The BEST & FASTEST 240Hz Gaming Monitor. Period.

The new ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q is, hands down, the best gaming monitor we’ve had the opportunity to try so far…

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Gabriel Griffin says:

such a shitty monitor…a tn panel for 500 please.

Casey Huffman says:

Linus, say what you really mean to say at the end.

It’s kind of a shitty monitor for the price, It’s also a TN panel, like… stop trying to sugar coat shit.

ku tv you says:

old tannerfox

Slav Arnaudov says:

Why play this garbage game?

B.K. gaming says:

Its 500 dollars for full HD monitor?!!?
I can buy 4k at this money

Xavier Rodriguez says:

You know, Whats considered instant is 80ms.

Davey Marquez says:

You turn into Sale Person now of day’s Linus it’s really sad

Rhode says:

this hurts my ocd!!! 🙁


But can you overclock it ……….

Zenn Exile says:

When it wouldn’t fall out of the box, I got myself a big ole belly laugh. Good times.

David-james Mcilreavy says:

I got a1ms 1 million to 1 contrast 27 inch acer

Fortie Cat says:

Okay if the money is not a problem, should i buy this?

Jordan Cato says:

im a console gamer going to pc, why do people like csgo so much and want high frame rate when the graphics look shit

ali raza says:

pass, next please.

XD GAMER إكسدي قيمر says:

dude fuck ur color test we want sum gameplay

WoodYT says:

Darn when he started advertising tunnel bear , i litterally just ended installing it :v

Rhode says:

this hurts my ocd!!! 🙁

Todd Morrill says:

Can you review the Nixeus edg!

a restless ghost says:

hey, any plans to review the AW2518H?

Rinnegan Neko says:

That mouse sensitivity man…
you could swipe that thing around the room and still wouldnt do a 360 spin on the game…

Cream says:

id like to have money to buy myself a 60hz…

Luis 3335 says:

don’t try to see the 240hz because yutube is in 60hz 🙁 (60×4= 240) so 4 x more to pictures

Squeer says:

Pshhhhh my PS4 is stronger than your monitor so that means we’re catching up

Ken says:

XG2530 stopping by to say hi, buy me at half the price 🙂

TotallyJerd says:

Overclock it

Hachiman Hikigaya says:

Just straight up manhandling the monitor.

Flappy Pancake says:

That makes the yt video look like it’s at 60fps.

Artem Artemenko says:

Try to play Quake Live, not CS:GO crap on this monitor.

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