The PC Monitor Buyers Guide 2018! 😁 (Best 4K, Ultrawide and Gaming!)

The buyers guide for the BEST PC monitors is here! If you want a new screen for gaming or editing it’s covered at every budget! TN, IPS or VA? Gsync vs freesync? PC Centric explains all…
Links to everything featured below!

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Budget Monitor – LG MP68:

Budget Gaming Monitor – AOC G2590PX

Budget Ultrawide – LG 29UM69G

High End Gaming – Acer XF270HUA / XF270HU:

High End 4K Monitor – LG 27UK850:
Tom’s Video:

High End Nvidia Gaming – Acer XB271HU:

High End Ultrawide – Asus MX34VQ:

High End Nvidia Gaming Ultrawide – Asus PG348Q

Ultimate Ultrawide Monitor – LG UC99:

Ultimate 4K HDR Gaming Monitor – ROG PG27UQ:

My PC & setup gear:

(US only) Complete list of my equipment:

My PC:

My Keyboard (ROG Flare):

My Mouse: (Logitech G900)

LG UC99 Monitor:

My animated wallpapers:

Logitech Speakers:

Noblechairs ICON Leather chair:

My Camera – Sony A6500:

My lights – LIFX RGB Bulbs:

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Stargazar says:

What about the lg32gk850g? I heard some horror storys about it. Ghosting, mad Colours, to the frames the screen gets darker and the va Panel is to slow to use more than 120 hz. 144, 165 hz are useless with these Monitor. And gray to black 25 ms…black to gray 25ms and white black slow too. Is that all correct? Can you confirm it? I was near to buy the LG….than i read the mad storys about it. Is the lg really so shitty? Please answer in simple english. I’m from Germany and my english is not perfekt

Chris walker says:

Hey guys I don’t really know what monitor to get. I’m debating on these two monitors, Samsung C27HG70 and the MSI Optix MPG27CQ. If anyone could look into this and tell me what the best option would be, that would be greatly appreciated.

Arcadia Clash of Clans says:

Great videos, really having a challenging time finding a solid monitor. Any reviews on the way of the new LGs coming out? There is a 32 Inch version supposedly in the works for early 2019. Waiting to see a review.

Robert Kleinsasser says:

Skip to 6:42 for the actual list

Andrew Knox says:

No acer xr382cqk. Mentioned the more expensive and inferior LG though…

super boy says:

no Alienware ultrawide? i heard a lotgood things about it

KAY JAY 21 says:

Z35 Predator is my baby <3

contradapt says:

A bit of topic , but does anyone know the brand of the chair he’s using?

RadioActiveTwinki The 1st says:

Is it possible for you to compare the LG27uk850 with the Dell U2718Q?

P. Stavrou says:

it was v informative, detailed and useful!!! subbed!

Team Alpha says:

Dope Team Alpha Gaming Approves 🙂

Strychnine65 says:

Dell 27 Gaming Monitor: S2716DG I run with and I absolutely love the thing.

Cully says:

Not a Dell in sight,, by far the best monitors on the market.

Prasanna Venkatesan says:

hey . .thanks for this amazing video!
I have been doing some extensive research to buy a UHD monitor preferably above 29 to 32 inch,
Still couldn’t find the perfect one yet, at least close to perfect!,,,I’m not gr8 gamer but i would luv to watch 4K HDR movies, so to narrow down, it is mainly for movie watching & pictures editing, can u suggest me some decent one’s from ur list, appreciate it!

Projector Gaming says:

Where did you get that desk?

Frags says:

No PG279Q, your crazy. It’s amazing

Teetha Shaquan says:

They all have ass picture quality. Can’t wait for TVs with HDMI 2.1 to take over this pleb monitor market.

Denny Nguyen says:

I absolutely love my Alienware AW3418DW 34 inch ultrawide monitor, 120Hz with G-Sync is just amazing and the colors POP with the IPS panel. I’d highly recommend if you are looking for a ultrawide monitor!

Eldin Delic says:

I own an acer xf270hu for 2 years now, and I can say that it is an very very good panel. I had earlier an amd R9 Fury card and later an zotac mini 1080ti. It is no difference between freesync and fast sync on that display with using an nvidia card. It is even an better experience in any case with the nvidia card with fast sync turned on, because of so much more FPS in games.

