The Best Monitor For Watching TV And Movies?

BenQ EW277HDR Monitor Review


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gameflux says:

NO ! Too much !

AWE SUM says:

Looks great
Excellent review ^^
Can it connect to a mini Mac?

Mariyaan Mano says:

Best monitor for Console gaming too

Goldenboy Productions says:

Man, this would’ve been perfect if it had a VESA mount option. Is there anything close to this with a VESA mount?

Young Thug says:

do I need a pc to use a monitor for watching YouTube etc?

h1tzz says:

nah, i can get AOC U2879VF 28inch 4k 1ms gtg monitor for 330 euros in my country, not worth at all.

Gigamain says:

Bought yesterday for 189 euros haHAA

E.n.d Mecca says:

What computer case is that ?

Mat Mat says:

Hi, I am undecided whether to buy IPS monitors or VA monitors. I would use it to watch movies with chromcast. Can you recommend a model, brand? thank you


sellout pussy 3000:1 doesnt mean anything, when image behind your back suxx alot in a dark scene 3:50. so next time speak from heart and be honest.


king stupido: this monitor not for movies, it’s eye care and that was the thing

InvaderGryder01 says:

Hey dude, btw is this monitor also a tv? could i use it as a tv just by plugging in a sky tv box? ty

David T says:

for a small room, would 24” be alright? i mean for a small room, like the size of a closet or something :))

Tohur says:

Truth is if you want the best TV experience get a TV!.. TVs are much cheaper than Monitors in most cases and if you do your research you can find a TV with Low input lag and some even have some high refresh rates depending on what resolution you are using. Monitors are always best but if you want the best of everything you can find a TV to do the job. Got a 40 inch 4k TV and it runs up to 60hz on 4k and 120hz at 1080p and I have not noticed any Input lag on it and only cost me $239 with HDR LOL.. 4k montiors that large cost a arm and a leg

bren leysen says:

i am thinking off buying the asus 65 inch monitor when it comes out, i want to use this as an tv as well.
would this be a good idea?

Danny says:

It’s $199.99 on Amazon now

paulb4uk says:

Looks great for film use.

Mark R says:

Well thought out man. Keep it up!

Tech of Tomorrow says:

Thanks for the comments.

backonos back says:

im looking for a third monitor for this reason but is the resolution good enough?

oDieseLz says:

I have a 55″ plasma TV right behind my setup and I still watch movies on my PC sometimes.

Attila Nagy says:

Attila Nagy

Strictly tav this!! says:

This monitor is a killer

Brandon Maruszczak says:

Do you like the alienware monitor 25inches

Johannes Müller says:

is the Monitor good for a Ps4 ??

Just Facts says:

Ideally I need a monitor for pc gaming but also need remote with netflix and built in speakers for bedtime.

SuperMarksman33 says:

I’m looking for a monitor for my laptop to watch netflix and youtube only, as my kids have taken over my tv. Might be the go for me. I don’t game at all.

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