The CHEAPEST 4K Monitor on Amazon

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This is the cheapest 4K monitor you can get on but does it suck? It’s not high refresh rate, it’s not 10-bit, it’s not HDR…but it IS 4K.

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Kandi Gloss says:

saddly seems that the monitor is not being officially sold on amazon anymore, and the only listing I could find on amazon otherwise is some douchebag selling it used for $325. seriously wtf. Oh, and on newegg they want $204.99. RIP cool cheap monitor.

Max Power says:

You could you even bitch about speakers in a monitor?

Pizle Snizle says:

Every fking Sceptre monitor has a dead pixel

Jeffrey Foster says:

You guys need to eric andre at the end of episodes

Jani Heikkonen says:

handful of dead pixels.. “I’m impressed as hell” LOL

Gettin Jiggly says:

dammit linus now itll be out of stock for weeks

MarCuseusFX says:

Epic fucking fail. Next time when you want to promote a 4K monitor, perhaps promote one that acctually supports 4K?

Gettin Jiggly says:

look i bought this one a year ago and its still runnin great

Airwreck 14 says:

Was about to buy but now i dont k owing yours had dead pixels

Jared Bane says:

I work at ups and we don’t usually brutally drop-kick packages but I’ve seen some pretty reckless loaders lol

Brandon Anderson says:

It may be a decent monitor but not from my experience. Preformed well the first week I had it and when i booted it up and ran a game or video the screen would slightly flicker and fade around the edges and just ended up returning it.

Keoki Holguin says:

LMAO, love the Simpsons quote.

Khizer Khan says:

Linus, its for $325 on amazon and $204 on newegg…..

skeptic moderate says:

If the dead pixels bother you, just run Windows in dark mode. It’s really nice late at night.

dinanm7 says:

I’m buying it for the screwdriver

Can I get 69 subs with no vids Sub says:

Click bait

The Architect says:

is it any good? no, but it is a thing, that does the thing. So… yes….?
Basically its a tv. but a 4k tv.

Shadow Dragon says:

4k gaming test. Linus: “let’s fire up CSGO”

Rex says:

Lol 1280×1024…those were the days.

Charles Frith says:

i started wheezing when he did the height adjust thing

Fairuz Onn says:

its $360 now

Radu C says:

Designed for Windows. It means: don’t move your taskbar and don’t run Ubuntu, because the lower side is the only one that will not get burnt in. True story (from more than 10 years ago)

Sayan Halder says:

Please make a vedio on samsung cf390 curved 24 inch monitor.

Cory Bell says:

Was thinking to myself “Youre putting the stand on upside down”

Snarpsta says:

Fwiw in TVs there’s a huge difference in wuality of picture in cheap vs expensive 4k HDR TVs. I got the Samsung 8 series for $800. Pops got the Samsung 6 series. Both are 4k HDR. But his doesn’t even come close to mine in quality of image

Troy Belding says:

Those screwdrivers are also provided with the 50″ televisions. I’ve repaired two out of three of them so far (that were involved in a lightning strike)

Abrar Fahim says:

If I want to play RPGs should I go for 4k 60hz or 2k 144hz..??cuz this monitor is really really cheap .

Mike The Gamer says:

you’d be surprised just ho little you actually need a ground wire. Japanese items come with a separate ground wire. 90% of the time they are never actually used.

Eniiqz says:

I actually use this brand 1080p 75Hz monitor as my primary screen and I love it.

Bird Memez says:

its $399…

Biotob says:

im using a HP w2007 to watch this video and im running win 10 that sticker is completely pointless

Super bee says:

well this is now 325.00 USED!

imickey503 says:

I Went to Frys and got a 55 inch sharp 4k TV that was a Refurbished model for $250 bucks. Still has a one year warranty. Not bad for a game monitor for my son. Now if someone could recommend a great deal on VR that works with steam? The phone VR stuff sucks

Ivan Praprotnik says:

why do u treat these monitors like shit they might not be the best monitors in their category but they still cost money

TuftySquirrel 26 says:

I got my 4K 1ms response time monitor at Costco for 250$

Grey Goose says:

I love my current monitor. It’s 1440p and has great colors with slim bezels, but doesn’t has a Vesa mounting system. Now that I’m interested in having duel monitors, I’m kinda screwed since I can’t put it on a monitor arm. I might pick up this one instead

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