The LG 27UK850 might be one of the best monitors that I’ve used. It combines a solid price point, USB-C and packs HDR10. Perfect for all around use. PS. No judging on my lack of gaming skills 🙂


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Rafael Reyes says:

Need one of those for sharper looking numbers when analyzing data!

Josh G says:

Finally getting an xbox one, was looking at this monitor but the price range is a little high for me at the moment. Would love to win the giveaway if its still going on!

Christian Wurm says:

Is there a way to turn off Super Resolution Plus in Hdr Game Mode?

fayyazb says:

Awesome! Great Insight to this Display. Just came to know about this and rushed to check if you did any review on it and VOILA!!
Just ONE Question: Is this better than the 27UD88 / Ultrafine 4K? I know you mentioned about the 5K but just trying to be specific. I want to use this with the Mac Mini 2,8ghz for Print Design using a X-Rite Calibration Hardware.
Your feedback will be really appreciated Karl.
Thank you. All the best!

skillman87 says:

Give it to me coz I need to watch porn on it everyday

Jonathon Aiello says:

What camera and lens are you shooting on?

PopTart Gamer says:

any comment on Acer 31.5″ ET322QK?

Mel Hyde says:

This or the 27UD88?

Thomas Faille says:

God damn that’s a big punch to the wallet wright there..

Roy Genao says:

I study Civil Engeneering, would use it for CAD

Steinar Valdimarsson says:

LG 27UK850-W VS BENQ PD2710QC? Which one to get ?

Lily Wang says:

Hi Karl. Thanks for posting this video. I’m on the market searching for a LG monitor for my MacBook Pro 2014 retina version. Do you think this monitor can be easily connected as well? Thank you.

Joel's Here! says:

The close caption on 0:31 says: “That’s at least 4 or 5 K it’s the clarity it’s the Chris penis I miss that…”

Ricardo Solis says:

How much hair gel do you use on your head?

Christoph Hazy says:

Can I use my Surface Book 2 via one USB C cable with this monitor?

Roberto Luis says:

Is this the guy from thirteen reasons why ?



Amar says:

I will be using for it for gaming and vedio editing for youtube

Avi Vadlamani Vlogs says:

is it an ultrasharp?

Will IAM says:

Apple is so down!!

Quin Sweeten says:

Do you think its worth picking up this LG 27UK850 or waiting for the LG 32UK950?

SnapxTV says:

Hi Karl, do you meet any problem while charging your MBP15 with only 60w (provided by the display) instead of the 85w of the stock power adapter ? Thx

rosen bachev says:

pls hellp my monitor LG 27UK850 problem max 50hz help ?

Ali Divided says:

Sony A7RIII records HDR? What is he talking abt? Lol..

Elchicoo says:

Can Surface Pro 4 handle this 4K monitor? (It doesn’t have a Nvidia graphic card)

ztjatj says:

Can you overclock this to 75hz ?

Rhytham suri says:

can this model display 1080 full hd content or only it can display 4k ?

Alexis Leffew says:

@1:27 turn on CC

Oskar Marten says:

Hi, I’m a student and have just bought a macbook and I could really use an external monitor to increase my productivity and possibly some light gaming in my spare time.

koban4max says:

lg sucks. Don’t buy it.

Brian Byon says:

i can buy decent computer and monitor with that crap

The Bearded Guy says:

Which monitor arm should I get for this lg?

Sensei Veggito says:

This dude looks like Kavos

Randy Castillo says:

I have seen other reviews and have said that the materials are very bad, is this true?

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