The BIGGEST Monitor We’ve EVER Seen

The Philips 40BDM4037U (AKA “Phil”) is freaking HUGE. But is it really all that usable?

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Bruno Koharevic says:

Why th would you buy this when you van buy a 40 inch 4k tv

Demonhog Plays says:

It’s bigger than my 32 inch TV, and almost the size of my di

UnderCon Studios says:

That’s about my monitor that’s a bit far from me so I can see the dam thing

Dragos Criste says:

at this point just get a godam tv as your monitor

Global Euphoria says:

bit late to the party, i’ve been using the Phillip 40″ 4k monitor (not the curved version) fir 2 years now. monster of a screen at 40″!

f l says:

displayport 1.2a? lol

SEVEN says:

I got the Acer predator Z35 today (35″ 200hz curved) for just $700

Kaotic Games says:

Why is no one talking about the badass editing

Halon_1211 says:

NEC make 85″ PC monitors


trix r 4 kids

Tulog Nami says:

why not just buy 60 inch tv…what the diff between this n monitor…both r display lol

Jonathan Ruys says:

stone Does anybody hear worse this vides? funny

Damir Kuratko says:

This guy’s face looks like messi

Dan says:

That “legacy” port she pointed at is a usb 3 type b socket for the usb hub to connect to the pc is it not??

Rich Scott says:

I suppose we’re going IMAX.   I Just finished watching DELL’s 8k Monitor you had made.  We’re into more resolution and now bigger screen ….. next is the 360 degree screen with a lid and you rise up from a underground platform.  Don’t forget the whole screen is also your camera.  Question? which Dimension will people be living in ?  “Matrix or Tron”.

ManyManyMudkips says:

Why not just use a 32 inch TV like I do. It’s the same size as that monitor and probably cheaper. If that monitor is better for some reason someone please tell me.

Zealleon XIII says:

I usually play on 120Hz on my Asus PG279Q, in my opinion it’s the best refresh rate.

The GamingMonkey says:

Can anybody tell me the name of this girl at 1.39

Seth Scully says:


KingMarsh says:

1:30 lol top secret

daniel quagliaroli says:

can you make a 2×2 monitor setup with these monitors.

SuperBigDog2U says:

This may be the perfect device for my needs as a Plex Media Server monitor and HDHomeRun Prime tv tuner display, instead of buying a 40″ tv with a tuner I don’t need, this may be the perfect monitor for my needs.

Percy Does Gaming says:

Why would anyone need this? lol

Jake Morris says:

Stealing dogs 101

Christian Rogers says:

What about us 4:3 boys

Karanveer Singh says:

my TV is 24 inches. 🙁

Skap says:

i have grown to love 4:3 not 16:9

Perimeji says:

I hope someone will enter Blushmallet’s tumblr with this big ass monitor

El Bantos Bros says:

My brother has had this for at least 6-7 months, it’s great

Stijn Gielen says:

1:26 really linus

TGS Plays says:

Top secret: prawn

Dougy doug says:

But is it….. IMMIRISIIVEEVIVE???????!!! 😀

Polar Productions says:

0:22 I have that same monitor

AdrianChuckM says:

Linus is such a quirky individual with his awkward jokes, yet smart and in depth presentation of all products. It’s him that makes me still watch his videos.


I use my 4k tv

Grim 734 says:

In the future we will have 24 k

ThomArdcore67 says:


ATechGuy2016 says:

so its basically a curved uhd tv but then at 40″ without tv functions

RobertE Leemstar says:

What about the samsung CHG90

Павел Кулебакин says:

i use 4k 43″ tv how monitor for my work in 3dsmax. it’s super comfort.

MiDnYTe25 says:

The BDM4350UC is 43″ and IPS. Oh, it’s also a monitor.

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