The BEST Gaming Monitor. Period.

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The next generation of gaming monitors is here: the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ (and the ACER Predator X27 for that matter) has it all: 4k resolution, 144Hz variable refresh rate, G-Sync, and 1,000 nit peak brightness HDR10 support. It’s $2,000 though..

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Star1 child says:

Do all this with 42 inch upward display sizes and it will get my attention. Meanwhile, most gaming monitors are just too small.

KaziQ says:

Linus, this monitor has an 8-bit + FRC panel. Verified by an ASUS engineer on its forums and by other reviews + panel databases

D-tor says:

Damnitt when he slammed his fist on the table my phone fell off off mine

Justin Brown says:

More brighter? smh

J. Robin says:

I’ll buy one of those with a pair of 2080Ti for 5000$… or not.


2 Spons lol

K4g4m1 says:

“Buyers remorse special”. xD

DJ NoReality IIXJannikXII says:

50 fps in a shooter


Simon says:

Hey Linus – you should use G-Sync more often – then you would know, that G-Sync is broken for about 10 months now after the Win 10 creators update ! Gsync only works flawlessly with Windows 7 but not with Windows 10 any more. Nvidia does not care about this and don’t make new drivers to compensate this – they just say: gimmi all your money for Gsync hardware and then f*** off ! Thats great !! But I know that Nvidia has a main company goal and that is to earn more money – not to care about cutomers or broken products ! Now we need to use “window mode” and “Vsync = ON” to use Gsync in gaming. Nice !

gameflux says:

Cool if you have money to buy it and run it !

a Small Green Dot says:

What if I don’t want 4k?
Your eyes can’t even see 4k

Your Friendly Hacker says:

a fucking baby 27 inch baby monitor. Gtfo

Chris Korol says:

About 1550 too much for me.

DRACO says:

Linus are you sure it’ll be like that? The next graphics card’ll be gddr6

'PyronoX says:

ASUS VG248QE or the BenQ ZOWIE XL2411p?

s s says:

If you buy 4k monitor at anytime, regardless of it’s cost, you’re getting scammed. Your eyes cannot see in 4k. Games are not made to be in 4k, movies are not, streaming is not. The file size is too big. And should those file size issues ever be solved, whatever you buy will be long since obsolete.


check this out

PinkasBrown44 says:

Just 2 dólars ? And what´s with the unnecessary zeros after the comma ?

Ahmad DJ says:

Hi, gaming monitor 1080p – 144 Hz is better or 1440p – 60 hz ?

Superchad245 says:

wait for a 32″ version, 27″ is too small for 4K

Dink18 says:

Love that he probably bought a cake to do that bit.

Gabriel Cuevas says:

What’s the difference between this one and the Acer X 27?

IanHimself says:

Get that ear hair under control Linus ;p

gNightrow says:

6:42 *~~ Dont Lie in the Title ~~*

SSShadow says:

bad design. and not curved… but i love it

Brad Corcoran says:

Could you not make videos for such a niche audience and actually help us find an affordable gaming monitor

Survival Titan says:

Im sorry i have to do this but

Fortnite isn’t an esport game its a casual game but i can understand this because its popular right now

C0rvus says:

I’d expect a smaller bezel for that amount of money

Oacceptabelt says:

Lovely! Youzuck censored all my replies to comments asking what wallpaper is at 03:14. It can be found on this link:

I also solved my own question about what game is playing at 03:39, it’s Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Nathan Manns says:

It’s more brighter

Insane Gamers says:

sub me and i will sub back

Billy Lundevall says:

Loving the specs, absolutely hating the look. Give me my boring Dell Ultrasharp-ish design over this any day.

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