Firstpo jkh says:

screw all these monitors. I need 49 inch ultrawide . 4k . 240 htz . make it happen . everything else is moot

GameBoi says:

Man that thumbnail tho….

me me says:

Asus pg279q <3

qazwsxed says:

Freesync 2 monitors?

iiiTechnoDuckxX says:

$500 is not “budget”.…

Chief Buddy says:

What fps can u get with ROG PG27UQ with the 2080 ti or maybe two 1080 ti ????

G V says:

There’s no such thing as a gaming monitor without Gsync.

Kyle Todd says:

whats your hulk wall paper??

Zipzeolocke says:

does anyone know of a website that sells monitors on lease? I would love to order one of these monitors on lease paying it off with monthly payments until finally owning the monitor. I know in the US you can do that on EVGA’s website using a service like Affirm which allows you to make monthly payments until you own the hardware. If that was possible with monitors I would totally order the 4K 144 Hz monitor and slowly pay for it monthly.

Juice Rabbit says:

Where’s your review of the Alienware AW3418DW?
You didn’t get sponsored by Dell?
This is not a impartial/honest review, it’s an advertorial for your sponsors.

Life IsGood says:

U lost all credibility the moment u said the monitor runs at 60 frames per second. hz and FPS are not the same thing. hz is refresh rate of the monitor, how quickly the pixels can shift in order to reduce ghosting and increase smoother image quality at high speed transitions.

FPS is how many frames are required to make up that animation. This is 100% dictated by the software and the the capability of the input hardware, not by the screen.

For example, take a 60hz screen and turn on fraps on a game running on powerful hardware. U happen to notice that ur getting let’s say 95FPs. This does not mean your 60hz monitor is running 95hz all of a sudden. That’s not how this works, and if you are going to review hardware, particularly monitors, you need to present this information correctly.

Mauricio Maciel says:

Can someone give me a good suggestion for a 144hz 1ms monitor for gaming that’s under $300 I can’t listen because I’m in class rn 😉 ;(

The Tech Chap says:

Really awesome video!

Larry King says:

what was the game with the crossbow?

jazk 3435 says:

This guy is insanely hot

combat jack says:

Can I just get a model from 2017 or even 2016 that I couldn’t afford when it launched? Surely withh a these new models, the price of older displays should drop quite a bit..

But they don’t, what they do is increase the price each year for the newer models because of the new features and previous models don’t come down all that much.

Then all of a sudden, you just can’t find them. After two years the only place you are buying them is Ebay. Stores only stock the latest models.

Prices are crazy. A monitor can cost like 4 thousand Australian dollars.. I could buy two high end gaming PCs for that price… Or at least one and a half if prebuilt.

Tadej Danev says:

which 27” best and cheap?

Devanand k Bineed says:

Great Video

fleshwound1976 says:

I want to thank you. You did a review 2 years ago on the Acer XB270HU. Ii bought it mostly based on that. Since then, it has been an amazing monitor and buy. I have had several friends buy more expensive and higher end or 34 inch curved monitors and they all have stutters or tearing, and I have never experienced that with mine (with an AMD GPU or Nvidia). So thanks and keep up the great reviews. And for all of you out there looking, 1440p IPS with 144hz is the definite sweet spot for all gaming right now.

Evert van Ingen says:

0:16 A 135° angle neck… They are rare :O

bigsiegee says:

G’day, just wondering what the name of that panel/desk mounting system you have is? Wouldn’t mind setting something like that up myself

Adem Aljović says:

*Little Q and A* Q: „Are they affordable?“
A: „Yes… if you have kidneys to pay with.“

Jake Pineo says:

Great video ^_^
I’ve watched a couple of your videos now and I just noticed your speakers, can I ask what those are called? I’ve been looking at bookshelf speakers and such and those are very nice. I’ve also decided on the ASUS PG279Q because I’m feeling lucky in the silicone lottery. I think 1440p @”27 will be the perfect spot for my gtx 1080. Thanks for the review, hope to hear back.
Cheers from NS, Canada

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