The BEST monitor UNDER $300!! Dell S2718H Review

Check out my review of the value packed Dell Infinity Edge Monitor!

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Dell S2718H Monitor
Xbox One S
Rocketfish HDMI box
WD Passport Hard Drive
Toshiba Laptop



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Edwin Mills says:

Great & concise review. Fly, Eagles Fly!!

LegendaryJTV says:

I got a 40″ 4k no name tv for 200. It’s a steal for me.

Muhd Akmal says:

Is the 27″ display too pixelated when viewed less than 1 feet?

Elon Y. Kim says:

what game is that?

Nistrumone says:

Go Eagles

SRAVAN S says:

You should talk and show more about adjusting the monitor stand and stuff!
The video quality was good !
No complaints ! Just a tip !


is the screen on this monitor glossy or matte? i like glossy screens

bidahaasla says:

my friend Hello, keyboard and mouse is very nice. Can you please tell me the brand?

elyen01 says:

Thanks for the video! Can you tell me the brand and model of the video camera you used to make the Youtube video? The reason I ask is that your 1080p video is extraordinarily sharp and with very good color when viewing on my Acer 4K G-Sync monitor. Also, can you utilize the 75Hz refresh rate from your laptop? Another thing is have you tried to control the monitor settings via the Dell monitor control software from your laptop? Lastly, does your Rocketfish HDMI switcher support 75Hz refresh rate that your monitor is capable of? I’m getting a Dell S2718H monitor for my bedroom as well. Keep up the good work! 🙂

T- InsuaX says:

Hello, I have this monitor, and I use it to play on PS4pro, my problem is that when I use a HDR game you see a whitish effect on the image very annoying, as if the hdr was not activated … I am very happy with this monitor , but the HDR has something confusing, I do not know if I have something wrong configured, sorry for my English, any advice? will it be for the HDMI cable that comes from the factory? Thank you.

Alex Mijulann says:

We are the champions “Eagles”

Hypno Tize says:

Hey does it have a matte or glossy display? I really like glossy monitors because it looks better for me

Tre Vibez says:

Yooo! Where did you get those white side shelves??

Leo Mendez says:

Awesome monitor awesome bargain i got mine for 250 at Best Buy. Would recommend anyone to upgrade their HDMI cable for better image quality. Also for those using nvidia cards change your settings on control panel to output color depth to 12 BPC and dynamic range to full for best results. i have my output color format to RGB also my personal choice. i also have a hdmi splitter that somehow does not let me go anything above 1080p might need a better splitter.

Кваркдаун Борыжников says:

Пидор, название у техно кухни украл.

Jānis Polis says:

Does 1080p on 27inch screen doesnt look choppy sitting about 60-70cm from screen? (~25inch) cant decide from 24inch or 27inch

Sean O'Donnell says:

How does text look on this monitor?

rod Lg says:

Asus looks better for me , vg278q (i think) is 300 with 1ms response time , 144 hz idk i think is better is tn not ips but for gaming is better

ali mirzaee says:

did you notice any ghosting on that monitor ? and response time doesn’t seem ok for online gaming , i’m not a hardcore gamer but i do it time to time , i geuss it’s gonna make some problems for me

Yanto Lee says:

The HDMI cable that comes with the monitor, is it a 2.0 or 1.4?

Steven McAllister says:

Love this monitor!

tony tony says:

This monitor can do 4K hDR , once you change the setting on your Xbox one s or PS4 pro

Matt Carie says:

I like this monitor except for the fact that there isn’t 2 hdmi inputs.

Avery Lyde says:

Yeah I actually agree with you. I have two of those monitors and they work well for. Great vid.

Mauricio Antonio says:

really support 4k resolution??

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