This 32″ Curved 1080p 144Hz Freesync Monitor is $300 | Viotek GN32C Review

Viotek GN32C Gaming Monitor:
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Michael Garand says:

Seriously I want to thank you for showing products that the majority of your viewers can afford so many channels just show ridiculously expensive shit that their viewers would love to have but can’t afford

AbyssmalAngel says:

I would like to see an ultra-ultra wide curved monitor, with a slightly more curved than what is available right now. Something like a 5760×1440 (instead of 3440×1440) 34″ with a high refresh rate. Now that would be an experience.

Techie Pocket says:

THIS IS A STEAL! I am grabbing it when I can 🙂

Nisco Racing says:

32″ and 1080p is a Huge NO!

wolvie45 says:

32 inch tv in canada are 1366×768.

Branden M says:

ooor you could get the 1440p 1ms 144hz on Amazon for $300.

SethmcFrog says:

great video!

tigerfanman says:

i should have gotten an AMD… if i had known gsync cost 200 dollars more… fuckin pissed

kaka krabby patty says:

Question. Am looking to buy a good 144hz 1440p monitor for around 350$. Does anyone know whats the best option??

William Hutchison says:

I have this. was super excited when I saw this in my subs feed. Wanted a big, high refresh rate monitor for cheap and this fit the bill. Wish it was higher resolution though. Also, mine developed a dead pixel in the upper right hand corner after a couple months.

crazycano18 says:

there is a 1440p viotek monitor

SenshiGames says:

32inch and 144hz might just buy this

Jessentis says:

my tv is only 32 inch and everyhting about it says its 1080p but i swear its like 720p upscaled or whatever its called

Renav Solanki says:

can anyone suggest me a similar monitor with same stuff like freesync, high refresh rate and cheap cost but i need a 1440p resolution instead.

Olgierd looks like Beckham says:

Would you recommend this for playing COD/Battlefield on ps4? I’d sit about 5ft away.

Jeffrey Photonboy says:

Freesync range is good BTW. It’s 43Hz to 144Hz. (I looked because I had concerns because some don’t have the full range). Since 144/43 is greater than 2.5 that also means it has LFC (Low Framerate Compensation) which means it also works below 43FPS, for example if at 28FPS the driver sends each frame twice so you get “56FPS” to stay in Freesync range.

Assuming no hardware issues (luck of the draw) it’s a good monitor for the price. Aimed more I guess at the “shooter” market for smooth, fast gaming… I would recommend most people set a GLOBAL CAP of about 140FPS to stay in Freesync range if the game normally can spike above that (can’t cap too close to the limit or it causes stutter/judder issues).

Bestest says:


Kerenton says:

Why do morons keep saying that VA is worse for color then IPS? Specwise they have the exact same color fucking standards and can be calibrated to be better then IPS on these standards. It all depends on the panel inside and calibration, not the platform (VA).

YuseiYgopro says:

can u mount this monitor ?

Master Turtle says:

he said u would be able to see the pixels but I play Minecraft so I think I won’t notice

Toms Steinbergs says:

its 350$ now

Moises Becerra says:

Bought this monitor because of this video .. I love it !

Queencity Limo says:

I commented a while back for you to review a 34in ultrawide 1440p resolution gaming monitor you should have done that one also the same brand

WeableSplash says:

That monitor costs $100 less than the ASUS 27″ 1440p 144hz G-Sync monitor I got used on Ebay, which is awesome. On another note, IMO, buying an expensive adaptive sync gaming monitor, for most people results in brand loyalty.

ployth9000 says:

at that size it needs to be a 1440p monitor

kapito says:

1:55 Did you seriously just advertise the dynamic contrast ratio…? Makes it very hard for me to take the rest of the review seriously…

Afro McTaco says:

keep clicking this, its nuts 4:55

tigerfanman says:

this guy looks like a nerdier henry cavill

Pao Xiong says:

$329 now wtf

Shady Brady says:

Anybody else notice the UFO test, or text test for refresh rate on this video looks backward? 36FPS looks like it’s refreshing faster than 144. That must be a phenomenon that happens while recording with a camera that doesn’t support 144hz video. Or something.

Josua St-Amand says:

A big monitor or a Little bit smaller ultra wide?… Hard choice

Adam Joney says:

What about the 144Hz VIOTEK GN32LD QHD 32 inch Curved Gaming Monitor?
As it have fitting resolution, Will you please review it?

Tim Davis says:

I have the viotek 32 inch 1440 144Hz and love it. Also have their ultrawide. If your still in Louisiana you can check them out haha

Socair says:

GUYS, THERE IS A 27″ VERSION FOR THIS MODEL, IF YOU WORRY ABOUT PIXEL SIZE, BUY THAT ONE, NOT THE 32″ VERSION. Please up this comment so that people see this.

Cool Moo5e says:

Too large like you said

Jessentis says:

until 3 minutes into the video i realised this isnt an ultrawide and i thought it was

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