The PC Monitor Buyers Guide 2016!

What are the best monitors? Whether it’s budget, gaming, ultrawide or the best of the best, join PC Centric for a comprehensive buyers guide.
Amazon Links Below:

Budget Monitor – LG 23MP68VQ
Amazon US:— Amazon UK:

Budget Gaming Monitor – AOC G2460PF
Amazon US: — Amazon UK:

Budget G-Sync Gaming Monitor – AOC G2460PG
Amazon US: — Amazon UK:

Mid Range General/Gaming Monitor: Acer XF270HU
Amazon US: — Amazon UK:

Mid Range ‘Style’ Monitor: AOC Q2781PQ
Amazon US: N/A — Amazon UK:

High End Monitor – Philips BDM3490UC
Amazon US: — Amazon UK:

High End Gaming Monitor: Acer XB271HU
Amazon US: — Amazon UK:

Best 4K Monitor: Acer XB321HK
Amazon US: — Amazon UK:

The 4K General Purpose Monitor: AOC U3277PQU
Amazon US: N/A — Amazon UK:

The Ultimate Monitor: Asus PG348Q
Amazon US: — Amazon UK:

Alternative: Acer Predator X34a
Amazon US: — Amazon UK:

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Harys 8 says:

Has beast pc
*proseeds to play smite*lmao can we swotch

Anthony Gonzalez says:

What sub 30 inch monitor should I get on a $200 budget? I will casually game but use more for movies/series, etc..

KirbyGoezPink says:

Oh, and can you make use of the 75Hz without an AMD card?

Mirror Rorrim says:

so get my aoc agon home … so excited … find out they put wrong screws in with the monitor lolol

cwli1 says:

To deal with a “dead” pixel rub the area gently & it will very probably correct itself immediately or within a few days. A crystal has been dislodged and needs correction. Playing a video/game over it may also correct it.

I love RC cars says:

Nice video, very helpful

Martin Ivanov says:

this 144hz aoc garbage isnt worth unless you play only csgo on competitive lvl. the colors and everything are like 3/10 rating…

Harys 8 says:

Guys I’m building a pc here with a gtx 1060 I just wanted to know what moniteur specs u would recommend I need 1040p no 4k it’s really expensive so what hz do I get 144?
PLS help

Jasper Jazz Zeus says:

Why IPS but not TN?

GTX 1060 Benchmarks says:

Ive got a GTX 1060 6gb and a fx 8320. I was thinking if i should upgrade my cpu to ryzen 5 1600 or buy a 1440p 144hz gsync monitor (I cant stand tearing, it destroys my gaming experience) any help?

Joshua Davis says:

Jesus when is £300 monitor considered “Budget”?

Mr. Raf says:

can you make a review on ASUS VP247H 23.6″ Full HD (1920×1080) Gaming Monitor?

Scooby Dooby says:

VA is king now. This is the year VA pushes the ultra low contrast panels IPS represent to the side and displays HDR in a glorious way.

Venger says:

Alexa sure has a mouth on her

Schnake Eyes says:

For gaming, for competitive gaming, and good input lag, tn is still the way to go

Solomzi Ngubane says:

Hi, can you recommend 5x Monitors for me? I need to use them for trading. I need anything from 29″-38″. All monitors must be the same height (corner to corner excl. stand). 2 of the monitors should be curved BUT non-ultrawide. And the other 3 straight (non-curved). They can be the same brand or vary. But uniformity is important. Please help. Thanking in advance. Budget is not an issue.

South Gate Anime Revival says:

how does 1440 p monitors handle full hd

Ol Saint Lit says:

So is it better to have 5ms or 6ms? 50,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast or higher?
I’m looking for a manufacturer refurbished monitor since they are usually 50% off and they can’t sell them if they don’t work. Sometimes they add in new parts, other times they just go through a system check to make sure all the features are fully functional.

Dan L says:

Thank goodness, Acer XB272 240hz TN Monitor is coming out soon in February 2017.

Adam Marquez says:

What’s your opinion on the HP omen?

Bad Russian Man says:

hello there! can u please tell me what ips below 5 ms 75ghz+ monitor fhd is good atm? between 190-250 euro? thank you!

hdckdsadd says:

what sound box you have on your desk?

NikonToter says:

If money is no object, I can highly recommend the NEC PA322. I’ve previously owned 3 Eizo CG monitors, and while they are very good, this NEC is unequaled at the present time. It’s not for gaming, but geared toward serious photography or video.

John eckleston says:

Yes, UK Lad

vaas's mohawk says:

I like this sort of no bullshit videos

Oh Pete says:

what monitor is he using?

MegaBert86 says:

I am considering getting a new monitor, would I get away with 1080p on a 27 inch monitor?

ImRoth ! says:

Nygma is that you?

agvkiev says:

adequate guy

Bosko Jal says:

Anybody has tried the LG 24gm77 and the ViewSonic XG2401 ? I really can’t decide on which 144hz monitor to get that doesn’t have too much downsides…

badongdi says:

“really catchy, easy to remember name” had me in stitches

Jerico Reyes says:

Asus mg279q?

TheRaven says:

Monitor: AOC Q2781PQ ar the same that AOC i2367Fh ?

vaas's mohawk says:

I like this sort of no bullshit videos

Marius says:

These gestures tho

Ray Rivia says:

I’ve been watching your videos since you had 4k subs. You’ve improved so much!

Shalmaneser says:

I keep coming back to the top Viewsonic IPS panel as a possible gaming monitor – factory calibration. Too slow?

johnperry91 says:

You fucking geek. Come here, i’ll Put you in a bin.

RTZ TriHard says:

Guys, what is the best price to performance 144hz 24″ Monitor ?

Pigs Nation says:

do you think the Acer XZ271 (yay not an impossible to remember name!) is a good monitor for a gamer coming from a 24″ 144hz Acer gn246hl? The XZ271 is around €350 here (about £280)

Mehul Tanwar says:

Your videos used to be good, now you just seem to do AOC and Acer Freesync(Fanboy) monitors.. seems to me as a sellout.. I would say your old videos were good, that’s why I wanted to check this one out. But, you dont do the same anymore,

Daniel Gibson says:

What monitor was on his desk?

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