The Ultimate 4K Monitor for Content Creation? Is a 32” Monitor too Big? | BenQ EW3270U Review!

How on earth did I say it wrong at the end when reading it from my phone…Idiot!

Funnily enough I upgraded my graphics card to a 1070 Ti shortly after filming this! (You might be able to spot it in some shots at the end)

A big thanks goes to BenQ who saw my desk setup video and saw that my old screen was a little small, they sent me this new monitor, but didn’t ask me to say anything specifically, but they did send it to me, so take that as you will.

Get the BenQ EW3270U here:

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Side Up says:

tthis monitor or maby AOC U3277PWQU?? which is better ??

0cool says:

Why dont you focus on answering the question rather than reviewing the monitor?

JunShen Choo says:

nice video!

Lowkeyky1 1 says:

Should I get that monitor or lg 43uj635v 4k tv for my ps4 slim???????

Leonardo Santos says:

Nice vídeo and review bro!

What game is this that appears after the fortnite?

Telemediengesetz says:

Young Talk Not understandable in camera

Boe Dillard says:

NO. I have 2 32″ monitors and I’d like a single 55″ 32:9 but until they have one two 32″ monitors will do for now.

Diego Abbasbayli says:

Nice review, I got the acer predator x34. Love the size it’s perfect for the gaming and for Editing.

Mike Sanders says:

Nice review man, looks like a really good monitor! Did you try the 1440 one? (ew3270zl)… Also did you have Windows scaled or at 100% on this 4k version? I hate all the scaling issues when not in native res in Windows, so not sure to go 4k…

T. A. says:

Would you recommend this monitor over the SAMSUNG U32H850UMU or the AOC U3277PWQU? They look kind of the same, 32″ VA 4k, except that the BENQ has newer version of HDMI and DP but lacks USB Hub which is annoying for me…? What would you buy for general purpose and occasionally photo/video editing?

MinderestingPictures says:

As always, a great video! Greetings from Germany 🙂

3li Alsubhi says:

good video

newie says:

good work fella, helped me a lot. nice one.

Mann Muzo says:

What’s the music in the background??! Great video!?

Michael Chacon says:

I cant decide to get a 32 inch or 27

luca buriani says:

awesome video as usual! please can you say me the difference, for content creation usage, between your monitor and BenQ PD3200U ?

Harpoon_Bakery says:

the non adjustable stand and viewing angle is a deal killer,,,,got any suggestions on a 4K 32″ gaming monitor , i will eventually have a 2080Ti when it arrives late next month. Any suggestions? I must have a really good stand adjust up/down and side viewing has to be good.

Graham Thomson says:

Fantastic video! Sick editing! Awesome review! Looking forward to watching more 🙂

Dennis Klein says:

I’ve just upgraded from an Dell 27″ 1440p to a Benq (PD3200Q) 32″, but with 1440p as well. I did it because I’ve head so many nightmare stuff about bad 4k support on Windows 10. What is your experience. I’m still in the time frame to be able to return the 1440p unit and get the 4k one instead. Tempting ^^

Sandcastle Beach bum says:

You have a bright future with your detailed videos and I like how you get straight to the point, subscribed!! (Greetings from Queensland Australia.)

Claudio Silva Sousa says:

Did you scale windows on this monitor?
Thank you for the review

Oliver Dixon says:

Wonder how long this chick spent getting the “perfect” tuft of hair sticking out of her winter hat that she’s wearing indoors for an unknown reason.

Jason L says:

I am using a 23 monitor and a 20 monitor now. I wonder if a 32inch can replace both? I love a secondary monitor to put less important stuff like message box, stuff waiting for reply, notes to copy, but I am not sure if a 32inch can work in a similar way. Is there any software to permanently set one third of the right most area to work like a secondary monitor area? In a 32inch monitor use left two thirds area as main display, and drag less important stuff to right one third area. Thanks.

cameron arehart says:

Ultrawide or this monitor for editing and gaming?

mirtha perez says:

xbox one x ?

Jimbo Bimbo says:

32″ is still too small…

Kevin Lanflo says:

Thank you for a great review on this monitor. I wanted a honest opinion from a content creator.

Gigine Ahmad says:

3:12 bro, can you tell me the game you play, thanks

Dave Anderson says:

Way too small. 40 or 43 inch is the sweet spot for 4k

d i d a says:

27inch is more than enough for me but i lowkey want this for daredevil purposes,maybe have a 27inch for work and gaming and 32 in the wall for daredevil purposes

luca buriani says:

why not using an ips display?

Erick Rosa says:

That’s what she never said

Jimmy Vo says:

Great review!! What kind of speakers are those if you don’t mind me asking?

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