The BRIGHTEST monitor we’ve EVER seen – Dell’s HDR Display

‘High Dynamic Range’ or HDR TVs have been around for a while, but what about HDR Monitors? Well, we got one- but is it time to care?

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Batuhan Y says:

If You Want A Spotlight Then Buy This 😛

J Frye says:

alright lets see if dell can try to do better internationallly i guess with this.

Seth Cooper says:

obvious bank whole encounter presentation interpretation promote bench.

Metal Spark says:

i think you were looking for latitude hahaha

UnspeakableGaming E says:

Just use a tv

Aberdolf Lincler says:

4:32 lmao

Max Zamora says:

Okay… So you can’t watch HDR movies because of web browsers… But there’s pirating right? If you have legal access to a movie you rented or bought, you can now pirate it. Plus, I think the Netflix Windows App has HDR support

Adrian S.S.L says:

What bout Mac on hdr?

Daniel Dougan says:

So, this monitor is ahead of its time.

Dayal Singh says:

HDR = Unrealstic colors name of new tech.

Radu Barbulescu says:

is this going to be the next big thing ?

michael ohara says:

hi you gonna review Samsung C49HG90 49 inch LED 144Hz 1ms Gaming Curved Monitor????

Stevee Johnson says:

The date says 2017,
But the memes say 2014.

B is for Boopy says:

You had me pressing like after “SUPER BRIGHT HELLA VIBRANT DISPLAYS”

Seru Jurgen says:

Xmmm humans can only see 16000000 collar so 1 bijoen colors yea

fredEVOIX says:

“super saturated and wrong” isn’t that the definition of HDR ?

Nemesis KING_X2T says:

To Linus. Please make a video on flat monitors vs ultrawide curved monitors taking about the same price.And also which is the best choice for gamers

Charles Kuhn says:

Meh, I’d rather have a sony 900xe and a good 1440p 144hz display for the same price

Axerocker85 says:

I got this Monitor but HDR doesn’t want to work in Windows. When acitvated I get a green screen. I think its a driver problem right now? says:

Can you use this Monitor to color grade HDR?

MrBroxMan says:

5:04 me when i turn on the pc at 6am while forgetting to reduce the screen brightness the night before.

Nick Rodrigez says:

You’re not getting true HDR with IPS…

20k:1 contrast, yeah sure… It’s an IPS, so nope. Also the mighty Sony Z9D (best LED display there is today, appart from Sony’s 10.000 nit CES demo) with it’s 650 dimming zones is “only about 10k:1”.

Josh Jones says:

can buy a sled tv for that price

Sora CH says:

5:05 the lights of GOD xD

tuah cool says:

22MP68VQ-P vs S2218H??

Frosty. says:

too bad Andromeda was complete garbage

xyz S says:

how does HDR look on MacOS?

Subir Thapa says:

Anyone Provide me information on U2718Q ?

EVOO says:

Is there a way, to get that wallpaper on that Dell Monitor? Looks sick , Thanks!

Niklas Gagg says:

1:54 LMAO

Gary Huntress says:

upvoted for “hnyahhh”

Scrap Tech Tips says:

can it run Crysis doe

Earumamaadu says:

You are supposed to use hdr files

chan yoon jun says:

Which keyboard is it?
1:21 the 90% keyboard

rizzo905 says:

HDR is such a gimmick

SargeTeun * says:

Meanwhile my monitor with 250 knits

Bean 41 says:

1,000 nits? My Apple Watch can get 1,000 nits!

Marc Dion says:

You could try “telescopic action” for the up and down motion…. or “E.T. neck”. 🙂

E. J. Stark says:

Matte screen. That’s a big NOPE. Give me Glossy or semi glossy

Captian Morgan says:

Ah, plasma. How I’ve missed you. I purchased one of the last plasma TVs (at a great price too since every one wanted LED). Eventually it died too badly to be fixed….

anikanbounty97 says:

watching this on my new dell S2719DM

Joaquin Friedman says:

But can it run crysis?

The Derp Apple says:

techtips lol

h22mantis says:

Lmao @6.06 shit flying out of your mouth!!

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