love the smooth, clean refresh rate. But i was sold on it having G-Sync, unfortunately that requires installing a separate module which is sold out or super expensive.

WhatSoNot says:

I’m getting the #1 monitor next week ❤️❤️❤️

Helen says:

Аlle modernen Monitore, Fernseher, Smartphones haben ein sehr schlechtes Strahlungsspektrum. Der Schutz der Augen ist wichtig

vincbestia says:

best gaming monitors? on a budget?

Shane Bovell says:

Currently watching this video cuz my Christmas gift was my Acer R240HY fading to black and refusing to display anything since. Now I cant use my PC and have to spend more money I didn’t plan on to replacing it.

Spent abit more money and don’t go Acer. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Happy Holidays!

Thunder Kat says:

1080p is dead been all monitor so big…Is a waste of money. 144hz G-Free-Sync with the right res for the size is what you need.

Tarun roczs says:

I’m going to build a computer. I have a doubt in choosing my monitor. I have chosen gtx 1060 6gb graphics card for higher fps in gaming ( more than 60fps). All I wanted to know that choosing 60hz monitor will limit my fps or whether I should buy a 144hz monitor for more than 60fps?

Jonah Bot says:

hehe my pc costs as much as the first monitor

Game Crush says:

The first monitor you talked about you told it features wrong it has a 4ms response time and it has a VA panel not IPS

EpilepticRabbit says:

Ah yes I do have $1300 lying around, how did you know?

GenericGaming says:

I’m pretty happy with mine, it’s 28″ 4k with 1ms response time, 60hz, and amd freesync, HDMI 2.0, display port, it does only have a tn display. It was $500AUD so about $399USD. It’s a Acer cb281hk for whoever wants to know.

erazorCTF says:

I got a PG279Q for a year now and I absolutely LOVE it!

Kenny Gibson says:

Where are the 240hz monitors

N!NE says:

ONE MONITOR you REALLY shouldve mentioned is the Acer 31.5″ XZ321QU (2k, 144Hz, 1ms response, Curved), for what I believe is an insanely good price ( £490 as of now, around 400 euros or $600 ),

Jack Lacey says:

Lol the Acer pred thing (funny cause I have one)

GoldenGod31 says:

I have a 24″ Samsung curve monitor and I think it’s amazing. ~$300-320

cwli1 says:

Test your screen’s game/motion performance Try its ghost test too.

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